Thursday 1 August 2013

A bright glove will light your way in the dark!

An inventor had the idea to design a very special plastic glove. This is almost entirely covered with a luminous surface. Now, no need to get a flashlight or turn on the screen of his Smartphone hastily to see in the dark! H9 is a kind of shell that looks a bit like a piece of plaster to repair the bone. This device can be worn as a glove, a glove over or next to the skin. The project is based on the original idea of Fillipo Pagliai and was designed by Luisa Baldassari Grado Zero Espace. H9 is a glove comprised of glass fibers that generates light through a micro-layer of an electroluminescent material. The light is diffused uniformly over substantially the entire surface of the glove.

The idea came from the need to increase the visibility and safety of those who work or travel in conditions where visibility is reduced, for example at night. The H9 has been designed so as not to impede labor mobility and can adapt to a wide range of situations. It may be used by the police to alert motorists to pull over to the side of the road and by airport agents to direct aircraft on the slopes. It may also be used by pedestrians and cyclists at best be seen in the street at night. Given the ton of uses to which we think seeing this item, we are eager to know when it will be released! And we can avoid unnecessarily draining the battery in our mobile lighting up in the dark. You can also find more information on this device at this address. So, would you be willing to trade your flashlight to light the glove!

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