Tuesday 20 August 2013

Sandisk Wireless Flash Drive!

Retrieve data from a USB stick simply by wireless! Sounds practical isn’t it? SanDisk has introduced the Connect Wireless Flash Drive a model with Wi-Fi. Yes it is a Memory card, instead of fixed memory. The Connect Wireless Flash Drive Sandisk supplies with a 16-gigabyte or 32-gigabyte memory card. The idea looks terrific: Instead of hanging the PC, the Connect Wireless Flash Drive Sandisk move documents, pictures and videos via wireless - even with your cell phone. The Sandisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive is not an ordinary USB stick; instead of a fixed in built memory, it is a plug in device memory of a microSD card type. Sandisk supplies varying amount of memory depending on the model with a 16-gigabyte or 32-gigabyte card. If the stick is connected to the local router, wireless connection record including tablets and Smartphones - that extends the free app Wireless Flash Drive which is available for iOS and Android. Wirelessly you can copy or stream music and photos from your PC or Tablet only - the other way does not work. To put data on the drive, the user must plug into the USB socket on the PC it old-fashioned. By wirelessly streaming movies on mobile phones is amazing. Within one meter of Sandisk sparked with just about two megabytes per second. And within two meters even at 0.1 Mbps.

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