Tuesday 27 August 2013

Chrome 29 arrives with omnibox

Google has just put online version of Chrome 29 browser. As expected, it brings improvements of the Omnibox side, corrects not less than 25 security vulnerabilities while improving stability and performance. For its part, the OS X version finally takes advantage of the notification center. A little over a month after Chrome 28, Google continues its stride and has published the 29th version of its permanent home browser. As a reminder, it now operates its own rendering engine Blink, the Mountain View Company has decided to set aside Webkit to chart its own course. This version does not bring big surprises and resumes the main novelty announced with Chrome 29 beta. Thus, the Omnibox, the address bar that allows you to search, offers suggestions that want to be more relevant and which are based on the timing of your visit.

Users of Chrome for OS X can now enjoy the notification center that is available on Windows since the previous version of Chrome. The wait will finally not so very long. This is not the only novelty and Google announced that it is now possible to restore the profile to its original state. You must go to settings, display the advanced settings and click the "Reset Browser Settings" button. This will remove the extensions and themes, delete cookies, temporary as well as Tabs data, etc. As a advantage the list of your favorite and the saved passwords are not affected by this reset. As always, the overall performances have been revised upwards. In addition, no less than 25 security vulnerabilities have been corrected, with awards ranging from $ 500 to $ 1337 for those who discovered them.

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