Sunday, 24 August 2014

A Single Picture: Now a Thousand Images!!!

Visual Media is considered as the most effective form of media. An average human being has the tendency to learn more via this medium than any other. As a result, nowadays every communication involves visual interactions. From buying products to learning new subjects; pictures, diagrams & videos are the modern day tools of the trade. Photography is one of the most vital examples of visual media. Since its invention, an estimated 3.5 trillion photographs have been taken till date, with 10 % of that amount being captured the past year alone. Photographs are considered useful for the following reasons: -
  •   Ability to store memories of special occasions in life.
  •   Capturing sceneries of beautiful holiday spots.
  •    Keeping records.
Its sheer ability to express multitudes of information as well as emotions makes photography an irreplaceable tool in our daily life. Now for a second, let us imagine a photograph storing thousands more photographs in it. Though to a common person it may sound absurd, but thanks to today’s exponential rate of development of science of technology, this seemingly impossible objective is soon about to be turned into reality.

Background: -
Research is being conducted in the above stated matter &amazingly even a software dubbed “AverageExplorer” has been created by researchers at University of California, Berkley. Alexei Efros, an associate professor of electrical engineering & computer science is considered as the lead researcher of this project. He along with Jun-Yan Zhu, a UC Berkley CS graduate & Yong Jae Lee, a former post doctoral researcher at the University & also the lead author of the project’s findings, developed the initial programme.

Operation & Implications: -
  •  The process of combining multiple pictures into a single image generally involves the process of combining the visual data present in each of the component systems to produce a meaningful result. Features can also be tweaked to take an average account of all the components or put weight on specific areas &characteristics, which can vary from user to user.
  •  This software has an immense scope in today’s visual media ridden universe. Users can sift through tons of pictures, visual data in general in seconds simply by specifying a few constraints. The “dark matter” would no longer appear to be a subject of mystery.
  •  Online Shopping will become fast, smooth &efficient, as customers would be able to make quick choices by judging “product rich” images.
  •  Recognition Software would be revolutionized as computers would be able to identify facial as well as structural features in milliseconds once optimized for such operations via AverageExplorer.
  •  Data storage spaces can be significantly reduced once “pictures can contain pictures” & computing, data traversing run times would hugely improve.

Once again, the beauty of technology has left humans befuddled by its magic & innovation. This software has the capability of revolutionizing the entire world of photography & to a huge extent human life, as people keep a vast amount of pictures to store special memories as well as conduct day-to-day business.

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