Wednesday 21 August 2013

Razer Tartarus keypad for gamers

Razer unites the new gaming keypad with 25 programmable keys and Tartarus. So critical game situations should be mastered quickly and handled efficiently. Gamble with a conventional keyboard is often a nightmare and in critical situations, the search for the appropriate device key for gambling. The result is that the enemy gets an advantage; in the worst case he does you in a jiffy. The solution to overcome this is called Razer Tartarus keypad. These are small input devices that combine the most important buttons and controls handy. The latest device comes from Razer and is called Tartarus. The specifics: According to the manufacturer this keypad is ergonomically shaped so that players hands do not cramp quickly. When should also prove to be extremely comfortable in long duels with rubberized palm rest. The Tartarus has 25 keys that you program with the features you want. Not only that, command sequences (macros), whose length is not limited, you will sit on the keys. Each key can be programmed with up to eight instructions - for about eight games. Between the different keyboard layouts you can switch to simple push of a button. On the left side of the Tartarus has an eight-way D-pad, which is operated with the thumb - about the change in direction of the character. Directly above colored LEDs indicate which of the eight key bindings and currently active. Design and button layout optimized for right-handers. All the keys are illuminated so you gamble easily even in dark rooms.

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