Monday 5 August 2013

A dental implant to monitor your food habit!

Your teeth will soon alert you if you smoke more than the limit or eat too much in a single day! A new kind of implant connected by wi-fi can tell your doctor or yourself that you consumed too much of food or alcohol. Yes, a dental implant will monitor your diet and alerts you if you have poor hygiene or consume more than required. Your teeth are ready to become spies to protect your health. A team of researchers from the National Taiwan University has developed very sophisticated dental implant. It can stick to the teeth and you can remove them out when it is not necessary. This help by one way to educate people directly. The implant can run through Wi-Fi, and it can then transmit the information gathered and transmitted to your doctor and your health insurance company. Able to recognize the movement of the jaws when we eat, drink, smoke, etc.., the prototype of the implant is already being tested by several people. Hao-hua Chu and his team installed the implant in the mouth of eight people and the results are encouraging: the implant correctly identified oral activity in 94% of cases. Not yet equipped with a rechargeable battery, it is just the next step awaits the development of the implant not quite like the others. The study concluds that the mouth is an opening to human health, the sensory oral implant has the potential to significantly improve the dental monitoring aspects and could have many uses, such as monitoring a dietetic”. Although it's hard to see implants within the teeth and it is hardly. With this implant we may stop the big eaters! But on the other hand, have an implant that works over Wi-Fi in our body, it leaves us slightly skeptical. Would you be willing to install an implant of this type to constantly monitor your lifestyle?

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