Sunday 11 August 2013

The new Blu-ray recorder from Panasonic

The new Blu-ray recorder DMR BCT730 and DMR BST730 Panasonic are really comfortable - they can easily remotely programmed via app which is to be the first of its kind. The recorders from Panasonic are of a rare species: take TV broadcasts, including HDTV on their hard drive and can burn to Blu-ray. This is the only recorder the only recorder you can record and by which it can be played in any Blu-ray player. The quality is impeccable, the service Panasonic typical simple. Using a network connection, the recordings can also retrieve per tablet and other TVs in the home network. The transfer of cell phone photos or movies will go smoothly in the home network. The new generation puts something extra: Using the Internet to access the recorder is possible - for PC and Smartphone app. It can retrieve the list of scheduled recordings. You also program recordings remotely - via a convenient program guide (EPG), manually or using the scheduler. However, the preliminary software of the test device was still a bit tough. The new version of the Smartphone app "Diga player" with remote programming time of testing was not yet available. The recorder is available as a DMR BCT730 for cable and as DMC BST730 for satellite reception. The new Panasonic recorders inspire with their easy to use and good quality. If you want to record TV shows, receives an ideal device here.

Specifications: Dual TV tuner for cable (DMR BCT730) or satellite (-BST730), 500-GB hard drive, Blu-ray burner, HDMI output, network connection and Wi-Fi Price: 580 Euros.

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