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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Transfer Windows 10 to SSD and Improve your PC’s Performance And How to Clone your Hard Drive to SSD

A Solid State Drive (Or SSD for short) is one of the best technological breakthroughs in recent history.
With Hard Disk Drives (HDD’s), you have a lot of moving parts, and with moving parts you increase the risk of something that go wrong.

With an SSD, you don’t have any moving parts. That’s all nice and dandy, but what does this mean for you as user?

Well firstly, SSD’s are a lot smaller than traditional HDD’s, saving you enormous amounts of space.

But where SSD’s mostly earn their keep, is in their unrealistically fast boot up speed. We can go into technical details, but why bother you with boring details? All you have to know it’s super fast!

If you clone hard drive to ssd you can expect boot up time of less than a minute.

This is the future.. Who has time to wait around for a PC to boot up?

Interested yet? Keep on reading to find out exactly how to transfer windows 10 to ssd.
There a few ways you can move your Windows 10 to your SSD, some easy, and some a bit harder. We are going to concentrate on the easy way, obviously.

To move your Windows 10 to a Solid-State Drive, you will need Backup and Recovery Software (See the end of the article which software we recommend).

After you downloaded your Backup and Recovery Software, all you have to do is launch your software, and follow the onscreen steps.

The first step is backing up all your files, like My Documents, Pictures etc. After the backup, delete all your files.

Clone your current disk to the SSD. Restore all you backed up files to your original drive.

That is all there is to it. This way you benefit of faster a Operating System, and in today’s world, time is valuable.

Upgrading to a SSD is a no brainer. Not only is it a million times faster, but more reliable as well. In the case of system failure, you will still have access to your SSD and most of your data will be safe.

Now, you might be wondering which is the best Backup and Recovery Software to use. Like we mentioned earlier, there a a lot of different ways, and obviously a lot of different software as well.

EaseUS is the most reliable Software though, and comes with a few other features as well. Other than disk cloning software windows 10, you will also be able to clone your hard drives, backup and recover important data, and numerous other benefits.

In the end, you can use whichever software you feel most comfortable with, or what your budget allows. But when you need to fix the errors these other programs may cause, you know which is the best name in the business to fix your problems.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

How to Get Deleted Data Back From Memory Card

Data recovery
Memory cards are used everywhere and in every electronic device such as mobile phones, digital cameras, play stations etc. So memory card really stores important data in various formats. We basically use memory card to store images, videos, audio or songs, portable documents and some other documentary files. So memory cards are really very important. There are many companies that create memory cards and one of the famous company creating memory cards is SanDisk.

But sometimes data is lost due to accidental deletion or accidental formats because we are in hurry and then we lost every data due to our idiotic mistake. Now we think that it is impossible to recover the data back to the memory cards but there is a great solution. Yes you will be shocked to know that it is now possible to recover all the data successfully back without even a single file lost. You just need a data recovery software for this.

There are many data recovery software available online but according to stats the best and trusted data recovery software is “Wise Recovery Software”. This amazing recovery tool will help you to recover your lost data back to your storage device. This recovery tool supports almost every file format like mp3, jpg, txt etc.

What is the logic used by “Wise Recovery Software” that allows you to get your lost data back? 
Whenever we delete the data from the memory card it physically gets disappeared from the memory card but still it is there on the memory card until and unless it gets overwritten by other data. So you should avoid using any operations on memory card after accidental deletion. So if this happens the data recovery is possible. So this is the logic used by “Wise recovery software”.

What are the reasons for data loss from memory card?
You can lose the data from memory card due to following reasons:

· Accidental format of memory card.

· Accidental deletion of files.

· Virus attack.

· Power failure may cause corruption to memory card hence data gets lost.

· Operating System failure may also cause data loss.

So under all such scenarios “Wise Recovery software” will allow you to get back your deleted or lost data successfully.

You just need to install this amazing recovery software and then connect the device from which data is lost and then scan that device. After the scanning process is completed you will get the preview of that file. So if it’s a desired file you can select it and press the recover button and similarly select all the desired files and then start the recovery process. Now within 10 minutes or less you will get back all your lost deleted data back successfully.

The formats supported by this recovery software are:

Photo Formats : JPG JPEG TIF


Audio or Songs Formats : MP3 WAV

RAW Image Formats : Nikon NEF, Canon CRW and CR2, Kodak DCR, Konica Minolta MRW, Fuji RAF, Sigma X3F, Sony SRF, Samsung DNG, Pentax PEF, Olympus ORF, Leica DNG, Panasonic RAW and more.

So if you have lost the data from your memory card simply download the software and within few minutes you will get every file back with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.