Friday 30 August 2013

Cool Gadgets Men Cannot Live Without

Looking high and low for cool gadgets as gifts? If you have a husband, a lover, a son or a father who consider himself tech-savvy, it is only fitting to look for cool guy stuff that are considered the hype nowadays. With all the gadgets saturating the free market, finding one that fits all type of men can be quite daunting. To give something that truly fit the recipient's need, look deeper into his personality or traits. Is he active in health and fitness or sports? Is he a career- or business-oriented or a simple all-around guy? To kick-start your search, here are some hip items straight from 2013 gadget catalogs that your main man should not miss.

Career Savvy Guy Stuff

Sure, women love their iPhones but it so happens that some men are more inclined with its close rival, Samsung. When it comes to the latest in Android Smartphone technology, the Galaxy S4 Mini is definitely a must-have guy stuff. Imagine the same HD resolution, 64GB micro SD storage on top of a built-in 5GB storage, 4.3-inch AMOLED display, 1.7GHz dual core processor, pixel-perfect camera, and space-hogging apps, this one can easily fit on any breast or side pocket for men who are always on the go.

For those who are having apprehensions on cloud storage due to privacy and security threats, a Connected Data "Transporter" is a perfect answer. Think about an online storage that you can connect to the web yet remains under your control. With built-in 1 to 2 TB and web connectivity via gigabit Ethernet, you can easily connect, view and share both mobile and computer online.

Oh, those late night jobs! For early morning struggle, tech-savvy Android alarm clock like Wave Alarm or Wave Voice would definitely be bliss. With motion control or voice control technology, and programmable features, waking up is no longer an issue. Want more? It also has an app that read the news and provides updates on the weather.

For Sporty Dudes

There are also cool gadgets for your sporty dude. For the savvy late night runner, an Armpocket Nighthawk Armband would be a great thingamajig when taking the streets after dark. It can hold a phone, credit card, and cash. With built-in 30-foot scope LED headlights and warning RED light, you can guarantee safety wherever he goes.

For activity tracking, guy stuff like the Lark Life wristband is the current eye candy of the male market. This activity tracker monitors his sleeping hours, calorie intake, movement, and mood. It even gives out tips and tricks to brighten his day. How's that for coolness?

Biker gear for the motorcycle lover is also a cool pick. With tons of biker apparel and accessories out there, you will never ran out of choices.

For That Cool All-Around Guy

Sports and music are two subjects guys find cool. What better way to combine that than in the iT7 audio headphones. Named after legendary footballer Ian Taylor, this cool wireless cans boast of 22-hour audio playback, Apt-X, Bluetooth 4.0, and tap-and-go connectivity. Cheers to one great Aston Villa midfielder!

Say goodbye to tablets. When it comes to active gaming, cool gadgets like the Razer Blade gaming laptop is a definite must-have for your gamer male demi-god. Thinnest yet possessing 8GB DDR3L RAM, quad core 2.2 GHz i7 processor, 128GB SSD, GeForce GTX 765M graphics card, and the thinnest 74Wh battery, this would definitely give his gaming mind a jolt.

Indeed, there are 1001 cool gadgets out there that men cannot live without. The guy stuff mentioned above is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to trendy thingamajigs and gizmos available today. Keep your cool meter running and try a little Nancy Drew probing on what your main man really needs to truly have your gift appreciated.
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