Friday 2 August 2013

What all new in Internet Explorer 11!

Microsoft shows Windows 8.1 is not only a major update of its operating system, but also a new version of Internet Explorer. What's new in Microsoft plug-browser, let us analyze it. Compared to IE10, Internet Explorer 11 has to offer no optical innovations. But in the background there are lot changes in it. With Internet Explorer 10 and Windows 8, Microsoft has introduced in 2012 the great turnaround. Modern, faster, safer - better - to be the new American software forge. With the IE10 this succeeds the largely; Optimized for touch user interface, tracking protection, built-in spelling correction etc. bring IE back on par with the competition. Under the code name "Blue" Microsoft sets and presents next to the Windows 8.1 preview an outlook on Internet Explorer 11 At the first the glance at the menu confirms that this really is the Internet Explorer running its 11th version.

The IE11 is externally similar to the predecessor. That is the new browser is not a pure copy of IE10; the manufacturer makes a comprehensive PDF document clearly. Accordingly, the changes are "hidden" under the hood and reach their full potential only in everyday life. So the developers have improved, for example, the touch controls, built a synchronization service, as well as using new web technologies accelerates the browser. Microsoft stays on track and continues to focus on the new (officially "Modern UI" called) look, but looks at the main points of criticism. Old tradition in pre-release (also called "beta") is decorated with a Betas fish boot logo and wallpaper. In the new Microsoft browser, the Web Graphics Library "WebGL" is integrated. Hence’ that the browser calculates automatically in cooperation with the graphics card, advanced 3D graphics without the need to install additional software. By porting the Unreal 3 Enginge for Firefox Mozilla has recently demonstrated the potential that lies dormant in this area. Previously, Microsoft had refused for security reasons, to integrate the interface; since potential security vulnerability would allow far-reaching access to the PC. Therefore, Safari and Opera WebGL have either built, but disabled by default. So far, the graphics interface was activated only when Firefox and Chrome. Chrome is also similar to the IE11 on the so-called prefetching. Mark a web developer link for example to the second page of an article or photo shoot, loads them in the background in front of the browser. In some cases, saving the unnecessary loading times, but at the same time increases the data usage. In addition, Microsoft has built the SPDY protocol.

 The network protocol developed by Google modified parts of the HTTP protocol and trims it for speed. The goal: Accelerate the surfing. In addition to Chrome Firefox and Opera already support the protocol. Further performance improvements should be reflected in an improved touch operation. For this, the developers are increasingly using the computing power of graphics chips. According to a benchmark index published by Microsoft Internet Explorer expects the 11 one-third faster than Chrome 27 And also in the speed test  the new Microsoft browser shows a considerable increase in performance. In JavaScript benchmark Octane, for example, tripled the computing speed compared with the predecessor. However, these results only go to catch up to the competition from Firefox and Chrome, but not catch them. HTML5-heavy Peacekeeper test breaks from the IE11 even as the support of some features missing. Although the new Microsoft browsers, improved HTML5 test - who is about the implementation of modern web technologies, competition is far out in front. More than 100 tabs per browser window can open, without significant losses in speed or an increased demand for energy, the manufacturer. Reaching the IE11 by the pages that you do not automatically call into a "sleep mode" for a while added. The advantages especially of this browser app on mobile devices are that the performance and battery capacities are use very limited. Instead of taking the IE10 as the tab and address bar via gesture or right-click in the foreground, the IE11 allowed to do this constantly visible. A further improvement of the browser app comes from Windows 8.1: Thanks to improved snap-view function, open on one monitor up to three apps in parallel and thus, for example, three web pages side by side. Click apps, such as in the Mail app, on the left of the IE11 will appear next to that application. So you can also always there to pick up where you last left off, donated Microsoft Internet Explorer finally to a synchronization service. When active, compares the browser bookmarks, recently called Internet addresses and even open tabs between tablets, PCs and notebooks with Windows 8.1.

 The favorites in the index come with a handy IE11 preview function. Skype will start by clicking on a phone number in the browser. With Internet Explorer 11 Microsoft picks up where the manufacturer has ceased its predecessor: make more speed, better usability and new weaving techniques to a successful continuation of the IE11. However one looks at the browser competition from Mozilla and Google, Microsoft still has much to do to reduce the projection of the competition further. Although the IE11 can also come up with clever ideas, with the support of current standards such as the protocol for real-time communication (WebRTC) or HTML5 features but it still falls short.

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