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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Top 4 Samsung Galaxy Deals You Don't Want To Miss

Latest Samsung Galaxy phones, the S7, S8 and S8 Plus, are some of the best devices on the mobile phone market, and every user wants to get their hands on them. Very few people can resist the allure of the super AMOLED display, enhanced camera and battery life, and a host of other breath-taking features that push the far beyond the core functionality of mobile devices and help redefine the cell phone experience.

However, these high-end devices will cost you upwards of $700, and you may have to make certain sacrifices to afford them. If you still need to acquire these top of the range communication and entertainment gadgets, you can compensate for your troubles by taking advantage of the various Samsung Galaxy deals that offer financial rewards.

 Samsung Galaxy

Take a look at four of them.

Best deals from Best Buy

Best Buy has decided to live up to its name, for once! It is offering one of those mind-boggling deals you just can’t forget, making it the preferred destination if you are looking to purchase the S8 or S8 Plus cutting-edge smartphone.

You get $100 gift card and a free wireless fast-charging stand if you sign up for a lease program with Verizon, Sprint or AT&T, or a 24-month instalment payment program. The wireless charging stand goes for $90, but you get it here for free. The good news doesn’t end here. When you buy from Best Buy, you will enjoy a massive discount on the Samsung Gear 360 which sells for $300, but you get it here for only $49. The huge savings will be enough for a subscription to unlimited data plans for your internet use.

The Quidco voucher £30 offer

Considering the massive financial sacrifice you have to make to get your hands on the coveted S7 or S8, you would appreciate any amount of discount, however little it may seem. You can save up to £30 if you decide to purchase the device using Quidco voucher. Samsung has joined hands with the UK-based cash-back website to offer customers the chance to make savings when they buy Samsung products. This offer may not last, so if you are out there contemplating the amazing S7 or S8, or even the utterly astounding S8 Plus, hurry and sign up with Quidco.

25% Discount on Amazon Prime Day

One sweet deal you shouldn’t miss is on offer at Amazon, via the Amazon Prime Day offers. You can lay your claim on the unlocked version of the S8 at just $665 instead of the original price tag that reads $899. The Amazon Prima Day is offering a massive 25% on this device, and you can invest this money in unlimited data plans to keep you online for a whole month.

Samsung’s astounding deal

Well, if the units run out of stock at Amazon, you got very little to worry about because Samsung has your back covered. Samsung has a buy one, get one free deal running at the moment and no fine print to keep you on edge. Just purchase the S8 at $750, activate it on your T-Mobile line, and receive a rebate of up to $750 to help you acquire the second S8 within seven to ten days. Apart from the free phone, you also get a free Galaxy S8 Entertainment Kit which includes six months of free Netflix. The deal will be running for a limited time, and you had better rush before it runs dry.

Samsung Galaxy phones are getting more expensive with each subsequent release, but you can get the sting out of the hefty price tags by taking advantage of the many discount deals available. Visit Best Buy, Quidco, Amazon, or Samsung itself for discount offers you don’t want to miss.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Best Websites to Score Things for Your Little One

The shopping for babies have become a cakewalk for most of the mothers nowadays.The online shopping and e-commerce has made the shopping a quite easy and convenient task all over the world.

Baby shopping for the unborn is considered as a good omen in a country like India, so the e-commerce websites for baby shopping works quite well here. The baby shopping is just click away way now.

There are lot of reliable websites from where all the baby stuff can be purchased easily and happily.The prices are genuine and the goods are guaranteed. These websites provide you with all year round sales, discounts and many other awesome offers. A list of the best websites to score things for your little one is compiled below:
  1. First cry: FirstCry is an online and offline brand providing a wide range of products for babies, kids and moms. The website was formed in 2010 with a pure desire of solving Indian parents’ problem of not having access to the best baby brands and products. The website has emerged as a leader in this niche in last 6 years. It is ranked as Asia’s largest online portal for kids and baby products. has over 70,000 items from over 700 top Indian and International brands like Mattel, Pigeon, Ben10, Funskool, Nuby, Hotwheels, Farlin, Medela, Disney, Pampers Barbie, Gerber, Mee Mee, Fisher Price etc. 

    First Cry promises a very satisfying customer experience with variety of products baby care products like strollers, apparel, games, high chairs, infant supplies, birthday presents, books and lots more at much affordable rates. All the products available at FirstCry have been sourced from authorized representatives/ manufacturers. The payment modes are multiple and the deliveries are quick. The website is advertised on almost on every popular channel by the celebrities like Big B.
  1. Babyoye: This website is acquired recently by Mahindra Retail group and has a wide variety of baby and kids’product. The products like diapers,nipple shields, cycles, shoes, maternity clothes, toys, Mellisa and Doug toys are all available .The website has got a rival start-up “Hoopos”, so their collection of products has got quite bigger now.
  1. Little pipal: This website was formed in 2009 with the aim of selling the personalized stuff for your little joy bundles. From here you can have everything personalized like Room decor, bath, clothes, gifts, books and much more. The team works with great dedication providing great customer services and satisfaction.
  1. Hopscotch: It is one of the best boutiques to meet all the shopping needs of your little laurel. Hopscotch deals with all the premium and imported brands and thus has become extremely popular with their best and unique collections.

    The products might be a little bit expensive in here but the unique designs, quality and thedurability of the products remain unmatched.
  1. Baby Jalebi: It is another new name in the market of baby shopping. Baby Jalebi comes with the wide collection of clothes, toys bedding, and hygiene products plus much more for the comfort of your kid.They provide great services, multiple options for payment and quick deliveries.
  1. My Baby Babbles: They deal with Personalised items, beautiful designs and unique products for kids. On all you can find all the products that your little one must have. The products are innovative in designs and great in terms of quality.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Saving money on tech is one way to cut down on spending and it can be achieved as follows:


Scan bills for hidden fees

It is never a waste of time to carefully scan your bills to ensure you are not overcharged. This is because it is habitual for a majority of companies to impose extra fees that are never questioned by anyone. There is also the possibility of banks deducting money in form of service and maintenance fee in your already suffering bank account. Make a call and inquire about such charges, if possible request that they be dropped. You could make significant savings from doing just that. It does not matter even if it is just a few dollars of savings, remember that every single dollar counts in such tough economic times.


There are numerous useful coupons that can be found online and these are readily available on the right websites. What makes it even better is the fact that a majority of these sites currently have smartphone apps. Which use the Global Positioning System technology of your phone to deliver coupons right away. A good example would be using best buy coupons +Tiger Direct that has huge promo tech deal savings of up to 70%. Alternatively, one could utilize money-saving promotion codes when they get an opportunity to. Promotion codes are strictly coupons for online shopping.

Decrease cellular bills

You should strive to cut back on your cellular service especially when you are experiencing financial doldrums. You might just be surprised on how little data you need to get you through the month. In addition, you could try installing apps that might assist you in saving data. Cancelling is never an option as you require your phone and because activation fees might be charged in order to restore your plan. Alternatively, you can use Wi-Fi on free services such as Skype that allows you to text and call even without a cell phone plan in place.

Lower internet bill

The internet bill can be regarded as one of the most financially draining monthly payments. Individuals spend hundreds of dollars on unnecessary TV and internet. However, if a person is only interested in saving money without altering any of his or her services, then they should consult their provider on waiving other charges or even equipment fee. Alternatively, they could also be able to select an affordable plan that will allow them to make savings.
network cable

Forget about replacing your computer

When your computer starts glitching or slowing down, your last option should never be to rush and replace it. Instead, you could try finding ways by which to speed it up, fix its freezing or how to personally sort out other major PC problems without replacing your computer. One way would to entirely replace Windows on an older computer with an OS that is faster such as Chrome OS. This has the ability of refreshing old gear so that it is as good as new.  

With the above five insightful tips, you are now well equipped on how to save money on tech.

Monday, 11 August 2014

How to Save Money With Coupon Service

Coupons and coupon code are provided to enable the consumer to indulge in a purchasing expedition wherein the customer is at an advantage in purchasing products according to their requirement which come with great price reductions. Coupon Codes enables them to purchase products and simultaneously with the opportunity of saving while purchasing.

There are several portals with a variety of coupons with coupon code enabling users to purchase products at reduced rate which are displayed at the site, though consumers need to pay head to their time limits or their duration period to take advantage of the same. Coupon is one of those reliable and the most favoured site, providing some of the most interesting codes on products and has been gaining popularity among many viewers.

People can use these coupon codes to get a rebate on the items they intend to purchase which otherwise would be quite expensive to purchase them as well as above their budget. Moreover, the products listed at the site also gives the viewer insight on the information regarding features and other details pertaining to a given product or item as well as a good briefing regarding the seller which could be helpful in the purchasing activity.

Latest Listings of Coupons for Retailers –USA 

Coupon codes has the latest listing of coupon codes for all retailers in USA. The validity of these coupon codes are checked regularly by their editors to keep it going and attractive for their viewers. By engaging in purchases at coupon, where a wide range of products are made available to the user, accompanied with coupon codes, could be a smart way of saving cash and obtaining the product one would desire to purchase.

 Besides the luxury eyesight coupon code, there is provision of special offers, freebies, product samples etc. which could be taken up according to the needs of the consumers. All these opportunities for the consumers are created at coupon with the various categories of products like computer, health, food and drink, travel, art, music, photography, home, garden and much more. Different renowned sellers have helped in the provision of the coupon code along with coupon making it possible to avail the code at their site and purchase the product.

Concept of Coupon Codes – Suitable to Need/Budget

In order to get updates on the latest offers on coupon codes or other special offers which are listed at the site, users could subscribe and provide the necessary details to receive the same and take advantage of them before the others or before the product is moved away from the site due to shortest of stock or the expiry period which could be disappointing to the consumer. Some of the products are also accompanied with free shipping which adds further to the savings on the purchase done at the site. The concept of the coupon code is to choose the best product which will suit the need as well as the budget of the consumer.

They could also choose an ideal coupon code which also provides free shipping and thus save a great deal minus the shipping charges. Coupon is presently the most awesome site with immense options on coupon codes, created with the consumers in mind, providing them with multiple opportunities in their purchasing scenario.

Get the Amazing Shopping Experience With Deal Guru!

Shopping online has now become easy and exciting and the phrase `Shop till you drop’ is no longer applicable to shopping online anymore. A variety of products are displayed at online portals giving the viewer an idea and the options to choose from the products which are displayed at the site all of which can be done in the comforts of a home or office from an internet connected computer or a laptop or even from a mobile device. A reliable and renowned site, known as askme bazaar is one of those site which cater to a wide selections of products and AskmeBazaar is a representative of DealGuru.

This portal has come into existence in order to create a great online shopping experience to consumers. Viewer can go online and view the products which come from different branded stores and get to view and choose products of their choice and proceed with the purchase process at the site. Besides this the consumer also has the facility of checking on all the features by way of details and specifications to any given product displayed at the site. The platform, Deal Guru helps the sellers to cash out any excess inventory while the AskmeBazzar team handles all sellers from across the country presenting the products at attractive offers to the consumers.

AskmeBazaar Generates Content/Image, DealGuru Generates Orders

Product samples are requested from sellers by AskmeBazaar, reviewed and identified for suitable pricing which on confirmation from the seller, the deal then strikes off and made live on DealGuru. This deal turns out to be of great advantage to the consumers, who are keen on purchasing products which come with good discounts, available to be viewed online and purchased. On confirmation of the orders, the same is delivered to the desired location without much strain and effort in the shopping process.

AskmeBazaar is the one who generates the content as well as the images of the products which are made available at the site for the benefit of the viewers. Once the order is placed and the payment process completed, DealGuru then generates the orders placed and ensures that the delivery of the products are done to the buyers as per their estimated schedule. They thensend the confirmation of the delivery details to the buyer keeping them updated on the process of the order.

AskmeBazaar Undertakes Process Return Request

On successful delivery of the said order, the amount is then transferred to the seller after making the deductions and fulfilment of their commitment and charges as agreed upon by them. AskmeBazaar also undertakes to process return request, when the need arises.With presently over one thousand live deals together with more than nine hundred sellers, consumers are at an advantage of variety of choices to choose from which ranges from Apparels, fashion like jewellery, bags, footwear, accessories, in beauty products related to cosmetic and perfumes.

Home appliance like storages, utensils, etc. in electronics – accessories, storage devices, etc. and much more are all available at the site. Consumers also have the option of navigation and refining their search on the desired products through their search option which enables the viewer to locate their desired product if they are available at the site.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Move To `Sky’ And Experience The Difference

Sky voucher
Interested in experiencing a world of difference in entertainment, come to Sky, which are a first rate home phone and broadband service providers, besides catering excellent TV services to their valuable consumers. While switching from the current digital TV provider to Sky, one can avail the sky voucher codes, from; a money saving option which is made available at amazing prices with channels on the latest comedy and popular drama shows, to all Sky consumers.

 To start with, consumers could browse through the services available to get acquainted with the full range of products with Sky TV Boxes and HD offers and also understand the unrestricted access to channels which can only be enjoyed through Sky, namely Sky Atlantic. They could also choose the TV bundle or pack from the available options which could suit their range of preference and budget and opt for the same.

Moreover, customers could also have the choice of building their own bundle with the help of the online facility. Consumers could tailor their subscriptions in line with their family’s requirements in deciding on the appropriate Premium and Entertainment packages or bundles since Sky has the capacity of offering consumers the best viewing experience offered at a fair price.

 Switching to Sky has a lot of benefit to the viewer wherein consumers can enjoy the largest choice of TV channels which has been offered at attractive price. Moreover Sky consumers have the opportunity Sky 1, Sky living, as well as the Sky Atlantic and the channels come with the latest popular shows available to viewers.

Besides this, customers also get access to over 60 amazing High Definition channels along with the HD pack which enables them to watch their favorite programs in High Definition picture quality giving a more precise and brighter on screen image. There is also an added benefit of enjoying the Sky channels inclusive of one service which enables the viewer to view from every room of the house and is known as the Multi room which is awesome for large family viewing.

In addition to this, customers on the go and on the move can even watch their favorite shows with the `Sky Go service’ which gives access to a number of channels from their Smartphone or tablet when away from home. They can also upgrade their TV packs for more choice in movies and sports for the whole family and experience awesome viewing.