Friday 30 August 2013

Nintendo 2DS is nothing but 3DS without 3D

Nintendo comes with a new, cheaper version of the Nintendo 3DS that is the 2DS. This is technically almost the same as the 3DS, but has no 3D screen. In addition, the device is now a solid and not foldable, as was the case so far with all DS models. In this 2DS you can play all DS games and 3DS games, but the latter without 3D effects. Nintendo hopes that the low price many consumers will persuade a 2DS to purchase during the upcoming holidays. To keep the price as low as possible the 2DS comes equipped with a big screen instead of two separate monitors. However, by the housing around and across the screen seem still it is of two separate monitors. How the Nintendo 2DS will be prices in Europe is not yet decided. But in the United States the price $ 129, that is $ 40 less than the 3DS. The new console is available in the colors red and blue from October.

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