Saturday 31 August 2013

Firefox Marketplace, Mozilla introduces Firefox App Store for OS

Mozilla Firefox Marketplace particularly the App Store for Firefox OS presents users with interesting apps like a social network. The App Store for Firefox OS contains elements that turn it into a social network. The first Smartphones with Firefox OS are already available in market, but on an App Store users will have to wait. Mozilla Firefox is working busily on Marketplace. A current prototype includes features such as a social network and wants to recommend apps that should be of interest to the users. In a long entry in the blog of the Mozilla UX designer Liu told how he has integrated the functions of social feeds in the App Store of Firefox OS along with the rest of the team Firefox Marketplace.

 In their analysis, the users of other mobile operating systems often face the problem that they find interesting or subject to an application being sought. Here, the feed of the Mozilla Marketplace try to give remedy to the situation and show the individual users for them interesting apps and updates to their applications. To express your interest in such an app; In a search result or a category by clicking a heart icon - roughly equivalent to the "Like" on Facebook or "followers” status on Twitter. You will receive not only information on new versions of the apps highlighted, but also pointed to similar content. In addition, to give the feeling of social network community hubs, app developers have added pictures and statistics such as number of downloads. A replacement for Facebook, Twitter other social hubs will not and cannot be Firefox Marketplace , but if the social elements lead to better results in the App Store , it should also hold in the iTunes App Store and Google Play collection.

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