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Wednesday 9 June 2021

What is PHP? - Mono-live

What is PHP

What is PHP?

It is the short- form of Hypertext Pre-processor.

It is a popular scripting language and open-sourced. It is apt for web development and comes embedded in HTML.

It comes in handy as they can manage

  • Session tracking 
  • Databases 
  • Dynamic content
  • Build e-commerce sites

Also, this language integrates well with a few databases, such as

  • Oracle 
  • PostgreSQL 
  • MySQL 
  • Informix 
  • Microsoft SQL Server and 
  • Sybase.

A Brief History:

It was Rasmus Lerdorf, the Danish- Canadian programmer who inspired it in the year 1994.

Even though the earlier but unreleased versions existed, Rasmus used them for his purpose. He kept track of those who used to visit and read his online resume.

In 1995, the first version was released, and it was called 'Personal Home Page Tools. ' The first version had a simple parser engine that could make sense of a few macros along with several utilities. These utilities were quite common on Home pages way back in 1995.

In Mid 1995, yet another version named PHP/ F1 Version 2 with a freshly written parser was released and would consist of a

  • Guestbook 
  • And a counter.

Rasmus combined the F1, which he was using in another package, with this, and with that, Html data could be interpreted.

It required mSQL to add to the existing combination of Personal Home Page and the form Interpreter to give PHP/ F1 its birth.

Over fifty thousand users existed in 1997, and it was time for a change.

The project to develop it was now entrusted with a team, and two people named Andi Gutmans and Zeev Suraski found a new parser that was written from scratch. This was called PHP version 3. To make it more effective and complete, utility codes from PHP/ FI were transferred and rewritten completely.

Scripting Language:

It is a programming language and automatically executes tasks during system runtime.

Difference between Scripting & Programming language:

  • Scripting language does not require compilation step as they can be interpreted. 
  • C programming requires compilation wherein scripting language need not. 
  • Scripting programs run faster compared to the other. 
  • Programming languages are used traditionally with compilation step that could be C, C++ whereas scripting language explicit step of compilation is VB Script, JavaScript and PHP.
  • Importance of it-Web Development and PHP- An ideal combination.

Here are some features that reflect how vital PHP is in web development.

  • Performance:

No user has the patience to wait for more than a few seconds for the site to load fully. So the question is how to keep the user engaged in these precious moments? Luckily, it has the feature 'JIT,' which accelerates compiling its code to machine language and enhancing the results.

  • Compatibility:

It works like silk with the best of OS, web servers, and databases. The option of choosing the database is, of course, the users, but it would undoubtedly work in most of them.

  • Flexibility:

It is known to be a highly flexible web programming language. Additions and deletions of new features and old features are possible even after the code has been written and completed.

  • Scalability:

One area where it has been in use predominantly is the websites that experience high traffic all the time. With this added advantage, web developers have the confidence to develop websites or web applications at the best range possible.

the code can be embedded into HTML on simple websites. This can be expanded for the construction of web applications that are large-sized and complex as it does have in it the requisite tools and resources to do so and in a shorter period.

  • Open Source:

Businesses that range from small to large-sized prefer open-sourced technologies as it helps curb the project overheads. There is no requirement to pay a fee as far as the licensing is concerned.

Uses of PHP:

  • Dynamic websites can be created 
  • Makes it possible for the webserver 
  • Back-end interacting and data servers are made easier 
  • Data encryption is possible 
  • Business logical layers can be implemented. 
  • The OS and the native file layers can interact 
  • Cookies, whether variable or set, can be accessed. 
  • Handy in sending and receiving emails 
  • Web applications and Databases can be connected 
  • You can build a calendar using it.

PHP Extensions:

The library that is specifically formed or a plug-in with at least one function that can be used in more than one application requires a PHP Extension.

The main advantage of Extensions is that time can be saved by not allowing the recreation of the existing codes.

Just connect it to the PHP binary applications for use.

Installation and implementation of it:

  •  Make sure XAMPP is installed to install it, Apache, etc., in a single attempt.

Next, go to XAMPP in Windows and wait for it to download.

PHP Security:

Popularity and large-scale use do make it vulnerable. In addition to that, all the applications using it also become equally threatened.

Reasons for vulnerability:

  • Bad coding practices 
  • Lack of awareness 
  • Not using two writing procedures while writing the codes, namely Sanitization and validation. 
  • Ensure Object-oriented programming for better security. 
  • Not using a reusable code that is well written.


There is no doubt that PHP programmers have to utilize time and utmost skill to write a web application in it.

Resources and time utilization are essential for its successful implementation. With that done, the output can only be successful.

Friday 3 November 2017

5 Benefits of Asset Tracking for Facility Management

Asset Tracking
Asset tracking is a flexible management strategy that should be implemented by business for effective facility management and outcomes. Enterprises that invest in asset tracking of their portable and fixed asset record higher returns compared to enterprises that don’t. Apart from improved asset management, asset tracking simplifies the tedious monitoring process and ensures proper and timely allocation of assets during the firm operations

Here are 5 benefits a firm enjoys through asset tracking for improved and effective facility management.

1. Asset Location

Developments in asset tracking software have enabled accessing of real-time information on the location of the specific assets. These assets could be in the firm premises or in transits. A delivery company access to the location of a certain asset can note if it arrived at the required destination and enables record keeping for future reference. Asset location has been a major factor to the growth of freight investments. One can order cargo, delivery services, and shipment services online and track the movement of the freight.

One should consider the best tracking software that provides a wide range tracking coverage for different assets. A good example is when you Track your assets with TrackAbout Software, you are able to select from their wide tracking services on different assets. These assets range from delicate gas cylinders and medical equipment to containers and tools.

2. Timely Replacement/Fix Decisions

Asset tracking enables setting of specific performance limits in different used assets in the farm. It tracks and gives warning signals to the operators when facility operational limits are exceeded. The warning signals enable timely replacement of assets or fixing the assets to their normal operational status. These prevent asset destruction hence continuity in performance. A good example is monitoring oil leakage in transits vehicles. A warning signal will be generated and the driver will respond by the timely fixing of the problem to prevent later severe repercussions. Through early warning services, one will never be surprised by machinery breakdown. It gives the manager the advantage of being a step ahead.

3. Detailed report on equipment performance

Equipment performance information is simply acquired through effective equipment tracking. Equipment performance is a major factor in why facility management is important. Through the easily accessible history records available on the website, the management of a business can easily identify incidents where equipment faced downtime, determine the root cause, and apply the necessary resolutions. This ensures improved future performance hence saves money and time.

4. Improved Purchasing Decisions

Through proper evaluation of asset tracking reports, a firm will be well informed on their immediate and future purchases. When the tracking report reveals worn out parts of equipment, the management will carry out an early purchase of relevant spare parts. This will give the management ample time to get the best spare parts instead of panic purchases and impulse buying.

5. Accuracy in Repair

Asset tracking reviles the specific part of a building or a machine that requires repair for continual in functionality. It enables the management to get the right equipment and the right contractors to repair the issue. These save time as the contractors know the specific focal area.

In conclusion, asset tracking plays a major role in ensuring proper facility management. The 5 major benefits derived from asset tracking include; asset location, timely decision making in fixing and replacement of facilities, a detailed report on equipment performance record, improved purchasing decisions, and accuracy in repair.

Thursday 7 September 2017

7 Essential SQL Skills That Can Help You Command a Higher Paycheck


Programming is cool and sophisticated avenue which can lead to huge income and reputable job. If you are looking forward to shape your career in programming then the best to start is nothing else than the databases. In this modern time everything is tied up to database for influential and optimum performance and effectiveness. SQL helps in handling data in the databases, spreadsheets and effectively ends up in managing the back-end of almost every modern application. Here is the list of the skills which will help in mastering the SQL to enhance your programming acumen.

  1. Learn & understand how to structure a database

  2. The very first step towards mastering the SQL is to get to know how the database works. Learning all the aspects of the database ranging from the rows, tables to relationship will help in coming up with the best way to structure the database for specific purposes.

  3. Learn the right way to author SQL statements and clauses

  4. Once the first stage is complete then you can begin with learning the way of extracting the information from the SQL queries. Understanding what a query is designed to do and how it can be manipulated to serve one own needs will help a long way in coming up with such commands which deals with any tasks at hand.

  5. Understand the management of the SQL database

  6. Anyone looking forward to craft a career in IT or data science should must invest his or her time in learning about the management of the database. Taking up administrator course for the SQL data management will help in understanding as well as performing the right actions to ensure efficient management and scalable growth of the database.

  7. Learn to work with popular database programs like PostgreSQL and MySQL

  8. Understanding and learning the database management is great thing to do but if you doesn’t know how to work with latest database programs then it will be simply impossible to land a good job. Some of the most popular database management programs used on global scale include MySQL and PostgreSQL which allows users to manage access, limit users and perform a wide variety of tasks as the database admin or manager.

  9. Get the advantage of PHP

  10. MySQL works simultaneously with the PHP. So the database professionals are required to have a good knowledge of the PHP. PHP is a highly popular yet open source programming language which is used in tandem with the MySQL for wide variety of technologies, applications and programs on global scale.

  11. Equip yourself with the knowledge of technical SQL data analysis

  12. It is necessary to equip yourself with value added knowledge of the data analysis as it will aid in the marketing field. In this modern age a number of professional spends a better part in understanding the users’ behavior, demand and purchase patterns by looking at the SQL tables in order to boost the business revenue.

  13. Start working with the SQL and WAMP

Having the knowledge and understanding isn’t enough if you are not putting it to use. Start working with the WAMP and SQL to enhance your potential, understanding and knowledge base to become a competent programmer.

Saturday 20 August 2016

New Computer Programme Replicates Handwriting

Replicates Handwriting

Software – `My Text in Your Handwriting’ Programme

In the present world which is controlled by the QWERTY keyboard. Computer scientists of UCL have come up with software which may ignite the return of the handwritten word by studying the handwriting of any person and tend to imitate it precisely. The scientist have generated `My Text in Your Handwriting’, a programme that is said to semi-automatically test a sample of handwriting of a person which could be a small paragraph, generating new text stating that whatever the user desires, would be as though the author had handwritten it. Dr Tom Haines of UCL Computer Science had stated that the software had lots of valued application.

 For instance those suffering from strokemay be capable of formulating letters with the need of illegibility or the one sending flowers as a token of gift could send a handwritten note without even going to the florist. Besides this, it could also be utilised in comic books wherein a part of handwritten content could be translated into various languages without the need of losing the original style of the author. The machine learning process, published in ACM Transactions on Graphic and funded by the EPSRC, has been built around glyphs, which is an explicit example of a character.

Authors Create Various Glyphs – Element of Writing

Authors tend to create various glyphs in representing the same element of writing, the way one individual tends to write an `a’ would generally differ with the way others tend to write an `a’. Though the writing of an individual tends to have some variations, each author seems to have a recognisable style which demonstrates in their glyphs together with their spacing.

The software absorbs what is stable through the style of the individual and reproduces it. In order to produce the handwriting of an individual, the program tends to analyse and duplicate the specific character choices of the author, its pen-line texture as well as colour, inter-character ligatures, the joining between letters, the vertical and horizontal spacing. Dr Oisin Mac Aodha, co-author of UCL Computer Science had stated that till now the only way to create a computer generated text which is similar to a particular person’s handwriting could be by utilising an applicable font.

System Adequately Flexible

The issue with these types of fonts is that it frequently tends to clear that the text is not penned by hand and that loses the character as well as the personal touch of a handwriting part of the text. What has been invented is what removes this issue and could be utilised in a wider variety of personal and commercial situations.

The system is said to be adequately flexible where the samples from historical documents could be utilised with the minimum effort and hence the scientists have scrutinized and simulated the handwriting of figures like Abraham Lincoln, Arthur Conan Doyle and Frida Kahlo. In order to assess the efficiency of the software, the team had requested people to differentiate between handwritten envelopes and the ones created by their automatic software where the people were baffled by several of the envelopes.

This resulted in being fooled by the computer generated writing by 40% of the time. Taking into consideration how conclusive the computer generated handwriting seems to be, some are of the belief that the method could be beneficial in forging documents, though the team clarified that it seems to work both way and could be essentially supportive in distinguishing forgeries.

Friday 9 January 2015

Online Timesheet Management

Technology has been playing a very important role in our daily functions of life, which saves on time and effort and can be performed with ease and comfort. When it comes to obtaining working time records to the last details, the timesheet software is created to take note of employee work hours, performs the task effectively and efficiently maintaining the records for future references. Service providers at timesheetportal, is a UK registered company, catering to this form of service and can be relied on without any doubt with their remarkable services to their clients which include government bodies, consultancies, recruitment agencies, manufacturing and many more.The timesheet portal handles online timesheet management and records the details of the employee with accuracy wherein the viewer on arriving at the Timesheet Submission page has a bullet list of the features that are offered to the user. Moreover the user has the guidance outlining the useful benefits which streamline timesheet platform.

Recording Working Time

Recording working time is essential since it has an important impact on the overall performance of organisations or companies of various forms and sizes and is important for measuring profitability/expenditure of projects, billing on a consultancy basis, obtaining important information in order to make accurate forecast for any future projects as well as monitoring productivity and absenteeism of employee.The portal enables the user to concentrate on business progress instead of spending their time working on timesheets which would involve a lot of time and effort.

Timesheet Software 

Their timesheet software have the capabilities of producing reports which are fully customised, namely enabling different grouping of time together with tracked elements according to the needs of the individual which can be downloaded into Excel with ease. Complexity Simplified Timesheet Portal’s platform enable various options to record employee work time inclusive of shifts, hours or days together with overtime and onsite/offsite rates. This provides the flexibility of being efficiently suitable for all kinds of business as well as those which may have extremely complex working needs.

Convenient Module 

Moreover, online timesheets is also beneficial when it comes to manual labour and human errors which is reduced to a great deal since the natural human errors which may tend to crop up with traditional copying of information is avoided. Besides this, the software also has the potential of a convenient module which enables the user to efficiently produce invoices directly from the timesheets thereby saving on a lot of time which is an important aspect while working.

Thursday 13 November 2014

In what way is Comindware Software Beneficial to the Company?

No wonder in the recent years Comindware has really grown to be a leading developer of a great business management solution and more and more are seeking help from them. A recent review about the site has revealed that according to the feedback that has been given by thousands of people after using this service, about 95% of them are positive responses and 4%is neutral. This means that negative response is literally hard to trace. But only business management has not brought this popularity to this solutions and people need to know about the other benefits that they give and why they are so popular, the reasons for popularity and the benefits of them are being listed below in detail.


Privacy- Every client has his or her privacy maintained when you join your hands with Comindware. Comindware is the one who knows how to keep your privacy sealed. Every transaction is kept confidential. . Rest assured that you will not be facing any problems with unwanted calls or messages.
Fast paced mode of working- Comindware is such a business management software that it works very fast and can detect problematic things and solve it right away so that you do not have to face trouble regarding it afterwards. The experts in this field always take care to solve it in the best possible manner.

Every field has the correct person for handling- In this organization; no person does the work of the other. Every department here has people who are expert in specific fields so that a specific problem is taken up with perfect care and can be solved easily.

Cloud document management is a service to die for- This is a management service that is used to connect the same kinds of brands and inculcate them in your companies so that your brand can introduce the good competing qualities and can be more popular than the other. Also cloud management ensures that you can be in constant touch with the clients no matter where you are. You can also give instructions to your staff with the help of this cloud management process.

Project collaboration software is another one that is used to imbricate more than one project and do it in a successful manner. Project collaboration is all about multitasking and it that is a thing that is done perfectly by the Comindware in general. So no matter what the condition is, you will always be able to handle the continuous pressure that will be going on and as more and more number of projects and your company will gain more and more popularity too.

This organization is no doubt one of the most successful and among the leading group of the business management companies going all around the world. All you have to do is to register and pay the service charges and you are already with this group. The moment you register, you will get to know the benefits of the group and enjoy it.

Tuesday 12 August 2014

Process of Software Development

Process of Software Development
Software are the computer programs that are built by the several short programs compressed together in one bundle. Software are very significant to us as they not only decrease the human work load but they also perform the task with great efficiency and accuracy. And some of the calculations performed by them are beyond our limits so software has great impact on our general life and as well as professional life. Just like a product that is manufactured in the industry has to undergo lot of process one by one similarly the software created has to undergo several phases. So the development of the software is basically known as “Software Development Life Cycle” also known as SDLC.

Software development life cycle or SDLC is basically the architecture of the software development that includes various phases and when a proper structure is imposed using the SDLC then the software development takes place. The various phases of software development are as follows:








So all the software undergoes the above mentioned phases and when all of these are executed properly then software is finally developed and is launched in the market. So let us discuss the development phases one by one:

Planning: It is the first phase of any software development where the ideas are put up. The needs of user or customer is identified and explained to the developers. This phase is very important because the developers get to know that what kind of software has to be developed and what all features are required to that project. One all the requirements are collected the analysis of scope of development is done which is known as scope document. So this is basically a communication phase for developers.

Designing: One all the user requirements are finalized then the designing is done. This includes the decision of the hardware requirements that the software will meet. The programming language that has to be used is also decided. Operating Systems are also taken into consideration for designing the software. The overall software is represented as block diagram and the working is defined that how is software going to look. User interface is also designed in this phase that will allow the user to interact with the software.

Coding: This is the most important phase in any software development process. Here the basic programming is done using the programming languages like java, object oriented C++, C language etc. The user interface is developed and the database if required is also connected and linked to the system. In this phase the website is also developed if in case the promotion has to be done using website. So overall coding phase plays key role in the success of the software.

Testing and Documentation: When software is finally coded then the testing phase is started so that the errors and bugs can be tracked and removed. All the bugs are removed and software is made error free and now it is ready to work on the real life platform. The software is also tested for a week or a month to check its efficiency because it has to be very fast when it is implemented by the user.

Documentation involves the analysis of the models that are used to develop the software. It also includes the writing of external or internal API. Software is managed here.

Deployment and Maintenance: Now finally software is bought into market and is implemented in the real life work. The users start using the software in their professions. Example:Bank software implemented in bank or Library management software implemented in library.

Maintenance involves updating the software from time to time according to customer requirements. Customer needs may change from time to time hence updating the software is also very important. This also help developers to keep in pace with the current technology.

So this is all about the process of development of software and in later posts we will discuss about some models that are followed by the different companies to develop the software like waterfall model or V-model etc. So stay connected.

Saturday 9 August 2014

How to Get Deleted Data Back From Memory Card

Data recovery
Memory cards are used everywhere and in every electronic device such as mobile phones, digital cameras, play stations etc. So memory card really stores important data in various formats. We basically use memory card to store images, videos, audio or songs, portable documents and some other documentary files. So memory cards are really very important. There are many companies that create memory cards and one of the famous company creating memory cards is SanDisk.

But sometimes data is lost due to accidental deletion or accidental formats because we are in hurry and then we lost every data due to our idiotic mistake. Now we think that it is impossible to recover the data back to the memory cards but there is a great solution. Yes you will be shocked to know that it is now possible to recover all the data successfully back without even a single file lost. You just need a data recovery software for this.

There are many data recovery software available online but according to stats the best and trusted data recovery software is “Wise Recovery Software”. This amazing recovery tool will help you to recover your lost data back to your storage device. This recovery tool supports almost every file format like mp3, jpg, txt etc.

What is the logic used by “Wise Recovery Software” that allows you to get your lost data back? 
Whenever we delete the data from the memory card it physically gets disappeared from the memory card but still it is there on the memory card until and unless it gets overwritten by other data. So you should avoid using any operations on memory card after accidental deletion. So if this happens the data recovery is possible. So this is the logic used by “Wise recovery software”.

What are the reasons for data loss from memory card?
You can lose the data from memory card due to following reasons:

· Accidental format of memory card.

· Accidental deletion of files.

· Virus attack.

· Power failure may cause corruption to memory card hence data gets lost.

· Operating System failure may also cause data loss.

So under all such scenarios “Wise Recovery software” will allow you to get back your deleted or lost data successfully.

You just need to install this amazing recovery software and then connect the device from which data is lost and then scan that device. After the scanning process is completed you will get the preview of that file. So if it’s a desired file you can select it and press the recover button and similarly select all the desired files and then start the recovery process. Now within 10 minutes or less you will get back all your lost deleted data back successfully.

The formats supported by this recovery software are:

Photo Formats : JPG JPEG TIF


Audio or Songs Formats : MP3 WAV

RAW Image Formats : Nikon NEF, Canon CRW and CR2, Kodak DCR, Konica Minolta MRW, Fuji RAF, Sigma X3F, Sony SRF, Samsung DNG, Pentax PEF, Olympus ORF, Leica DNG, Panasonic RAW and more.

So if you have lost the data from your memory card simply download the software and within few minutes you will get every file back with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Friday 11 July 2014

Easy To Use Software To Password Protect Folders With Folder Protector

Folder protector
With great progress done in every sphere of life, technology has given way to advanced and quicker functions while simultaneously strengthening the securityon using the application. With most of the activities done online, Kakasoft Folder Protector is one of the most reputed portable password protection applicationsthat provide users with the opportunity to safeguard their folders, drives and files on a Windows computer.

A 256-bit-on-the-fly AES Encryption technology of industrial standard is used to encrypt the folder together with the important data to keep it secured where one is permitted to run it directly and lock the folder without it being installed on the computer. With a few clicks one can prevent the files that are personal and of importance, from being viewed, deleted or tampered.

The Folder Protector is provided with amazing features which can be relied on efficiency, portability and reliability making it the most flexible and safe data protection software in the industry. One could visit the site and obtain additional information on folder protector.

It is easy to use without much complication, wherein the user is provided with the guidelines with the required support. The software which is specialised in password protection in safeguarding important data leaves the user with no worries and tension on their sensitive files or documents that are stored on the computer, from being invaded by cyber criminals. Some of the important features besides the strong industry standard 256 bit-on-the-fly AES Encryption technology for utmost protection; it has portability facility where installation is not required but can be done by copying the `Lockdir exe’ program to a drive or a folder and running the same to lock and password protect folder or drive.

It provides instant protection wherein the folder protector helps in password protection of folders with a password thus preventing the important data from being misused, modified, moved, deleted or even getting into the wrong hands, without the consent of the user. It also supports all kinds of storage devices with password protect folders on USB flash drives, hard drives, external hard drives, thumb drives, memory cards and sticks, pen drives, jump and much more.

It has easy usage and anyone has the capabilities of protecting sensitive information on local drive or removable in two easy steps without the need of exceptional skills. It is totally compatible with Windows 7 of 32 bit and 64 bit, Windows Vista of 32 bit and 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows XP, 32 bit and 64 bit, Windows 2003/XP.2000 as well as all file systems like FAT, FAT32 and NTFS. Download the folder protector by following the guidelines provided to protect personal data with password.

With its advanced features like the `Security Level’, option users can select an appropriate security level for protection of their folders and files. Besides this, the folder protect software also has advanced setting, password hint, show protected sign, restore Centre, display language, change icon of protected folder, file filter system etc. Users could check for added information there.

Monday 7 April 2014

A Software That Helps You to Communicate Better With Your Customers

Every business hopes to train its employees in good customer service, but sometimes they really go above and beyond. Here are three examples of amazing interactions between company and customer.


Netflix made headlines in late 2013 when a cheerful customer service representative opened an online chat with "This is Cpt Mike of the good ship Netflix, which member of the crew am I speaking with today?" What followed was a fun, friendly exchange as both parties engaged in Star Trek banter to diagnose the problem at hand. The whole thing went viral in a matter of days, making Netflix more popular than ever.

Trader Joe's

In 2010, a young woman called Trader Joe's during a snowstorm and asked if they would make an exception to their delivery policy in order to get some groceries to her 89-year-old grandfather. Not only did they agree, but they sent the food to the elderly man free of charge!


For this year's holiday season, WestJet put a fully-costumed Santa Claus in their airport to ask passengers what kind of Christmas gifts they'd like to receive. What the weary travelers didn't realize, however, is that WestJet employers made a list of all their wishes and had the items bought, wrapped and delivered to their landing destination while they were still in the air. Now that's a Christmas miracle!

These are just a few instances of excellent service. For more information, including tips, tricks and software that will help you better communicate with your customers, visit a site like

Keep Your Retail Operations Flowing Smoothly

Are you having trouble keeping track of your inventory, when orders are supposed to be filled or who hasn't paid you yet? If that sounds like you, you could use some help running your retail establishment. The use of retail operations management software can make it easier to run an efficient company that makes more money and better serves its customers.

When a company knows how much inventory it has, it won't order supplies that it doesn't need. For example, if a worker on the sales floor knows that there are more bananas in the backroom, those bananas can be put on the sales floor and sold right away. If that worker didn't know that there were more bananas in the back, he or she may order more to meet customer demand.

Unfortunately, that costs the company money in two ways. First, product that could have been sold will rot in the backroom because no one knows that it is there to sell. Second, the company will have to spend money ordering more product. In some cases, the company could lose money a third way if customers decide to start shopping elsewhere for their produce because a competitor has a reliable supply of produce at all times.

Wednesday 26 March 2014

Windows XP Users Will Receive $ 100 If They Opt For Windows 8

Windows XP
Windows XP users, who buy a new computer with Windows 8, will receive under a scheme for the amount of U.S. $ 100. Yes XP users in North America will receive $ 100 discount on a Windows 8 computer but it has too many limitations. Microsoft will discontinue support for Windows XP from 8 April 2014.

And there won’t be no more software update for the same. But all users are by far not ready for change. That's why Microsoft is offering an incentive. XP users, who buy a new computer with Windows 8, will receive an amount of $ 100.

 The offer is valid until 15 June 2014 and is aimed at buyers in the U.S. and Canada. Interested parties, can reach the Microsoft Store with an XP machine, get the discount at your order. Alternatively, Microsoft accepts old computers in its stores. The selection in their online shop is very limited.

In addition, the action is not valid for all Windows 8 products available there. On the tablet surface 2 there is no discount. Furthermore, Microsoft sells only devices in the middle and upper price range. The lowest computer goes for $ 599 on the counter.

Friday 24 January 2014

Accounting Software — A Quick Buyer's Guide

There was a once upon a time when maintaining your books meant rooms filled with cabinets and boxes of never ending paper. There were piles of ledgers and an untold number of pencils and erasers for manually recording and updating essential financial data.
Thank heavens for the computer and business accounting software. It saves you time and maximises space as you no longer need all that paper and room to store it. It helps you maintain insight that you might not have ever got from paper, like generating next quarter sales forecasts, pinpointing the most and least profitable services with a glance, and seeing where inventory is overstocked. It also significantly reduces calculation errors.
No accounting service should be without a reliable and robust program. Unfortunately, it’s a popular medium and there are a multitude of store bought and online applications that promise the best solution. To find the right business accounting software, there are some basic questions you need to look at and answer regarding your business and its needs.

What are your accounting needs?

There are programs that cover receiving, selling, inventory ordering, employee time keeping, payroll and business taxes. Small businesses may not have the manual resources to manually cover all these and good software will definitely streamline the process. Establish what services you need and look for accounting software that matches it. Try to stay away from software that includes hundreds of features you don’t need or can’t see yourself using in the foreseeable future. While you want to make sure the software you choose is ‘future proof’ and will allow you room to grow, you don’t want to pay for bells and whistles you won’t make use of.

What is your experience with accounting and software?

Some programs are easier to use than others, and some may require some training for you and your staff before you can make the jump into relying on the software to keep your books in check. Make sure your pick makes things simpler not harder. Grab a trial version and let potential users play.

How Will You Utilize the Software?

The cloud is simplifying the way we do business. It could mean not having to stay late to crunch those numbers. Do it on the way home or after you put the kids to bed. But that means software that’s consistent, reliable and can be accessed with no trouble on any device.

What are the local legislation requirements?

Make sure the software you choose complies with any specific legislation and accounting statutes in your country or state. If your company is based in Australia, don’t take for granted that US software will be compliant with US accounting legislation and vice versa. MYOB Exo Accounting Software might comply with different rules than Sage for example.

What are your integration concerns?

You may already have industry specific products. Find out how you would integrate any new solution and how that could affect productivity. You should also look into how easy it is to transfer from your current software if you’ve outgrown it and are looking to change – can you retain all of the old data, will it be easily accessible? You want software that will make the transition as seamless as possible.

Which type of accounting product will match your needs?

Small Business Payroll and Accounting Software.

These can be extremely affordable solutions that don’t ask for much in terms of accounting or computer experience. Of course, the more you know the better use of the accounting tool. Generate reports in graphical or spreadsheet form, take advantage of industry specific software for construction, manufacturing and more, or utilize cash flow calculators and templates for order forms, receipts, etc.

Business Management Software.

These will be full featured accounting programs that help you track point of sale, customer relationship management, inventory control, purchasing, billing and enterprise resource management. You want a solution that can integrate as many business processes as possible.

Web Hosted Accounting

Young entrepreneurs have come to trust the Internet for everything from finding a dentist to locating a good restaurant. They are ready to take advantage of the Internet to develop their businesses. There are a number of online platforms that offer advanced financial tools that will effectively manage your books.

Free Accounting Software

While free versions of accounting software can certainly provide a sound foundation for what best suits your business, totally free versions are only likely to show you how much you need a better program. You may be able to keep records, track invoices and print checks, and manage multiple accounts, but there will likely be more reliable options in paid versions, as well as greater customer support.
Have a conversation with an accountant. They could help with software recommendations and establishing what your needs are. Get input from the people currently working on your books or have involvement in ordering, invoicing, payroll or other databases. With this as your guide, focus on industry specific accounting software that aligns with your business. The more you require of the software, the higher your budget is going to be. Fortunately, the rate of return will be more than worth it.
If you follow the protocols, you’ll get a strong idea of what your product needs are and how they match up with what’s available to you. You’ll have gotten some advice from an experienced voice and tested a number of options. It’s now time to prioritize. You will be ready to select the software that comes closest to your needs with the features that will make financial processes easier that also meet your budgetary specifications.
Remember, there is no best business accounting software. There is only the one that’s best for your business needs.
Michael Pendred is Managing Director of Horizon Business Systems, a leading provider of Accounting Software Solutions in Perth, WA. Find Michael on Google+.

Thursday 5 December 2013

How Small Businesses Can Save Money: Software

When most people think of technology costs, they generally think first of the hardware, such as computers, printers, and the like. But the truth is that the greater part of your computing costs are likely to be for the software that runs on your systems, rather than the systems themselves. It is not unusual for a £500 computer to have well over £1,000 running on it, even if all the software is “off the rack” rather than proprietary. The smart business owner will take many elements into consideration when selecting software, realizing that initial purchase price might not be the most predominant factor in determining its ultimate cost. A Payday Loan could provide the necessary funds to purchase the software you require when your monthly budget doesn't stretch to cover additional purchases.
Proprietary programs, commercial software, shareware, freeware, or open-source?
Obviously, there isn’t sufficient space in a short article to address all the factors – much less, all the available programs – upon which you’ll ultimately have to decide. However, there are a few factors that can make your decision easier, as represented in the following questions.
Are you already running proprietary or customized commercial software, such as accounting, materials control, or payroll systems? If so, you’ll likely want to continue with it, so long as the license structure isn’t too constricting or costly. Most small businesses opt for commercial software applications, but even these can be pretty expensive, and there may be restrictions as to how the software is to be used, and how many machines it can be installed on without additional licensing requirements. There are, of course, a number of relatively inexpensive commercial programs that may be readily applicable to your operation. Particularly if your business is a new start-up, you might want to stick with the more popular commercial programs, so as to avoid having to go through a painful emigration to unfamiliar software in the future.
Office suites
Shareware or freeware programs abound in the marketplace, and many users have found them to be a good alternative to more expensive commercial offerings. Just to give one example, Microsoft’s Office Suite© is the de-facto standard for basic business applications. While it is wildly popular and familiar to most workers, a single license of the suite can cost hundreds of dollars, and if you’re looking to maintain compatibility on a number of computers, the cost can skyrocket rather quickly. There are, however, open-source office suites available that are fully compatible with Microsoft’s offerings, offer a similar user experience, and are available for download at no cost. The two most popular examples are the Apache OpenOffice suite ( and LibreOffice ( Both suites are capable of opening, editing, creating, and saving to the standard Microsoft formats, and are continually evaluated, improved upon, and updated by teams of developers who are committed to providing a product that is as good as or better than available commercial offerings.
Antivirus, anti-malware, and security software
Given the increasing efforts of hackers, as well as the prevalence of always-connected networks, system security is a factor that no business or individual can afford to ignore. And while there are a number of good commercially-available products with which to protect your computers and – if necessary – rid them of malicious code, there are also a number of free or low-cost products that are arguably as good as or better than the most popular commercial programs. A couple of examples are AVG Free Antivirus© and MalwareBytes©, both of which do a commendable job of protecting and cleaning your computers, often with a less significant performance hit than their commercial counterparts.
System utilities
The system utilities that come packaged in Microsoft Windows© are adequate, but lack the power and/or versatility that most IT personnel recommend. Once again, there are a number of third-party utilities that offer additional capabilities, and are either low-cost or free of charge. A few of note are Glary Utilities©, Eusing Free Registry Cleaner©, and Iobit’s Smart Defrag©. The only caveat is that since these utilities have greater capabilities than the more generic offerings included in Windows, they also have somewhat greater potential to get the less computer-savvy user into trouble. That said, by leaving all settings at the developers’ defaults, you’ll be pretty safe using them, and will benefit from a more responsive and secure system.

Wednesday 20 November 2013

Should Your Business Use Appointment Setting Software?

Ask a new sales professional what she dreads most about her job and you may hear, "cold calling prospective customers." The Robertson Training Group says that people dislike cold calling because they hate feeling rejected. This one reason stops not only sales professionals. It stops everyday people from asking for experiences they want.

For example, the fear of feeling rejected stops men and women from asking people they have strong feelings for out on dates. The fear of rejection also stops workers from asking for promotions or pay increases, even when the employees have completed higher levels of work, clearly demonstrating that they have earned promotions and/or salary increases.

To reduce their fear of rejection, sales professionals are turning to appointment setting software. The software can be customized for certain businesses. Certain industries may find the software more critical to their bottom line than other companies. Intelliverse’s appointment setting service, ,is built to reduce the fear of being rejected in that it calls or contacts customers, eliminating the need for sales professionals to dial prospective customers themselves.

The appointment setting software can be used to schedule a specific number of outbound calls for one or more members of a sales team to make each day, week, month or quarter. Because the software automates calling systems, it can be set to dial a range of customers directly. During this time, sales professionals can rehearse sales messages. They can also review statistics, recent news reports and other analytics they plan to discuss with clients.

Busy sales professionals may want to use the time to respond to customer questions or to finalize presentations. After appointment setting software successfully connects with prospective customers, a warning flashes across a dashboard screen, alerting sales professionals to the fact that the prospect they want to speak with is on the line.

In addition to reducing, possibly even eliminating the fear of rejection, from sales professionals, appointment setting software can also help rid sales professionals of other reasons they dislike making cold calls. For example, the software can be used to keep sales persons from feeling as they are coming across as desperate commission-based workers.

No longer sounding like a telemarketer, losing the fear that they will be interrupting a prospect at home or at work and feeling the pressure to close sales on the first call are other barriers that the software can reduce or eliminate. Because the software is not an auto dialer, sales persons stay in control of which prospects are contacted and when.

To get the most out of the software, businesses that use the software should monitor the results of outbound calls on a daily basis. Furthermore, if businesses test different sales pitches or scripts, they can measure which pitches or scripts generate the best results from which types of customers. For example, businesses could use the software's reports to find out if young adults living in the western part of the country respond more positively to their active sales pitches than retirees do.
Tom Hanson

Wednesday 16 October 2013

The Importance of Lenovo Security Software on Lenovo FDE Drives

Does your new Lenovo computer have an FDE drive? Lenovo FDE drives are full disk encrypted hard disk drives that make it virtually impossible for unauthorized users to boot up your computer and steal your data. An encrypted hard disk doesn't necessarily mean you don't need Lenovo security software though.
While FDE drives are highly recommended to individuals and enterprise organizations alike, you still need to protect your computer from other threats. For example, spyware can still sneak onto your system, record your keystrokes, and report back to cybercriminals. Disk encryption does not protect computers from viruses, spyware, phishing schemes, and other threats; it encrypts the data stored on the drive so that if the computer is stolen, the data is unreadable.
Because these threats still exist, make sure to invest in an antivirus and anti-spyware solution from a reputable developer such as TrendMicro, McAfee, Symantec, or Sophos. As always, update your Internet security software and use care when downloading software, clicking unsolicited links, or responding to email messages that look like they're from a financial institution.
In addition to adding traditional security software to a Lenovo computer with FDE, enterprise organizations can use special server security software to manage Lenovo encryption across their Lenovo workstations and laptops. For example, WinMagic's SecureDoc for Lenovo allows for the centralized management of all of a company's encrypted devices including Lenovo ThinkPads, Macintosh laptops, Linux computers, encrypted USB drives, and so on.
When you have just one ThinkPad to manage, full disk encryption along with a good Internet security suite combine to protect your data from theft, viruses, and spyware. When you have an entire network of them, it managing encryption becomes more complex. Because of this complexity and the added benefits server security software offers, it's smart to choose a consolidated encryption management solution.
Full disk encryption for Lenovo computers on its own is a good start, but it's not enough. Beef up protection by adding stronger forms of Lenovo security software.
Daniel Gail is an author and expert in the world of business security. He wrote this article to inform his readers on the importance of Lenovo security software on Lenovo FDE drives.

Wednesday 9 October 2013

Installing and configuring a WAMP server in windows 7 and 8

Are you looking for configuring a WAMP server in windows 7 and 8 operating system?

Does u want to configure WAMP server on your computer? 

First install the WAMP (any version mainly prefer latest version) and now I will instruct how to configure WAMP server in windows 8 operating system.

WAMP server will support for both IPv4 and IPv6 and mainly prefer for latest version because while configuring it will ask u to update it for this purpose install the currently available version.

Also your system must run Apache server in order for configuring the WAMP server to work properly (use Apache 2.2.21).

Follow the instructions correctly to configure WAMP server

Ø  Check whether the WAMP is installed properly in your system.

Ø  Now go to “C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts folder to check for the local host.

Ø  Here you need to open your editor with “Run as Administrator”

Ø  Remove the # symbol from the line local host.(# refers to comment)

Ø  If it shows any errors in removing the # or it doesn’t exist means don’t remove the #.

Ø   Start WAMP server from your task bar. If it does not available in your taskbar means there is a problem in your installation. Restart your system and then check

Ø  When the WAMP server started ,it will show in green color which means it was enabled

Ø  Then perform wampmanager->localhost. Here you will see the wamp information page.

Up to this u need to perform correctly in order to configure it. If anything goes wrong means u have to check the mistakes and run the following commands properly.

Following Information’s needed to be checked:

1. The :: 1 ip address available in that host is an IPv6 address. Defaultly Apache does not support in the IPv6 address space but moreover in windows 7 and 8 it will be already present in the IPv6 address.

2. Here you will get the following message “You have no permission”, because you are currently the wamp using IPv6 local host address but Apache will allow you to access only from local host(using httpd.conf)

Advantages of Cloud Based Software for Businesses

Any business, no matter their size, can take advantage of using cloud-based technology to improve workflow management, systems and file access. The key to using cloud technology in the running of your core business is being aware of what your main business needs are, what kind of data you keep and track, and who manages that data. Then, look at how cloud technology might be able to streamline and safeguard that data.
But why the cloud? Does it really offer significant advantages to business, or is it all a lot of marketing hype? Unlike other technology fads, cloud is here to stay. Consider these advantages of using cloud-based software for improving how you run your business:
  • Access documents in the cloud instantly. Staff can login from any device and have instant access to all the files they need. Using online workflow management software, you can group files according to their jobs and keep everything neatly organised. More than likely, it will offer your staff greater flexibility with using and accessing information as well as saving time on administrative tasks.
  • Do away with staff location issues. If your business has multiple offices, or consultants who are always on the move, having your data stored remotely online will provide greater accessibility to the information you need. Do your staff regularly share information at meetings across your organisation? Cloud services can share files at meetings, in presentations without the need to bring USB’s. All your data is available online in one place and can be sent straight to your meeting and presentation.
  • Easier file sharing. Sending large files within the office is no longer a problem. No more waiting for huge emails to load! Just share a link to the document and your recipient can access it. With a cloud-based service, all files are universally available from any location across your network.
  • Take away the risk of data loss. Ask yourself, can I better manage my losses and secure my business by backing up my data? Could my business survive if our office was destroyed by a fire or flood? If the answer is no, then backing up your data by storing it online and using a cloud-based software could significantly improve your business - and your piece of mind. 
  • Improved Workflow management. Workflow management software, such as WorkflowMax, will help your business to more effectively manage your projects, see your financials and and keep track of your data. Using cloud-based workflow management software will mean you can keep track of all your projects and information simultaneously.
  • Easy Access. Does everyone who needs the data have access to it? Do you have staff who need access to data but who don’t know where to find it? Search across your information stored remotely on a cloud service to find what you need. It is possible to set access for certain people to open certain documents, so all your most sensitive information stays safe.
You see, cloud technology has a lot to offer the business owner. Consider upgrading to a cloud-based service for your business today!
WorkflowMax offers workflow management software that will take the pain out of running your business. A total cloud solution covering all operations from prospecting to quoting, time sheeting to invoicing and everything in between, WorklowMax is ideal for creatives, agencies, consultants, professional services, IT, and trades - if your business is job focused then WorkflowMax is the tool you need.

Friday 2 August 2013

JavaTutor! A software adapt to motivate children to work better

A new method to teach students more easily will perhaps make its appearance in our schools! Using software that analyzes facial movements, courses and exercises will be customized based on emotions and reactions to certain topics. It is sometimes difficult to concentrate on being a subject that does not interest us at first: be it mathematics, history or modern languages, we all matters that concern us less than others, not see at all. And this can lead to an almost total lock with mathematics and sometimes on education as a whole. Would not it be great to have a way to motivate yourself to study? It is precisely this that is JavaTutor! Software developed by the University of North Carolina, able to detect and analyze the emotions of those who use it to adjust teaching to improve efficiency. For this JavaTutor uses a facial recognition technology. It can detect if we have confidence in ourselves, if we are decentralized or upset. Then, based on these observations, JavaTutor adapts lessons to help get the pill. The software can also operate according to the skill level of the student. In addition, the software can send messages of support and encouragement in order to further motivate the students. These messages differ depending on the state of mind: if a student makes a mistake and seems frustrated JavaTutor send him a message saying "Go on, it's making mistakes that we learn." As for someone who seems confident and successful exercises, a simple "Good job!”Suffice. This is an exciting innovation and we hope it will help many students, high school or college to learn better or even not picking courses. If we could have had it during our endless hours of course we would surely have been more motivated! Do you think this program will be constructive in the education of children?