Wednesday 14 August 2013 A best alternative for WhatsApp from Germany

"Secure Instant Messaging made in Germany. "That's the message of two students currently developing an encrypted alternative to WhatsApp. Two students from Germany found the flaws in Whatsapp and have the research project "" launched without the security flaws in it. is an instant messenger that protects all messages with a so-called 2048-bit end-to-end encryption. The messages to be transmitted will be encrypted on the device of the sender and decrypted only by the recipient. This eliminates server as intermediate stations on which the messages are present in plain text. To understand the encryption technology that enable developers on its website an insight into the cryptographic module used. When installing the application, the user must only provide limited privileges. Thus, for example, the app can read or store any contact. The current beta version so far only allowed sending encrypted text messages. Other functions such as the encrypted exchange of photos will be added shortly. The beta version for Android is available in Google Play. An iOS version will be released soon. In contrast to competitors is also available through the browser. As with all alternatives to the success of WhatsApp; the is in the upward trend.

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