Friday 23 August 2013

Here is How Technology Can Transform Your Exhibitions

Smart businesses are now exploring the unending technological means to increase their market share and profitability in equal measure. Did you know that trade shows and exhibitions remain among the most important avenues that your business can use to gain in market share. Well as long as you make use of the trending technologies during such an event, you are likely to have a lasting impact and possibly an upsurge in sales.
Obviously in order to make such an impact you will need to engage an events company. Such a company will be able to set your events in a way that explores and utilizes the latest technology in order to provide the most effective coverage as far as your products or services are concerned.
Prior to the exhibition
Before the exhibition you can choose to include technology in making a strong public presentation of what is coming up. This can be accomplished when you get involved directly or if you let the events company set up this for you. One of the ways may be by using social media in conjunction with other methods like mail shots. These must be able to direct your audience or recipients to an online source such as a website that may be rich in content on what your products and/or services are all about.
Using handouts and freebies
Freebies are a great attraction for most online users. Definitely if you intend to make your online presence as attractive you will find it worthwhile to include handouts and freebies. These handouts may have more information on your products and services that can be contained in printable brochures suitably stored on gadgets like DVDs, flash disks and such like hardware that you directly mail to all those visitors who subscribe to receive such mails from your website.
Using augmented reality
At the moment technology makes it possible to enhance user experience through augmented reality. The combination of appropriate hardware and related software is capable of helping the user to get a near real experience with your product or service. This is likely to make the customer more interested and likely to increase your business prospects as well. However, one of the main considerations that an events company can address when looking to accomplish such an experience, is the availing of suitable hardware to optimize the users’ experience. It is important that as many people as possible have the best display in order to achieve the objective of augmented reality.
Availing user friendly hardware
The success of your business events will depend on the choice of hardware you are using. With an understanding that intuitive technology like touch screens is popular with many people, your choice of such hardware is likely to enhance further your business prospects.
Generally there is a lot out there in terms of technology that you can use during your exhibitions. However a careful consideration of what is most suitable for you is important. An events company can make such an evaluation for you and ensure that you have made the right choice that will give some competitive advantage.
Kenneth Fabian, Founder & Owner of OGL Asia - a brand activation company specialising in Events, Exhibition and Design Communications since 1989.

With 27 years of experience, Kenneth was able to gather the right contacts, strategies and resources to ensure an effective brand engagement.

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