Saturday, 18 February 2017

Make Home Network Security your Priority

Summary: Home network security is not an add-on to your home technology. In fact, it needs to be a priority for setting up your smart home.

Your home network needs to be under protection for you and your family to browse the internet and use all devices freely. Home network security is just like going incognito with your browser, where you browse without any worry of being spied upon and your identity remains anonymous.In a similar fashion, a network security product like an antivirus software helps you with the freedom of enjoying your smart home to the fullest.

When every device in your home is operating with the help of internet, not only does it make your life much easier but also makes all of your devices vulnerable to external attacks. All of your devices are linked together and this can lead to a cumulative attack, on not just one but all of your devices together, by a malicious individual who wants access to your private data.

This can entirely damage all of your devices, leaving you with more expenditures to fix the hack. As we all know, prevention is better than a cure and network security systems like Bitdefender BOX provide you with all the protection you need to stay away from a damaging situation like that.With the right tools of protection, there will never be the fear of such an attack.

Firstly, you need to ensure that your antivirus is updated to the latest version and none of your devices are running on an old operating system, as the older versions have lesser security measures. If you don’t have antivirus in place yet, you need to get one right away.

Bitdefender will protect all of your devices with just one account. This makes it easily manageable while securing all your devices against malicious malware and harmful viruses. Remember, that it is not only your smartphones and laptops that need safeguarding but also all your gaming consoles and smart TVs.Any device that is web-enabled needs security and shouldn’t be left out. The newest piece of technology, Bitdefender BOXdoes just that; secures all your devices at once.

You also need to bear in mind that external devices like hard disks and USBs can also be infected and they should be scanned by your security software as well. Another step that you can take towards pumping up your home securityis to back up all your valuable stuff and information so that you don’t lose anything. This is an additional measure you can take to keep all your information secure.

Whether it is taking care of visiting and transacting only through ‘https://’ sites, changing passwords often or keeping your antivirus software updated, you can do a lot from your end to contribute to the security of your smart home. Network security can’t be overlooked or ignored and needs to be number one on your ‘to-do’ list when you are setting up your smart home. Forgetting to do these things can have a fatal outcome!

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