Tuesday 6 August 2013

Intel joined A4WP on Wireless Charging!

Recently Intel had indicated that he had joined with Samsung and Qualcomm in the A4WP, one of three consortia manufacturers who develop featured wireless charging. The arrival of Intel is likely to weigh in the balance strong, and then Intel may indeed push its partners from the PC world to join. Even though the wireless charging is already present in terminals like the Nexus 4 at Google or the Lumia 820 and Nokia 920, the fact remains that it is still in status at least embryo. Indeed, every manufacturer wants to develop their own technology. Today, three consortia exist: the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), Power Matters Alliance (PMA) and the Alliance For Wireless Power (A4WP). Each of the three has many members, as can be seen below. Popular Brands are present in two or three associations the example for it is LG or Samsung.
 WPC: 143 members
 PMA: 84 members
A4WP: 48 members

The first one works around the "Qi" technology, found for example on Nokia Lumia, but also on the Nexus 4 LG / Google. The second is developing the "Power 2.0". But both use the same principle while being incompatible that is charging by induction. The third one: The "Wireless Power Transfer" to charge multiple devices in parallel. Now Intel has in its ranks, goes a step further as it is a matter of charging operating induction and magnetic resonance. This technology has the soft name "Wireless Power Transfer" and permits charging several terminals simultaneously. But it is also about spreading more power: Max 20 W side of the transmitter, 6 W for the receiver. Intel had already demonstrated this principle at the last IDF in San Francisco where a Smartphone can be recharged wirelessly. But also a security software layer was necessary and operator Bluetooth, to avoid any phone starts approaching the principle of charging. The arrival of Intel, Will it make a difference? We are not so sure.

So far Intel has not given the direction he wishes to take, but the demonstrations so far during his IDF showed to where he is planning to go. We have to wait and see, whether his arrival in the A4WP will weigh in the balance or not. The giant Santa Clara often accustomed us to take time to impose his ideas. We remember the Ultrabook, the WiDi or before that Wi-Fi this was truly democratized when the demands made in its Centrino mobile stamped. In addition, Intel may well invite the many partners who gravitate around him to join him, which might have some weight in the balance. But we can also see the advance of the Wireless Power Consortium, which already has nearly 235 certified as a real leader to follow under the leadership of Nokia products. Ultimately, the technology seems much simpler and allows fewer things that developed by Intel and its partners.

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