Friday 2 August 2013

JavaTutor! A software adapt to motivate children to work better

A new method to teach students more easily will perhaps make its appearance in our schools! Using software that analyzes facial movements, courses and exercises will be customized based on emotions and reactions to certain topics. It is sometimes difficult to concentrate on being a subject that does not interest us at first: be it mathematics, history or modern languages, we all matters that concern us less than others, not see at all. And this can lead to an almost total lock with mathematics and sometimes on education as a whole. Would not it be great to have a way to motivate yourself to study? It is precisely this that is JavaTutor! Software developed by the University of North Carolina, able to detect and analyze the emotions of those who use it to adjust teaching to improve efficiency. For this JavaTutor uses a facial recognition technology. It can detect if we have confidence in ourselves, if we are decentralized or upset. Then, based on these observations, JavaTutor adapts lessons to help get the pill. The software can also operate according to the skill level of the student. In addition, the software can send messages of support and encouragement in order to further motivate the students. These messages differ depending on the state of mind: if a student makes a mistake and seems frustrated JavaTutor send him a message saying "Go on, it's making mistakes that we learn." As for someone who seems confident and successful exercises, a simple "Good job!”Suffice. This is an exciting innovation and we hope it will help many students, high school or college to learn better or even not picking courses. If we could have had it during our endless hours of course we would surely have been more motivated! Do you think this program will be constructive in the education of children?

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