Monday, 11 August 2014

Get the Amazing Shopping Experience With Deal Guru!

Shopping online has now become easy and exciting and the phrase `Shop till you drop’ is no longer applicable to shopping online anymore. A variety of products are displayed at online portals giving the viewer an idea and the options to choose from the products which are displayed at the site all of which can be done in the comforts of a home or office from an internet connected computer or a laptop or even from a mobile device. A reliable and renowned site, known as askme bazaar is one of those site which cater to a wide selections of products and AskmeBazaar is a representative of DealGuru.

This portal has come into existence in order to create a great online shopping experience to consumers. Viewer can go online and view the products which come from different branded stores and get to view and choose products of their choice and proceed with the purchase process at the site. Besides this the consumer also has the facility of checking on all the features by way of details and specifications to any given product displayed at the site. The platform, Deal Guru helps the sellers to cash out any excess inventory while the AskmeBazzar team handles all sellers from across the country presenting the products at attractive offers to the consumers.

AskmeBazaar Generates Content/Image, DealGuru Generates Orders

Product samples are requested from sellers by AskmeBazaar, reviewed and identified for suitable pricing which on confirmation from the seller, the deal then strikes off and made live on DealGuru. This deal turns out to be of great advantage to the consumers, who are keen on purchasing products which come with good discounts, available to be viewed online and purchased. On confirmation of the orders, the same is delivered to the desired location without much strain and effort in the shopping process.

AskmeBazaar is the one who generates the content as well as the images of the products which are made available at the site for the benefit of the viewers. Once the order is placed and the payment process completed, DealGuru then generates the orders placed and ensures that the delivery of the products are done to the buyers as per their estimated schedule. They thensend the confirmation of the delivery details to the buyer keeping them updated on the process of the order.

AskmeBazaar Undertakes Process Return Request

On successful delivery of the said order, the amount is then transferred to the seller after making the deductions and fulfilment of their commitment and charges as agreed upon by them. AskmeBazaar also undertakes to process return request, when the need arises.With presently over one thousand live deals together with more than nine hundred sellers, consumers are at an advantage of variety of choices to choose from which ranges from Apparels, fashion like jewellery, bags, footwear, accessories, in beauty products related to cosmetic and perfumes.

Home appliance like storages, utensils, etc. in electronics – accessories, storage devices, etc. and much more are all available at the site. Consumers also have the option of navigation and refining their search on the desired products through their search option which enables the viewer to locate their desired product if they are available at the site.

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