Tuesday 13 August 2013

Twitter strengthens its security with double authentication for iOS and Android

The Social Network switches neither by SMS or even a phone number to ensure the two-factor authentication. Twitter wants to strengthen authentication on its website. A few months after putting double authentication in place for its U.S. users, it offers a new option which does not pass through an SMS with a confirmation code, and does not even require a phone number. The idea is relatively simple, and more secure, according to Twitter: it generates a general code as a backdrop, which allows it to verify identities by sending a request via the mobile Twitter application itself. It is now only work for the iOS and Android users. If you want to connect via the website to your Twitter account even unauthorized browser.

A notification appears a few seconds after asking the secure login on your device. On iOS or Android app, a message with the account name, the location of the application, operating system and browser used for the query, and the time of the request. Remains to accept or reject the authentication request. This new feature is designed to enhance security in a context where Twitter must show their credentials after the hacking earlier this year, the accounts of about 250,000 users. In May, the social network had reacted with a more conventional double authentication by sending an SMS. A solution that is already improving security and it can be circumvented; especially if the Smartphone was corrupted - it is not difficult in this case to get the verification code for a possible intruder. Applications on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store have therefore been updated. They provide, in addition to this feature, a search engine that displays results based on distributed via the social network images, in an image gallery.

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