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Wednesday 8 February 2017

Nissan Offers Cheap Hybrid Electric Cars

Nissan e-note
Global warming, awareness to ditch one’s own vehicle and opt for public transport, governments bid to reduce the amount of cars from the roads and more regulations is making it tough for the car manufacturers to get more customers. Nissan is a Japanese automaker which is making leaps in the automobile sector with its affordable and powerful vehicle portfolio. However in a bid to keep its revenue coffers filling up; it has decided to move away from traditional by focusing on all electric or hybrid cars. This will help Nissan in manufacturing greener vehicles at the same time lowering the costs.

The first electric car for Nissan

Nissan started it mass market entry with the battery-electric vehicle called Leaf which was launched in 2010. Currently this car is the coveted world’s top selling electric vehicle but this car simply failed to reach the initial targets. Till today it has sold only 250,000 units on global scale which are not a great numbers when we take time taken into the equation. The major reason attributed to the sales failure of the all electric car has been revealed by the CEO Carlos Ghosn is that ‘going all electric is expensive affair’. Therefore Nissan is focusing on nearly electric car manufacturing for upcoming years which will help in saving more on the costs as well as it will help in fending off the competition from the rivals.

Nissan is embarking on the journey of creating gasoline-hybrid technology of next level rather than concentrating on fully battery powered vehicles with zero emissions ratings. Nissan will have to best the major competitors like Toyota which is known for making astonishingly awesome hybrid cars and the most notable one is Prius.

Nissan is taking a Hybrid Detour

This isn’t the first time Nissan is thinking of developing hybrid cars. In 2010 Nissan has invested in a limited range of hybrid cars wherein it was able to ship only 95,000 by March in the same year and its global sales stood at 5.4 million units. Nissan has its eye on the world biggest automobile market and it will be focusing only on affordable electric car for China. Nissan R&D is also working on a vehicle which will be able to run on electric power generated right from the ethanol.

Nissan has kick started its e-Note program wherein it will be building a compact hatchback which will possess the same motor from the Leaf but it will be a hybrid vehicle. This E note vehicle will give direct competition to the General Motors Chevrolet Volt which effectively switches to the gasoline engine when battery is running low. The e-Note vehicle will be sold at a starting price of $15,777 and its availability is currently limited to Japan only but quite interestingly this vehicle is 40 percent cheaper than the 2010 Leaf. Nissan has stressed that it has go for cheaper price point for its hybrid vehicle in order to attract new buyers or to get them to upgrade to completely electric car in future.