Wednesday 7 August 2013

Sony unveils a 3D HMD for surgeons

Sony has been around for several years, video glasses on offer with which movies and games can be viewed in 3D. The same technique will now also Surgeons can use the endoscopy, but with a heavily modified device. The 3D glass from Sony, which is intended for endoscopy, is equipped with two 720p OLED displays, which are also used in the glasses HMZ-T2 from Sony. However, medical video glasses HMM-3000MT is somewhat different. The HMM-3000MT is balanced differently, according to Sony, so the doctor can work standing up and align the head forward and down. Anyone who wants can rotate the image shown in unfavorable camera position or use a picture-in-picture function to compare multiple photographs. In addition to the 3D representation of a classical two-dimensional representation is possible, depending on what type endoscope is used. According to the manufacturer, it is also conceivable that several doctors in the operating room using data glasses. To the image processing unit which is connected to the endoscope, two glasses can be connected. In addition, among other things SDI connections DVI are available. The glasses are currently approved for medical use only in Japan, Sony said. Whether the approval is also sought for other countries, is not yet known. The video glasses HMZ-T2 had already presented in May 2012 Sony. Unlike, for example, the VR goggles Oculus Rift it does not fill the entire field of vision of the wearer.

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