Wednesday 14 August 2013

SATA Express for more speed for SSD and HDD

The general connector for hard drives, SSDs, and DVD or Blue ray drive is SATA. With the current SATA technology, up to 600 megabytes per second transfer - sounds like a lot, but it's for the fastest SSDs still it is too slow, and the now created SATA Express can transfer more than 700 to 900 megabytes per second. The SATA-IO, a coalition of major manufacturers, has now adopted SATA Express up to two gigabytes per second are possible. The name refers not only to express the increased pace, but also on the technology used. With SATA Express the transfer of data is now of PCI Express. In addition to higher speeds, there are also new standards for the size of SSDs - which simplifies the manufacturers of ultra books and tablet PCs, the development of new devices. Moreover, it would be easier in the future to replace an outgrown SSD by a model with the same dimensions and connections with higher capacity.

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