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Friday, 14 July 2017

How to Protect Your Computer with Free Software

These free programs protect your computer

Viruses, trojans or data pioneers: Computers are constantly exposed to attacks. Antivirus programs promise remedy. Stubborn pests often require more intensive treatment.

It can happen that viruses, trojans or other malicious programs can get into your system. As a rule, any malicious software that reports your antivirus software should be removed with the application.

Stubborn pests often require more intensive treatment. In these cases, use free tools that are specialized in the thorough removal of malware. "Computer Image" shows the best programs with which you can free your PC from any kind of malware.

A good antivirus program as a basic protection is mandatory to protect the PC from threats. It does not always have to be expensive security suites, even if they are fully protected. But also free software makes the PC safer.

The important thing is a combination of program packages since individual software solutions do not always eliminate all problems. For example, there is often no firewall included in antivirus freeware.
Earlier, malware reached so often by infected e-mail attachments to the PC. This species of data is less common today, but it has not yet died out.

Scanners and firewalls do not allow viruses

Often, infected codes hide in web pages. Interferences in the browser are files on the PCs and cause damage. Here an anti-virus program helps with real-time detection. Such software will immediately alert you as soon as it detects suspicious files on your PC.

In addition, you should install a firewall. These programs monitor network movements and prevent malicious software from reaching your computer via the Internet or local network. The following overview shows which free programs make your PC safer.

However, viruses, trojans, or other malicious programs can still get into your system. As a rule, any malicious software that reports your antivirus software should be removed with the application. Encryption tools, password manager and more

In order to prevent pests from reaching your PC, you should prevent them and use an anti-virus program. It is recommended to use additional security programs: TrueCrypt, for example, encrypts confidential data and prevents third parties from accessing it. KeePass 2 maintains logging data securely in protected areas.

Anonymity programs such as Hotspot Shield give your PC a different IP address, preventing websites from identifying you. Data shredders like DBAN turn your data so secure that even professionals can not restore them.

And with Avast Browser Cleanup, you can remove unintended, sometimes even harmful, toolbars from your browser. With which free programs you completely protect your PC, "Computer Bild" shows in the photo-stretch.

Real-time scanners and firewalls

A protected PC is primarily an anti-virus software and a firewall. With a special web protection, anti-virus programs also ensure that your browser does not even call up websites that are infected. Firewalls prevent hacker attacks and prevent your programs from sending data unwittingly to the Internet.

Important: You should choose an antivirus and firewall program and not use multiple programs in parallel. Failure to do so could cause problems such as PC crashes.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Make Home Network Security your Priority

Summary: Home network security is not an add-on to your home technology. In fact, it needs to be a priority for setting up your smart home.

Your home network needs to be under protection for you and your family to browse the internet and use all devices freely. Home network security is just like going incognito with your browser, where you browse without any worry of being spied upon and your identity remains anonymous.In a similar fashion, a network security product like an antivirus software helps you with the freedom of enjoying your smart home to the fullest.

When every device in your home is operating with the help of internet, not only does it make your life much easier but also makes all of your devices vulnerable to external attacks. All of your devices are linked together and this can lead to a cumulative attack, on not just one but all of your devices together, by a malicious individual who wants access to your private data.

This can entirely damage all of your devices, leaving you with more expenditures to fix the hack. As we all know, prevention is better than a cure and network security systems like Bitdefender BOX provide you with all the protection you need to stay away from a damaging situation like that.With the right tools of protection, there will never be the fear of such an attack.

Firstly, you need to ensure that your antivirus is updated to the latest version and none of your devices are running on an old operating system, as the older versions have lesser security measures. If you don’t have antivirus in place yet, you need to get one right away.

Bitdefender will protect all of your devices with just one account. This makes it easily manageable while securing all your devices against malicious malware and harmful viruses. Remember, that it is not only your smartphones and laptops that need safeguarding but also all your gaming consoles and smart TVs.Any device that is web-enabled needs security and shouldn’t be left out. The newest piece of technology, Bitdefender BOXdoes just that; secures all your devices at once.

You also need to bear in mind that external devices like hard disks and USBs can also be infected and they should be scanned by your security software as well. Another step that you can take towards pumping up your home securityis to back up all your valuable stuff and information so that you don’t lose anything. This is an additional measure you can take to keep all your information secure.

Whether it is taking care of visiting and transacting only through ‘https://’ sites, changing passwords often or keeping your antivirus software updated, you can do a lot from your end to contribute to the security of your smart home. Network security can’t be overlooked or ignored and needs to be number one on your ‘to-do’ list when you are setting up your smart home. Forgetting to do these things can have a fatal outcome!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

How Does Antivirus Work?

Nowadays Antivirus companies are increasing at a rapid rate because every day hundreds of new viruses are generated and every hour new virus definitions are defined. So in order to make our computer virus free we need an Antivirus. So an antivirus can be defined as the software that takes care of the computer by removing any kind of threats as soon as possible. So the job of antivirus is to eradicate the virus before they can actually infect our files and data. So, for this happening the antivirus should be very responsive and active. An antivirus eliminates the nasty and malicious computer virus.

Viruses are very dangerous. They not only degrade the performance of the computer but they also infect the data and files that are stored in it. Some virus deletes all the data that promotes the automatic shutdown of computer again and again. Some try to hide and corrupt the files and some viruses delete the data permanently. There are also some viruses that enter into our web browser and try to steal our personal details and passwords. So, one should avoid downloading any items from untrusted websites that hold fake certificates. So always try scan the downloaded item immediately so that if ant threat is there it can be fixed as soon as possible.

Viruses can enter to your system in many ways like during internet browsing you may click on some suspicious ads or they can also enter through the data cable that is connecting your phone to PC. The main source of the viruses is the pen drive of your friend. Seriously, it contains lot of viruses because it has already been used in so many other computers. So always scan the pen drive before you open it to view its content. Always keep you virus definition update because every day new viruses are created, so updating antivirus is really very important.

So the working of antivirus is really amazing to understand. So let us see that how does it actually works. All the antiviruses use two basic approaches to remove the virus: first is Signature based detection and second one is suspicious behavior based detection. So let us discuss them one by one in more detail:

Signature based detection

This approach is mostly used by most of the antiviruses available in the market and is also very effective. In this approach a library is created that contains the definitions of all the viruses present in the form of code. So when you scan the file it compares all the programs with the available library of viruses and if the definitions match then a virus is caught and then based upon the user action the virus is removed and eradicated from the computer. For example: if there is a virus with definition code “3t5y” so the antivirus will try to match this definition with the available library and if the code matches it is a virus which has to be removed. So this is the logic of this approach. But the library has to be updated from time to time because new viruses are generated every day.
Suspicious behavior based detection

In this approach the behavior of the program is identified. If the program is suspicious and is preventing another program from running then such files are removed. Such kinds of antivirus software may be in effect for the fresh viruses but the precision is not there or such software are less as they may recognize genuine files as virus. So many times this approach fails to give accurate result.
So these are some basic methods that are used by antivirus to detect the malicious computer program. But still many much complex algorithms are designed these days but they are also based on this approach only. In later posts we will also discuss about some most dangerous viruses like malware, Trojan horse and many more, so stay connected.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Kaspersky AntiVirus

Hello friends! Hope you all doing good :) Today I am going to share you all my idea about an online site at which is an excellent place to get the world’s no. 1 protection against the lethal viruses and malware threats. This online site offers us the best description about the Kaspersky AntiVirus which enable us to understand its technical aspects very easily. As a matter of fact, most of us secluded before a virus has a possibility to contaminate your computer. I am also the victim of the serious virtual virus attacks that silently detoriorated my PC.