Saturday 24 August 2013

New Nano technology sensors that convert pressure of your fingers into light

Researchers have developed nano-sensors that can convert mechanical pressure (such as pressing a touch screen) into light. This will be used to transmit information faster and with better definition. This new invention is the result of a research team from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Scientists have developed a device to convert the pressure of a finger or a stylus on a touch screen. These lights can then be used to gather information and much greater detail than before. The light produced is immediately captured and analyzed by optical fibers placed in another layer of the device, which then allows to have a resolution of 6300 DPI. Zhong Lin Wang, a professor at Georgia Tech says: "You can write with a stylus and the sensors detect visually what you write in high resolution and with great rapidity. This is a new way of imagining a force that can use different means of detection and can avoid many problems that exist in current pressure sensors. " This technology uses a special faculty of certain objects and materials which also has in the human body, i.e. piezoelectricity. It is the faculty that allows these objects become electrically polarized under the action of mechanical pressure, as the action of a finger on a metal surface. In this case, the piezoelectricity sensor allows components to produce light. Researchers at Georgia Tech expect marketing their new invention by 5-7 years. This could lead to new advances in the field of touch screens, offer new opportunities for users.

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