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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Microsoft Issues Urgent Windows XP Updates to Block US Spy Tools


The recent attacks- ransomware has created a great chaos among the netizens. So, Microsoft has done a U turn when it as time to provide the most important updates of security for the Windows XP. They were supposed to provide an important patch in order to protect the computers from cyber-attacks.

The Tech giant company has asked the users who were still using the software version of 2001 to get the update and the patch for the security purposes. Those who have not opted for it have to bear the brunt and face a huge issue. Some were asked to pay huge amount of bucks and the worst part of the ransomware was that even after paying the amount they were unable to get the info or their precious data back from the hackers. The Wannacry attack has realty shaken the world.


The Windows operating system has been idle for more than three years as they were not providing any kind of support from 2014. There are still computers or machines which use the Windows XP version even though it has become outdated. Well, some people have the habit of using the old versions and things and this has cost them a lot recently.

The reports state that more than 5 percent still use the same old version of the Windows XP. The attacks don’t guarantee that they would get the updates of Windows XP even after the attacks of ransomware. So, the people are at a big mess.

The recent report is a bit confusing from the windows team as they have revealed that they are not going to provide any kind of support. The current attack is more threatening and so they would look into this very carefully. The engineers have decided to post the updates more efficiently in a broader spectrum.


The initiative has been taken as the Wannacry have already damaged a great number of computers over the world in a span of two days. The global attack has created a fear among the common multitude to use the internet or do any kind to transactions online.

The attack was mainly done with the help of Eternal Blue tool which was formed by the security Agency. But unfortunately, it got leaked and went into the hands of one of the famous hackers round the world who are known as the Shadow Brokers. The attack has hit very badly even the top organisations in like the Airports of England, Health departments and many more.


The tech giant released a patch which has solved more than 94 problems but there are few issues which needs to be solved. Else the hackers may take advantage again. The users should update their systems in order to be safe. However, it has released a patch as an exception for the Windows XP in order to completely bring an end to support the old version of Windows XP.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Windows XP Users Will Receive $ 100 If They Opt For Windows 8

Windows XP
Windows XP users, who buy a new computer with Windows 8, will receive under a scheme for the amount of U.S. $ 100. Yes XP users in North America will receive $ 100 discount on a Windows 8 computer but it has too many limitations. Microsoft will discontinue support for Windows XP from 8 April 2014.

And there won’t be no more software update for the same. But all users are by far not ready for change. That's why Microsoft is offering an incentive. XP users, who buy a new computer with Windows 8, will receive an amount of $ 100.

 The offer is valid until 15 June 2014 and is aimed at buyers in the U.S. and Canada. Interested parties, can reach the Microsoft Store with an XP machine, get the discount at your order. Alternatively, Microsoft accepts old computers in its stores. The selection in their online shop is very limited.

In addition, the action is not valid for all Windows 8 products available there. On the tablet surface 2 there is no discount. Furthermore, Microsoft sells only devices in the middle and upper price range. The lowest computer goes for $ 599 on the counter.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Support for Windows XP is partly extended!

Windows XP

Microsoft announced earlier that April 8th 2014 will be the final closing for all updates for Windows XP but Microsoft announced surprisingly that Antivirus support goes into extra time until mid 2015 and it will be valid for all other updates also.

Microsoft says that the support for XP will be ended on 8 April 2014 and it has not changed and yet it is for Microsoft Security Essentials anti -virus updates to 14 July 2015 passed, the manufacturer has now informed in a press release on Technet . For enterprise customers, it is further definition updates for System Center Endpoint Protection, Forefront Client Security, Forefront Endpoint Protection, and give Windows Intune.

 The move comes not entirely unexpected. Almost all the businesses and people of XP are not switched to a different operating system for a long time. Still most of the people are using outdated operating system and it is around 14 percent of total computers in use in Europe alone, the U.S. Company said in December 2013.

To help businesses and consumers, promote the migration, the supply of anti -malware updates will now be extended considerably. Microsoft stressed, however, that the effectiveness of this measure is limited for which there will be no more updates operating system. Almost all companies running on Windows XP and they cannot be part them. Since most of the old software are not compactable on Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Also the cost of upgrades of software industry is likely to deter many a company. With Windows 7 Professional license however, there is the free XP Mode. This virtual machine can help to continue working with old software. Nevertheless, there are cases where this does not help. There is no longer the XP Mode in Windows 8.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Why most of the people love XP rather than other operating system

Windows XP
Windows XP is considered as a most operated operating system in the world. Most of the people are still using this operating system in this world. Even we can’t find anyone in this world without knowing XP operating system, I mean among the literal guys in the world. Windows XP was developed by the Microsoft Corporation which is considered as the best operating system by most of the computer geek around us. Even Microsoft Corporation has developed and released Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 too, Windows XP is loved by most of the people and it is the most loved operating system by everyone. Even Microsoft Corporation has stopped the support for Windows XP operating system; people are still using that operating system for most of the purposes.

But most of the people don’t know what makes people to love the Windows XP operating system? And also they were searching for the reason for that. I have noticed that few of the people are requesting the sellers to reformat the built-in Windows 7 operating system and asking to install windows XP in it. This thing is very mystery for most of the people; but now we have analyzed the reason for the popularity of the Windows XP operating system. Here I have listed the reasons why most of the people love to work with Windows XP operating system and here they are;

1. Hardware Requirements for Newer operating system

We know that newer versions of operating system will require more memory and in order to work with the newer operating system we need to provide better hardware capabilities for your personal computer. So, the newer operating system will run smoothly on your local machine. And one more thing is that, newer operating system requires dual amount of graphics support to run an application. For instance, Running NFS underground in Windows XP will require 256 MB of video card. But in the same time, this application will take 512 MB of video card in Windows 7 operating system. So hardware is one of the reasons which make the people to stick with windows XP.

2. Don’t have much information about the other operating system:

It is another reason which makes the people stick with the Windows XP operating system. Some of them will rarely use the computers so that they never know about the other operating system available in the market.

3. Cost of newer OS

The cost of the other operating system will cost more and people who’re running institutions and schools cannot afford operating system for all computers. So, they will go for windows XP operating system for lower cost.

4. Software Compatibility

Most of the designers were coding the software for the windows XP operating system and the latest operating system has more compatibility issues. This makes the people to stick with the Window XP operating system and they use them for more efficient tasking too.