Monday 27 January 2014

How to Lock your Windows PC or Laptop with USB - Extra Security

Lock your Windows PC or Laptop with USB
Have you ever imagined that you can use your USB drive as a lock to your desktop or laptop? Yes that is possible, it is such a fun thing that the USB drive will be acting as a key to your pc, if you remove the USB drive the system will get locked until you insert it again. Here I will tell you how to do that. It actually works through software called Predator. This kind of security lock is very significant and cool.

There are two links for this: Firstly the trail version Predator and the professional edition Predator. You can download it from these links. This trick works on all the versions of windows including windows 32 bit and 64 bit

Here are the Steps to lock your pc with USB: 

• Download the Predator software from the links mentioned above.

• After downloading the Predator software, connect your USB Drive to the system that acts as a key and then run the software for installation.

• In the mid of the installation you will be getting a pop up message asking for the password. You can enter the password which you want to set and then click OK to continue.

• You will get a pop up window for Preference settings, you can select your language, multiple monitor settings etc.

• Now add the USB Drive to the software by selecting the drive under Flash Drive settings and then click on the key it will generate a key on the USB device which will be used by Predator to monitor.

• You will be now able to see the Predator icon in the taskbar of your pc while the Predator program is running. The trial version of Predator offers usage for 1 month and its for non commercial usage only whereas Professional Edition has all the features and its completely for commercial, professional and single computer use.

• This Predator can even alarm on a high sound if someone enters invalid password that makes it very safe from strangers.

• It also records a activity log, by reading the log you can come to know whether somebody else tried to login to your pc.

When you remove the USB drive from the PC, the keyboard and mouse are actually disabled and the monitor screen darkens and when you are back just insert back the USB drive it will release your mouse and keyboard.

It's easier and faster for restarting your Windows session, and you do not have to retype your password again. Even if you lose your USB drive, you can use the password you have set while installing the software to unlock your pc, It also has a feature of sending alert emails to your mailbox and messages to Twitter. And last not the least PREDATOR can protect multiple desktops and laptops with the same USB flash drive.

I hope this will be useful for you so add an extra layer of security to your pc in a fun way.

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