Saturday, 2 August 2014

Blackberry Messenger Available For Windows Phone

Blackberry Messenger
Yesterday, another important beta version of software was made available in the store for Windows Phone. This time they are dealing with a known and very well liked by all the users of BlackBerry. Yes a beta version of a BlackBerry application was released yesterday.

Until quite recently, this messenger was hosted only in RIM devices, but when the market is filled with Android and iOS, the benefits of this application was also updated for the use of mobile devices running on Google Android and Apple iOS.

From the Beginning of July the beta version was allowed for the use of closed beta communicator, and after its completion, all users of Windows Phone will be invited to participate in the beta which is already opened application from the BlackBerry.

The application will support the chat between two and more group of people. During this first course, you can carry a conversation of text messages and can add photos, upload content such as voice memos, contacts, and even the location where you are by that time of messaging. During group discussions, it allows you to invite and talk to a group of people up to 50.

It also facilitates communication notification system "read" and "delivered" - that is, delivery confirmation, and read messages. To the main screen the user can pin both types of chat rooms - double and dormitory for rapid switching between them. BBM Feeds allows you to quickly suspected changes in the profiles of people with whom you have contact. The application also allows the user to search for their friends who also using BBM and add them to their contact list.

BBM is belonging to the BlackBerry instant messaging and video chat tool focused mainly on BlackBerry devices. By 2013, it was only possible to use in the ecosystem BlackBerry devices, but in the second half of this year has been released the official version for devices based on Android and iOS. This application is used by 85 million people throughout the world.

After Android and iOS messaging service BBM opens Windows Phone 8 to continue to take the most of the market share. The instant messaging service BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) is one of the core values of the Canadian BlackBerry maker on which it can hope to prosper. Once it was reserved only for BlackBerry devices, but now the manufacturer had to resort to open to competing mobile platforms to increase its user base.

IOS Apps BBM has ended up on Android and iOS, with some success, and as expected a strong increase in the number of users, though it remains far from the WhatsApp, the most prominent platform for instant messaging.

Continuing its strategy of openness, BlackBerry announces the arrival of its BBM service on Windows Phone 8, so we will find out which all proposals for BlackBerry, BBM Cats for communications with document sharing, BBM Groups for trade in several (50 people), or BBM Feeds to track the status of contacts gathered in a screen.

You can download this Application for free Here

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