Wednesday 21 August 2013

A musical Bluetooth bulb

Can you imagine a bulb that can stream line music of your taste from your Smartphone; it is intriguing Isn’t it? Awox is a French company that markets this strange equipment now in the global market. A sensible appliance save you in good mood or you can bring with you a versatile audio broadcast system when you travel with friends. The bulb Awox StriimLight SL-B10, which connects to a Bluetooth Mp3 player and plays music. Once screwed lamp in the holder and turned the light bulb that can emit a Bluetooth signal which is able to match by any Smartphone, tablet or MP3 player with the wireless connectivity. Once the link is established, simply it starts playing a song for the speaker located above the bulb diffuses. A small white remote control supplied with the lamp is then used to adjust the volume, and turn on or off the white LED bulb energy saving (consumption of 21 Watts announced). As long as the bulb is exposed at the bases of the lamp without any light shade no problems to report on the scope or effectiveness of the remote control. However, when choosing your shade, make sure that it passes in the infrared signal. The speaker is of power 10Watts restores music of very decent quality. Not enough to capsize happiness a purist sound, but pleasantly enough sound to a room for a night. It is however a little disappointed that this bulb does not provide a mode in which the light pulse in time with the music. Also the remote control only allows you to turn on or turn off the lights and do not vary in intensity. The price of single one costs about 100 Euros only

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