Friday 23 August 2013

Lenovo Windows 8 PCs will get Classic Start Menu Again

Lenovo will continue all Windows 8 PCs with pre-installed a classic start menu again. So that Lenovo will provide its customers with the current Windows service. In addition, the Pokki app store will be preloaded on Lenovo computers. Lenovo has decided to cooperate with Sweet Labs and will deliver Windows 8 PCs preinstalled with the Pokki menu. Purchasers of a Lenovo computer are thus directly obtains a classic start menu with a visible start button, without having to install another tool. With the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft has omitted the classic Windows Start menu. By default the Windows startup screen that attaches itself to full screen on the desktop. In addition, the Windows 8 desktop start button no longer displays. At least that Microsoft wants to make Windows 8.1 back.

Prior to the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft defended the waiver of the start button, but recently admitted indirectly that was a mistake. Recently Asus Chairman Jonney Shih has criticized that Microsoft has made a lot of mistakes with Windows 8. Thus, some of the most popular applications for Windows 8 are those with which the Windows Classic Start menu is activated again. The Pokki menu is available for free for both Windows 8 and Windows 7 and XP. All systems can thus open web apps that the user can refer to the Pokki app store, which is part of the Pokki menu. In it web apps from Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and YouTube bring to the Windows desktop. But games are offered as separate web apps, and now the selection of web apps is quite extensive. Windows 8 systems, again get a start button together with start menu, the tool is ideally pinned on systems running Windows XP and 7 as the first application on the taskbar. Thus Pokki menu is available next to the Windows Start menu.

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