Thursday 28 August 2014

Moto X+1: Anticipation from Motorola’s Forthcoming Flagship Device

Moto X+1
Motorola: - The Revival

Motorola has revived its reputation once again as a tech giant following major changes in its ownership & management. It rocked the smartphone universe last year following the releases of: Moto G, Moto E & Moto X. All three devices were unique in their own respect & earned wide acclaim among users upon its release. Moto E was well known for its budget friendly yet feature packed package, Moto G for being a mid range behemoth & Moto X for combining finesse with innovation & simplicity. This year also, Motorola has promised its users at least 3 devices, an upgraded version of the bestseller Moto G, an Android powered smart-wear & Moto X+1.

Moto X+1: -

Following the release of Moto X, Motorola techies realized the need of a much more powerful as well as sophisticated device available at an affordable price to compete with the likes of smartphone giants like Samsung & Apple. Thus the Moto X+1 was born. A detailed description regarding the expected features of this device has been presented below. 

Hardware Specifications: -The Moto X was powered by a 1.7 GHz Krait processor, which handled all applications decently. The Moto X+1 on the other hand is rumoured to be driven by either an over-clocked Snapdragon (at 2.45 GHz) 800 quad-core processor or its successor, The Snapdragon 801. It will be complemented by 2 gigabytes of RAM hoping that would allow the device to chew through processing operations with ease, thereby improving user experience. The GPU unit is also likely to be improved, as the device is known to sport an Adreno 330 unit.

Camera: - a 12MP/13MP primary camera is rumoured to be present on the device complimented by a 2MP secondary camera. HD recording feature is also likely to be available.

Screen & Storage: - Screen size is likely to be increased to a 5.2-inch Full HD display providing a visually delightful experience. An AMOLED display will be used along with the standard Corning Gorilla Glass 3 providing the screen the much necessary muscle to withstand daily rigors of life. 2 versions of the devices are likely to be available in terms of storage: a 16GB one & a 32 GB one.

 • Design: - Reports suggest the design of Moto X+1 would be largely based on its predecessor in terms of ergonomics & structure. Though larger in size, it should be comfortable to handle. Some unique customizations along a symmetrical dual speaker at the top is likely to be present on the device.

Software: - The device is likely to be powered by the latest Android OS, i.e. Kitkat 4.4.4. As usual, a revamped UI combined with some unique & innovative tweaks should be present as well.

Price: - 

Though Motorola has always aimed to manufacture budget friendly devices, Moto X+1is rumoured to command at least a minimum price of $400, though upgraded versions are likely to cost more.

Though it is confirmed that, Motorola is going to announce Moto X+1 on 4th September this year, release dates haven’t been confirmed yet with reports suggesting that the device is likely to be released it the slot of 10-25th September. Well known for its products, customers are eagerly waiting for the release of Motorola’s this year’s flagship device & one can only hope that it’s worth the wait.

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