Tuesday 6 August 2013

New Music and Video Service from Ampya

Spotify, Juke, and Napster are few of music streaming services already vying for the ear of the listener. The concepts are very similar and offer endless music from the Internet, ad-free for around ten Euros per month. Ampya wants to stand out to be interesting features of the competition. Ampya comes from the house of ProSiebenSat.1. The name itself is derived from the English term "empire" and is pronounced that way. Compared to Spotify or Napster Ampya Juke offers more and more than them. Music you can never have enough, therefore Ampya offers more than Spotify or Juke, also 20 million songs, which the user accesses via web player or app. From the offer the user leave as desired title to play, but user could not save as MP3 on your computer or Smartphone. Also, the concept of pay equivalent to the familiar pattern: The free version of Ampya only works on the computer and is funded by advertising rehearsed. For 4.99 Euros you can enjoy commercial-free music in Ampya premium, but only on the PC. Who wants to listen to music without an internet connection, they have to acquire "Ampya Premium Plus" for 9.99 Euros a month. Ampya relies not only on music, but also offers to 100,000 and 57,000 music videos and radio stations. Want to have your own music library in mobile, or do you prefer to hear music in the offline mode then opt for Premium Plus subscription. The amazing thing; are for the offline mode upload up to 10,000 songs. With Spotify, there are at most about 3333 songs. Exclusive content such as interviews, latest news from the music scene and Star profile complete the package. Helpful if you are looking for a song that you have heard already. One thing special in Ampya is the "History Queue" which allows it’s user to move through all the songs played backwards. So far Ampya offers a player for web browser and an app for smart phones (Apple, Android). The next steps will the music service, Tablets, network player from Sony, smart TVs, conquer the Sony PlayStation and Windows 8 and Blackberries.

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