Monday 13 January 2014

A Nanorobot Based Bacteria Is Able To Cure Cancer

Robotics continues to fascinate and impress throughout his innovations. This is again the case with these revolutionary nanorobots designed based bacteria that are put at the service of your health.

This is again the Asian continent comes this robotic innovation should be a scientific and technological advance among the most notable of years. Thus, if the Chinese were able to introduce a nanorobot inside a human body in September 2013, in South Korea these robots bacteria are capable of treating cancer has emerged, in Chonnam National University.

The scientific team behind this scientific discovery announced success in eliminating tumors in animals through the use of robots designed based on bacteria. However, a small precision is needed; these nano robots, also called bacteriabots are composed of genetically modified bacteria and microscopic structures and filled with anti- cancer drug solutions. Thus, studies in laboratory animals have shown that harmless bacteria component of nanorobots have “attacked “the infected cells, targeting priority.

In addition, through immune histo chemistry performed a few days after injection of genetically modified bacteria, the researchers found that the tumors were directly targeted by bacteribots; once it arrived in the vicinity of the tumor cell, these free the anti cancer drug solutions that spread at an impressive rate, neutralizing the tumor quickly.

 Finally, Park Jong- Oh, who participated in these experiments within the team from the University of Chonnam, “This research is important for the development of a new biomedical nanorobot and a vector for administration of active drugs that can overcome the limitations of current methods of diagnosis and treatment of cancers.

Our goal is to develop medical micro-robots or nanorobots capable of diagnosing and treating a large number of difficult to cure diseases, building on the convergence of medicine and technology. This is a really encouraging scientific breakthrough for the health! At the office, the team is appreciative of the progress offered nanorobotics and we look forward to these microscopic robots come to the end of cancer.

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