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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Difference Between Windows OS and Linux OS

 Windows OS and Linux OS
Operating System is the basic medium of communication between hardware and software. Operating Systems performs various tasks like Memory management, CPU scheduling, Access control and security, User Interface, Device management and so on. So selecting a good operating system for your computer is really very important. There are many operating systems available in the market. Some are open source and some are closed or proprietary. The two most commonly used operating systems are Linux OS and Windows OS.

Both Linux and Windows have their own advantages and features. Both of them have different architecture of functionality and also both of them have different user friendliness. Both are popular at their own level but on the basis of stats of usage it is observed that Linux is one of the most widespread and popular operating system as compared to Windows or Mac. Linux is present almost everywhere in the world and in every domain of work be it a nuclear power plant or be it McDonalds Linux is everywhere. Some of the most famous companies that use Linux OS and Linux products are: Google, twitter, facebook, amazon, IBM, McDonalds, NASA, NYSC, Tianhe-2, US portal and bank services. Not only this but Linux is also used in internet hosting, missiles and weapons and so on. The list is too long. So you can see how Linux is replacing window OS.

Now let us see some basic differences between the Linux OS and windows OS: 

Linux is a free operating system and is a product of open source software development. While windows is a private or closed OS developed by Microsoft.

There is a freedom of distribution of Linux through any source like website or book but this is not valid with Microsoft. It is a strong illegal activity to distribute this product of Microsoft. It costs around $ 50 to $ 400 if you buy it. The range depends on various versions available.

The open source community has formed the Linux kernel and it is managed officially by Linus Torvalds. But Microsoft created the windows with a fix number of developing professionals.

Till now nearly 60 to 100 viruses are reported for Linux but according to analysis of some professionals it is found that nearly 60,000 viruses are reported for windows till now. So Linux is very much secured as compared to windows. And if anyone will buy a good anti-virus for windows that would cost around $ 10 to $ 300 or even more.

Linux is preceded by basic terminal or CLI while windows is preceded by MS-DOS.

The default user interface used by Linux is Gnome or KDE that depends on distro basically while for windows we have Graphical (Windows Aero) as default user interface.

The license used for Linux development is GNU that is free while windows is proprietary.

Some versions of Linux that are available are: Ubuntu, Fedora, Red Hat, Debian, Arch Linux, Android etc. And different versions of windows are windows 98, windows xp, windows 7, windows 8 etc.

So these are some basic differences which everyone must know about Linux OS and Windows OS. Both are good OS but it depends on the need of user that which operating system is best for his work. We will learn more about Linux in later posts so stay connected.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Security Steps To Be Taken After Installing Windows Operating System

Windows Operating System
Windows operating system is one of the more renowned operating system in all time and it is installed over millions of home computers as well. In the world of technology, it is necessary for us to survive from the hackers around this globe and we need to hide our information without exposing in the internet. The default level of the windows operating system is not that much enough to secure your pc and you need to secure your personal computers by following the simple tips which are given below; so that you can prevent your pc from getting hacked.

Step 1: Install antivirus software to secure your Operating System

Installing antivirus software in your personal computer will secure your files and important information from the viruses and other malicious programs. This is the preliminary step to secure your personal pc from the hackers. Antivirus application provides a basic protection against the program which is used by the hackers. The most advised practice is to scan all the devices before performing any sort of actions in those devices. Having Microsoft essential will provide you the best detection steps for detecting and eliminating the unknown threats. Various levels of detection can be automatically removed from your device using these kinds of antivirus software.

Installing paid software will provide you’re the best detection than the free antivirus software.

Step 2: Automatic Updates

Automatic updates of operating system will provide you various patches and other upgrades for security loopholes that are found in the operating system. So it is necessary to update the operating system of your pc. The first and foremost thing you have to do after installing the operating system is to enable the automatic update options. Once this option has been enabled you operating system will be automatically updated whenever an update is available. Automatic updates for the operating system will provide regular patches and can get you all sort of security features for the operating system. If you were updating your operating system frequently, then you cannot easily get affected by the worms and other security problems.

So it is strongly advised to update very strongly, so that updating your operating system will secure your system.

Step 3: Change the browser

After installing the operating system, change the browser which is defaultly used by other applications. The windows operating system without any update will have so many vulnerabilities and loop holes. It allows the hackers to easily install many vulnerable codes into your personal computer which will affect various important files in your operating system. It is strongly advised to install Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox with latest update, which makes you to reduce your exposure in the internet. If you were using the Internet explorer, make sure your version is more than 8.

Using Internet Explorer with latest update will reduce your chance of getting hacked by the hackers.

Hope you will follow these simple tips after installing operating system in your personal computer.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Why most of the people love XP rather than other operating system

Windows XP
Windows XP is considered as a most operated operating system in the world. Most of the people are still using this operating system in this world. Even we can’t find anyone in this world without knowing XP operating system, I mean among the literal guys in the world. Windows XP was developed by the Microsoft Corporation which is considered as the best operating system by most of the computer geek around us. Even Microsoft Corporation has developed and released Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 too, Windows XP is loved by most of the people and it is the most loved operating system by everyone. Even Microsoft Corporation has stopped the support for Windows XP operating system; people are still using that operating system for most of the purposes.

But most of the people don’t know what makes people to love the Windows XP operating system? And also they were searching for the reason for that. I have noticed that few of the people are requesting the sellers to reformat the built-in Windows 7 operating system and asking to install windows XP in it. This thing is very mystery for most of the people; but now we have analyzed the reason for the popularity of the Windows XP operating system. Here I have listed the reasons why most of the people love to work with Windows XP operating system and here they are;

1. Hardware Requirements for Newer operating system

We know that newer versions of operating system will require more memory and in order to work with the newer operating system we need to provide better hardware capabilities for your personal computer. So, the newer operating system will run smoothly on your local machine. And one more thing is that, newer operating system requires dual amount of graphics support to run an application. For instance, Running NFS underground in Windows XP will require 256 MB of video card. But in the same time, this application will take 512 MB of video card in Windows 7 operating system. So hardware is one of the reasons which make the people to stick with windows XP.

2. Don’t have much information about the other operating system:

It is another reason which makes the people stick with the Windows XP operating system. Some of them will rarely use the computers so that they never know about the other operating system available in the market.

3. Cost of newer OS

The cost of the other operating system will cost more and people who’re running institutions and schools cannot afford operating system for all computers. So, they will go for windows XP operating system for lower cost.

4. Software Compatibility

Most of the designers were coding the software for the windows XP operating system and the latest operating system has more compatibility issues. This makes the people to stick with the Window XP operating system and they use them for more efficient tasking too.