Tuesday 13 August 2013

PayPal is testing a new mobile payment solution in the UK

Recently Pay Pal is start testing a new mobile payment solution in UK. In a dozen participating stores, customers can pay for purchases via PayPal from their Smartphone and using an authentication system based on their photo ID. PayPal is experimenting recently in the London Borough of Richmond a new mobile payment solution. It is based on the PayPal application for Android, iOS or Windows Phone and involves twelve stores participating in the test. When a customer enters one of these signs, it may encounter a "check-in". When paying, it enters a PIN on a virtual keypad on your Smartphone or tablet. The customer name with his picture appears on the screen of the merchant's cash register. Once the client has approved the purchase, the seller should click on the picture to complete the transaction. A notification is sent to the mobile terminal in addition to the usual received PayPal. According to Sky News, PayPal deploy this payment system with 2000 stores in the UK by the end of 2013.

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