Friday 30 August 2013

Career Opportunities in Welding

Welding is sometimes described as more of an art than a craft because so much of the refinements in techniques are learned over years of experience. The need for skilled welders who can work on products that don't lend themselves to robotic welding continues to grow. For those who are willing to work on a variety of materials in a range of situations, welding continues to be a field of challenges and opportunities.

Welding Operators

The growing reliance on robotic technologies is providing new opportunities for welders that have good skills with computer technology. Operating this equipment requires an understanding of the software and hardware these machines use to do production-type welding procedures on a variety of products. If you have experience on this equipment, you can be assured of employment in manufacturing areas around the country.

Welding Fabricators

For welder with blueprint and fabrication aptitude, the future is especially bright. Custom parts, machinery, vehicles and equipment often require specialized material and techniques that only welder-fabricators can provide. Understanding of basic fabrication techniques and related operations can get you a well-paying position in the metal fabricating industry. features many of the types of equipment used to do this type of work.

Construction Welders

The construction industry is seeing a boom in many areas of the world. As the population increases, new homes, industrial buildings and commercial structures are needed to provide jobs, products and services for these people. In many regions, construction practices require the use of steel and other metals to withstand climatic events. In the age of global climate change, the stability and durability of structures has particular importance. Structural welders can find any opportunities for employment throughout the world.

Welding Supervisors

Welders with managing aptitude can find a number of employment opportunities supervising workers in manufacturing, construction and related fields of welding. A thorough understanding of the equipment, hazards and employee safety issues of welding can help to keep workplaces functioning smoothly without injuries or accidents. Safety supervision is an important sub-group of this area of welding for those with an eye for detail and knowledge of welding operations.

Welding Inspectors

With greater and greater precision, the need for trained and experienced welding inspectors grows exponentially. This area of welding requires an understanding of metal tolerances and the ability to use inspection equipment. Welding inspectors are used on the production of medical, aeronautical, defense and electronics equipment worldwide.

Machinery Welders

Large equipment and machinery utilizes steel materials that frequently require repair and maintenance. Welders who can work on oil wells, agricultural machinery, processing machinery, power plants, ships and other large-scale equipment find many jobs with opportunities around the world. Typical welding equipment uses for these processes can be found at

Underwater Welders

Welding even affords those with a sense of adventure opportunities for challenging work as an underwater welder. These positions are for those who are in top physical condition and a love for diving. Special skills and aptitudes are necessary for this work, but the rewards are great, with technical challenges and high salaries that make it a highly desirable field of employment.
Mark Lathan is a construction foreman, and sports fanatic.

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