Friday 30 August 2013

Windows 9 with Aero Interface Beta in January

The latest information about Windows 9 come to light, According to Microsoft insiders WZOR Windows 9 will be available in 2014. As already planned final release will be in November, and the beta version launch will be in January and the RTM status will be reached subsequently in mid-year. In terms of features, the appearance will change according to the information available. After all, Microsoft is working to return the Aero interface of Windows 7, which should, however, be very different from the other version. Even with Windows 10 already seems WZOR to know details: This version of Windows is to bring significantly more changes than Windows 9 and move the operating system further into the cloud. So it could be completely possible via the browser to access all Windows 10 devices. Initial concepts for this are going to be presented on 1 September internally at Microsoft.

 So Windows 9 could reappear as a pure desktop operating system since Windows Phone to run on Smartphones and tablets in the future. The Windows desktop would move away again by the touch operation - and belong to tile optics, apps and more surfaces of the past. Positive side effect is that an overview of Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Windows RT would eases somewhat. Windows Phone was not significantly increase its market share compared to Android and iOS itself from this major upgrade to Version 8. Even worse , it looks at Windows RT: While adopt more and more OEM partners from the slimmed Windows 8, Microsoft had the in-house Surface RT recently reduced by a further 150 Euros to boost sales. The ModernUI design is intended to be either greatly altered or completely replaced. The frustration of the Windows 8 user was finally big enough to bring back seemingly redundant content as the desktop start-up and at least a symbolic start button. Windows Phone also makes more sense than the double solution with Windows 8 and RT as a responsible OS for all touch devices.

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