Saturday 10 August 2013

Nvidia is working on a tablet for 2014

After the mobile games console Shield; Nvidia apparently wants to join into the tablet market and developed its own seven-inch tablet. Hence you may expect a standard and a high-end variant soon. The budget version of the Nvidia Tablets should be equipped with the Tegra mobile processor. According to rumors, Nvidia is working on its own seven-inch tablet, which will be published in spring 2014. This could come in two different models in the market; one will be a cheaper variant based on the Tegra mobile processor and the other as a high-end device with the next Tegra chip, codenamed "Logan".

 As there is no official confirmation, further details of the alleged Tablets are not known. Even if this information should be treated with caution, it is quite conceivable that Nvidia to develop its own games console shield for the mobile gaming sector now wants to enter the tablet business. It is clear that Nvidia will have with jumping into the tablet market is not an easy game: With affordably priced tablets from Samsung, the next generation tablet from Apple and Microsoft's Tablet PC competition is fierce. First remains to be seen if Nvidia confirmed the construction of the tablet and whether the graphics card manufacturers then asserts itself against its competitors. The question is also whether the tablet will be released at the earliest.

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