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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

How to spark music and movies via Airplay from your system

The standard Apple Airplay is a great way to spark music via Wi-Fi from your computer to speakers or movies from your PC to the TV. This goes without Apple hardware with the help of Airplay. With Apple's streaming technology Airplay; the music from the computer can be transferred wirelessly to the speakers, even photos and videos can spark to a TV. In Mac’s and iOS devices airplay is built in as a standard one, Windows and Android can be upgraded with the software. Many developers offer additional tools that pick up Apple's restrictions, at least partially, and implement new features - even for Google's mobile devices and Windows PCs. Here is an overview.

From Android Smartphone or tablet music can be played with the right app audio and video content in airplay format stream. The DoubleTwist player can send music and movies to the Apple TV with the paid expansion AirSync, or to devices that pass themselves off as such. Besides film and music to synchronize with this app, you can also play playlists from iTunes or Windows Media Player with the computer and Smartphone. Videos are in the Airplay -compatible format and it converts MP4 as highly compressed. While this saves space, the quality suffers can be seen visible. The videos are out of focus, artifacts are easily visible. The Honey- Player is reflected in the choice of airplay receiver less picky and also supports the Airport Express station, but only for streaming music in wireless. Unlike DoubleTwist it doesn’t need synchronization software on your PC or Mac to their side.

Thanks to the integrated browser streams Twonky Beam (free) all kinds of audio and video content from the Internet to Airplay -enabled devices. If you call up a web page on the player examines the background to the content and features Stream bares with a “Beam" button, which starts by tapping the play. Select from the right opens a list of available airplay receiver. The audio content from the Android device to Airplay can be enabled to the receiver with the free applications AirAudio (free) and AirStream (free). The apps access from all sounds systems, but put it ahead with root privileges. One has to be done with cracking the Android Smartphone.

Android Smartphones and tablets can also be used as an audio receiver. Discarded equipment would, for example, a second chance as an inexpensive alternative to Apple's AirPort Express station; they receive music wirelessly and output them via a connected speaker. All it need are apps like Airbubble (1.49 Euros) or Android Hifi (0.99 Euros). Although Airbubble is cheaper, this program can do more: It allows the user to set the buffer size for the audio stream and can be started automatically on demand when you turn on your Smartphone.

Videos and photos accept the App Airplay / DLNA Receiver Pro (3.71 Euros). The easy to install Android on an HDMI stick, making this a cost- Apple - TV - replacement. Only the dual-screen mode for games and video mirroring will not work well with it. For stationary computer iTunes is the key to airplay world. With the Apple software you can send videos and music to Airplay - enabled devices.

This works with all iTunes compatible file formats (i.e. about H.264 - encoded movies in the container formats Mov, mp4 and m4v). The can be streamed to the Apple TV 3 in Full- HD quality. The Apple TV 2 itself can only play 720p movies, takes 1080p material but, scale it down automatically. Besides DRM protected movies can also manage videos without copy in iTunes and transferred, for example, recorded from TV and converted films. Other providers DRM formats are left out. On audio side, the formats MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF can send (up to 192 kHz and 24 bit).

Apple's in-house Multicast DNS implementation welcomes all involved Airplay devices known each other even under Windows. Therefore, the presented in the following Windows applications require this extension; it is reloaded with the iTunes installation. Some applications require only the welcome printing services that can be installed independently of iTunes. So you can also use airplay without having to install iTunes. Additional functions for Windows users by airplay: Airfoil for Windows (19 €) brings out the Airplay Audio streaming out more. It uses Airplay devices, but also supplied Linux PCs and Android Smartphones with audio content in the wireless home network, on the one Airfoil client runs. Unlike iTunes Airfoil transmits sounds from any source to the receivers.

So you can continue to use your favorite player and this make the airplay with this comfortable advantage. Want to iPhone, iPad or Mac users the screen contents show others about the family in the living room, they just reflect it via Apple TV to the TV. Thus, for example, the installed under the ceiling projector wirelessly use not only for film and photo playback, but also for presentations or simply for more convenient joint work. Windows users retrofitted video mirroring by software. AirParrot (8 Euros) embeds itself in the system tray and supports 1080p mirroring on the Apple TV 3 The playback stop, but the stream can also be reduced to 720p.

The open- source tool Shairport (free) equips the Windows computer on the Airplay receiver. It only needs the services. Shairport works to preserve resources and ran reliably in all our experiments. The software AirServer (12 Euros) collected under Windows and OS X to an Apple TV, so you iOS Games with dual-screen mode or OS X screen can stream content to your PC. Additionally, one can simultaneously forward the same received from AirServer stream audio to external speakers via Airplay iTunes. However, some preparatory work is needed for all of these functions:

This AirServer can listen to it in Windows Airplay -enabled suppliers, Apple's Services and on top of that DirectX 9c you have to install next to iTunes as well. In addition, the Windows firewall for incoming traffic on TCP ports 49152 and 7001 and UDP ports 6009 and 6010 must be opened. You can reach the fastest with the command wf.msc in the command prompt (shortcut: Win + r). Then create two (one for UDP and TCP) rules that you call AirServer. Then select it via double click and open the “Protocols and Ports “tab, the above mentioned ports. Confirm the settings, and then click "Apply”. The extension appears in the taskbar an icon, on the one making the program settings. In it, the user defines, for example a password. This prevents unsolicited shoots him everyone logged onto the same network airplay client content on the monitor or audio output.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Top 5+tips to protect touch screen display

Screen Guard
Touch screens have become the recent developing trends. From Smartphones to tablets, it has reached the way to touch screen computer monitors. Touch screen displays are also used in Malls, Railway centers. Everything comes in handy with a simple touch right?

These touch screens have a great disadvantage since they are put to constant work all the time. These touch screens should be handled with additional care. There’s no software that takes care of your touch screen. Here are some of the tips to protect the touch screen displays.

Rule 1: Know about it 

First and the basic rule is that “IT’S A TOUCHSCREEN DEVICE”. And it should be handle with care. Do not keep pressing the screen like you handle any keypad in a mobile. Touchscreen mobiles should handle in very clean manner else it will be damaged by your rough usage.

Rule 2: Know where not to keep your devices 

You all know that Touch screens are highly sensitive to your touch. So never leave it in the open where dusts settle along the phone or do not leave your screen facing the ground. Do not keep it in your back pocket. In case of girls do not let them rot in your handbag where all the accessories mingle with it and make scratches on your screen. Don’t let it under the sunlight. It hates sunbath.

Rule 3: Accessories for your mobile 

Buy scratch guards and place them over your screen and then use them. Replace your scratch guard at least once in 6 months. Providing these sorts of accessories will make your device to go for a longer run and your device will be prevented from getting damaged. I’m not sure that it will protect your device from all sorts of damages. But, it acts as a preliminary protection for your devices from getting damages.

Rule 4: Clean your screen 

Do not put force while cleaning the screen. You’re not wiping a floor. Clean with standard solutions. Do not use solutions that contain ammonia. Clean it with a small sponge or a clean white cloth is more than enough.
Rule 5: Do not do stunt performances with your phone

Don’t do any sort of stunt performances with your touch screen devices. Do not keep them on the edges of tables. Do not drop it from heights. You might have watched the “Sony Xperia’s Ad” on TV. Yup it’s true that they are water proof. But you don’t need to prove it by doing tricks like those. Proofing is for only protection and it is not for doing such kinds of tricks and all.

Rule 6: Keep it away from the usage of pets and Toddlers 

You all might know about this rule. So there’s nothing I should insist. If you were allowing your pets to roll over your touch screen gadgets, then you would have to deserve for that. Your pets would make scratches over the screen or they might break the screen which in result cause damage of your device.

Friday, 10 January 2014

6 Highly Useful Mozilla Firefox Tips and tricks to improve your Browsing Experience

Do you prefer Firefox than other browser? Then this Browser is really cool and effective one to deal with!

Tips and tricks In Order improve your Browsing Experience:

1. Yank your Firefox Screen for Optimal Use

• To reduce Size of your Icons to Get More Screen Space Right-Click the empty space and Select Customize. You will immediately find “Use Small icons”. The preview change may happen by checking and un checking to find out the best one.

• You can easily increase the Text Size of your Web Page By using Ctrl & + and Ctrl & - you may increase or decrease text size. Ctrl & 9 Reset them to default size.

• Use F11 to fill the entire webpage and Press once again to previous mode.

1. Create Keywords for Important BookMarked Sites You can fast get to bookmarked pages at a faster mode by creating shortcut keys. For instance got to bookmark items, right-click specified bookmark and select “Properties”. Enter the shortcut key to browse faster.

2. Key Board Shortcut keys for Firefox 

• Keyboard Space bar to Scroll Faster

• Use Ctrl + Shift + B and Ctrl + Shift + H to open Bookmark and History page.

Ctrl + F to open Find box to locate words and phrases easily.

• Use Ctrl + Shift + Delete for clearing the Browsing History.

3. Move At a much Faster Rate with Firefox 

Ctrl + Tab to skip from one tab to another

Ctrl + (1 to 9) to move to specific Tabs in your browser.

Ctrl + T for New Tab • Ctrl + N for New Windows.

Shift + Ctrl + T to unknot Close tab. (Revive Closed Tab)

Ctrl W to close an Open Tab. (Close the Current Tab)

4. Utilize Firefox Address and Search Bars to Browse Faster

• Bring into play Ctrl + D to open Up Bookmark Window.

• Bring into play Ctrl + K for highlighting Search Bar.

• Bring into play Ctrl + L for highlighting Location Bar.

a. Complete a web address using Ctrl + Enter for (www and .com).

b. Complete a Web address using Shift + Enter for (www and .net).

c. Complete a Web address using Ctrl + Shift + Enter for (www and .org).

5. How to swiftly locate precise Tab on Firefox 

Ctrl + Shift + E for creating “Tab Groups”. This would display the tab as Thumbnails. It is your wish to select anyone of them.

 • Utilize % in URL to know what Tabs are open. It Provide the list of Tabs.

A brief Explanation of Trips and Tricks

This would have let you some knowledge on Firefox. People usually think Firefox as little tougher to use, but rather it is more when you know the shortcut keys available in them. If you keep on using this you might turn out to be expert in using Firefox. So these are the Tricks and tips to deal up with Firefox.

How to share files securely?

How to share files securely?
Wanna share your business files or any sort of personal files in a secure manner? Worried someone might pirate it from you. Here are some tips to share your files in a secure manner.

Tip 1: Encryption

Encryption is a simple technique where there exists a common or any private key for a user and the data will be modulated using this key. This key will be present at the receiver who is ready to receive the information. His/her key alone can demodulate the message and the original information is transferred in a secure manner. When a third party tries to interpret it, it either becomes unreadable or either destroyed. There are several types of encryption techniques are available in the internet which allows you to transmit your files more securely by encrypting files by using those encryption algorithm.

This is not new. This kind of technology already exists but most of them are not aware of this. Encryption products such as Hush Communication’s, Voltage Secure Mail cloud area helpful tool that guides you for a secure transmission.

Symantec’s PGP Email encryption is the most widely used and is available Windows, Linux and Mac versions too. It provides variety of encrypting tools and plug-ins. These can be used to send your Tax documents too. It’s too secure.

Tip 2: Drop-box: 

Wondering what’s a Dropbox? It’s just a website similar to having an account in Gmail. It’s quite simple to create an account here and transfer your files safely. Drop-box is a leading cloud storage system which is used by most of the professional people all around the world. Most of the bloggers would have account in that website which allows them to access their files from anywhere of this world. Main advantage here is Dropbox encrypts everything you upload or download. Also it is available for mobile versions. Just follow these simple steps:

• Drag your file into Drop-box
• Once it’s uploaded do a right-click and choose “Dropbox”
• Get Link. Automatically this shareable link will be copied to your clipboard.
• Now send this link to which you want to share the file with over an email or message over mobile.

Simple as it is.

Tip 3: LastPass

LastPass is also another website where you can maintain your account to share your secret files. It still one of the most secure ways to maintain secrets. It also gives you the option of saving your passwords.
It is similar to Dropbox where your files are stored in LastPass vault.

Tip 4: Buy an e-mail ID: 

If you don’t know or if you are not yet cleared from the above topics best decision is to buy an e-mail ID that is already in existence with some sort of additional appliance for sharing files securely. Some of them are Sophos Email Appliance, Tumbleweed etc.

But these are quite expensive. If you are so bad in sharing your files securely then you should put in some money to get something worthy.

Hope you are clear with the file sharing techniques now.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Best Services to send Large files Online

send Large files Online
Sending files from one person to another person is one of the viral issues in Online. Most of the mailing system itself offers various levels of file transmission schemes. But they provide in a very restricted manner. Gmail offer us to transfer files from one person to another, But you cannot send larger files by using Gmail accounts. Suppose if you wanted to share a bigger file such as Software, HD movies and so many things, you will be definitely fed up by finding best services to send larger files online.

Since most of the services will limit the size of your file sharing and this will definitely makes you to getting worse. In this post, I have shared best services to send larger files online and hereafter no need to worry about the restriction on the file sizes. Most of the website which are offering cloud services are offering file transfer system, allows you to share files without restricting the size of the files. Here you can find the list of website that will provide you the best files transferring;

2. DropSend
3. WeTransfer
4. TransferBigFiles
5. HighTail is a web based application website that allows its users to transfer larger files. enables you to send the files which are not more than 2 GB of file space. has an enhanced interface and it is very simpler to use. interface allows you to drag the files and you can share the links very easily. This is one of the best services for sending files with larger size.

DropSend: DropSend is another cloud based data sharing website which allows you to transfer bigger files and also you can share those files very easily. DropSend is similar to in data transfer, but the main difference in DropSend is that DropSend uses software named DropSend Direct to upload files in the website. DropSend Direct is best way to uplad you files directly into that website

WeTransfer: WeTransfer is a simpler and best website which is used to transfer the files. WeTransfer offers a best interface without unwanted ads. Most of the websites are filled with tons of advertisements. But WeTransfer has no unwanted ads and which makes the WeTransfer very unique and simple. WeTransfer free version allows you to send files up to 20 peoples at a single time.

TransferBigFiles: TransferBigFiles is a website which allows us to transfer files which are more than 2 GB or even more. By using TransferBigFiles, you can share files which are even more than 20 GB of files space. TransferBigFiles is the best services to send files which are bigger.

HighTail: HighTail is another website which offers you to send more sensible information in a secured manner. HighTail has more secured options and also it has many security features such as encryption of files and password protections. By using the premium services you can send bigger files and free version offers only 50 MB of files transfer.

Tips for fixing windows slow down issues

windows slow down issues
Running personal computers in high speed is the main things which are wanted by most of the people in this world. Even I want to do the same things. Finally I have found few solutions to speed up the personal computers when it gets stuck by the slower performance. Like every electronic devices, the personal computer will become slow after a period of time. This will affect the performance of your personal computer and even it will affect your time for completing the work. In case of such situation, you will definitely fed up by doing many kinds of relief measures. By using simpler steps, you can easily improve the performance by following these simpler ways;

Troubleshoot your pc

You may face many problems in your personal computers, you have to go through those issues and solve them. So, your personal computer will work efficiently. In order to solve issues, you have to go through the reasons; you can easily get the reason for the problems by trouble shooting the issues. Most of the errors were caused by the Malware attacks, low performance of the hardware, bugs in the video driver and so on. You can easily solve those issues by working over it. If you solve those issues, performance of your device will be automatically boosted up.

Close the services if you don’t need them

If you were using a fresh PC, then you can find various services that are not essential for PC functionality. If you were seeing unwanted services, then you can disable those services to speed up your personal computer.

1. IP Helper:If you not using IPv6 Technology then stop this service.

2. Network Access Protection Agent: Revoke this if you don’t use network based works

3. Smart Cards:Stop these services, if you’re not using smartcard based applications

4. Windows Media Center Receiver Service:Disable the services, if you’re not using Window media center PC.

5. Tablet PC Input Service:This service is used for getting inputs from Tablet Inputs. If you were not having such sort of devices for getting input, then you can disable those services.

6. Fax:Disable the services, if you weren’t using fax services in your personal computer.

By disabling these services, you can easily speed up your personal computers very easily.

Startup applications

If you’re noticing that your personal computer is taking so much time to boot, then you need to concentrate on the startup files as well as the startup applications. Startup applications are the applications which will be started automatically when your personal computer is booted. You can control various applications in the startup applications. Else you can edit them in typing msconfig in the cmd command prompt menu. If you were seeing any unnecessary application which is running over the startup, then you can disable that application from the pop up menu which is appearing over the screen.

If you perform these steps in your personal computer, then you can speed up your computer very easily.

How to choose the right software for right business

Everything’s going on tough in your business? Need softwares to smoothen your things up? Worried what kind of software you need for your business? This article might help you to clear these clouds from your mind. Here are the steps you should follow.
pic 1

1. Identify the problems 

First step identify the problems. List them. Say it might be difficult to handle the data. Identify the root causes for the occurrence of problems. Analyze the problems. If you can come to a conclusion then it’ll be good else if you think you need software right now to manage the data. Then it’s good.
 pic 2

2. List the requirements 

List your problem in an understandable manner. Convert the problems to your “Needs” and “Wants”. Understand that the “Needs” list should be brief as possible. Your “Wants” list can be detailed. Your “Wants” should explain the basic solutions to solve the problem whereas the “Needs” list should carry the additional features that you’ve included.
pic 3

3. Budget 

Fix your budget prior in creating the “Needs” and “Wants” list. Because software isn’t alone will be your problem. The hardware components necessary to implement them also increases the cost. For e.g. Database consulting alone costs around $200 max per hour. So it’s best to allocate a specific budget for your software
pic 4

4. Choosing the right software company 

Go on floor. Get an idea about the companies. Internet is a helpful tool for your searching purpose. Know about the companies. Find what features are provided by the company. There are websites that already offer you accounting software packages with price tags and features mentioned in it. If the features meet your needs then your job will be easy as a piece of cake else you have to place the order in some MNC software creating company.
pic 5

5. About software packages 

If your “Wants” list has been satisfied about a software package that is already present then you can negotiate the price value by contacting the company directly. The companies also provide you a Demo version of the software. This assists you how to install and use the interface and also helps how to use te software. This Demo CD acts as your guide.
pic 6

6. Get a feedback 

It’s not you who is going to handle the software. It’ll be the work of your employees. So allow those who operate with the software and get a feedback from them whether they are satisfied the interface or any feature has to be additionally included in it. The functionality of the software will be tested by them alone.
pic 7

7. If they are not satisfied 

Then make your final decision of giving the list to a software company so they might create a new one based on your needs and wants.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Tips to protect your computer from viruses

protect your computer

Computers are very vulnerable to the viruses which are present widely all over the world. We need to secure our personal computer from the viruses that are available in the cruel world of Internet. These viruses damage various kinds of important files that are present in your personal computers which results in formatting of your drive to recover from those effects. Sometimes we might lose important files because of these viruses. But you can still reduce the effects which are done by these viruses. You can monitor that these viruses are rapidly growing rapidly in the internet and use internet as a medium for spreading. It is our duty to secure our pc from various damages and unwanted actions that are done by these viruses. If we protect our personal computer with maximum security, then we can easily rectify the various levels of hazards in our personal computer.

Here I have shared various security tips to protect the personal computer from these unnecessary virus activity and here they goes;

Tip 1: Always install trusted software sources Installing software from the trusted sources will give you software packages without any sort of intruded malicious codes in the program. Suppose if your program has any kind of malicious codes, it will harm our devices and our data may be uploaded to the internet when we connected our personal computer to the internet. So it is always advised to use trusted application and always download applications from the trusted sources.

Tip 2: Avoid usage of pirated downloads Installing pirated source of software from untrusted sources in your personal computer will cause harm to it. Pirated downloads will be infected by the viruses and those viruses can affect your personal computer very easily. Even your antivirus software cannot track those infected viruses that are present over the pirated software. So always download and install application from the trusted sources itself.

 Tip 3: Install good antivirus software Antivirus software helps you to protect your personal computer by protecting it. Antivirus software are most dedicated way of protecting your personal computer from the unwanted actions and executions by the viruses in your personal computer. If you want your personal computer to be secured in most efficient manner, then go for the premium version of antivirus from the market. Spending few bucks will helps you to prevent your personal computer from the various infections by the viruses. If you were using free antivirus software, then you cannot assure that your personal computer has been in full secured manner. So it is always advised to use premium versions of antivirus applications in your personal computer.

 Tip 4: Be careful with the Email attachments Be sure that you have scanned your email attachment and download the files in your personal computer. Sometimes email attachments were fully filled with viruses. If you click on those files, then you will get hit by the virus found in the attachment. This will harm your personal computer very badly.

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

How to Recover those Deleted Files in Windows

How to Recover those Deleted Files in Windows
If you were using the computers for a longer period of time, you would have experienced the deletion of important files. Suppose if you were deleting the files unwantedly, then you will suffer very badly for deleting the files. If you were doing like that, then you can easily restore those files by using the following list of software packages. When you were deleting a file from your hard drive, it is not actually deleted from your personal computer. The personal computer only changes the file and marks it invisible from the hard drive. And the hard drive system marks it as an empty space. When that file space is written by other files, then only the file is deleted from your personal computer. In this post, I have shared some ways to recover those deleted files from your hard drive and here they are; By using some free programs, we can easily recover those deleted files from our personal computer.

Recuva: Recuva is one of the best tools which are available for recovering the files which are get deleted by you. It has a best feature which allows you to preview your recovered files before saving those files in your hard drive. By using these services, you can even change the name of the files before saving the files. Recuva allows you to recover various kinds of files which are deleted by you. But keep in mind that once you have deleted any files and that place is replaces by any other files, and then you cannot recover those files. Be sure that the personal computer should not overwrite the space that is available. You can even install the Recuva software in any other partition, which allows you to prevent overwriting of the files. Once you have deleted the files, close all kinds of application which will consume more memory and also stop that application which will rewrite the free space.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery: MiniTool Power Data Recovery is another tool which enables you to recover different deleted files from your hard drive and even you can save data from the damaged partitions. MiniTool Power Data Recovery allows you to recover files form the memory cards, pen drives and from cd’s too. MiniTool Power Data Recovery helps you to find out the exact files in the hard drive and once the file has been found out by drilling various informations, you can save the exact files which are wanted by you. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a very awesome program for recovering files from your damaged media storage.

Glary Undelete: Similar to above list of programs, Glary Undelete is also an another program which allows you to recover the files which are deleted by you. Glary Undelete in one of the slowest application but it is more powerful than other application. While recovering itself, you can get the full name of the files which is to be recovered. Glary Undelete enables you to search and find various files very easily.