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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Clever Strategies During Domain-Name Setup

You're excited to have a business of your own, and now the website is almost complete. Naming this website, however, is a major decision. Most sites had dot-com extensions in the past, but dozens of choices are available to you today. Before you set up that new domain name, consider the clever strategies surrounding this decision and how it can ultimately help your company.

Starting From Scratch

Become a trendy company by starting with a domain name registration that's never been used. The newest domains, including dot-guru or dot-solutions, define the business past the basic name. Select a name that reflects your niche, expertise and other features. These names have never been searched for or referenced, so keep in mind that your rankings will be a lesson in earning power. Cultivate your brand with flair as the name continues to move up the search-engine pages.

Investing in Premium Names

Premium names are simply domains that have been used before. There's a reputation and history behind these names so you'll have some ranking to start out with as the site goes live. You might be concerned that these names are available at all. In fact, most of them are simply names that have been transferred, abandoned or discarded for dozens of different reasons. Pay slightly more for these names so that visitors stumble onto them by chance. You can make some new customers without much effort with these premium names.

Considering Expired Domains

Purchasing an expired domain is a safe option. It often has some of its ranking still attached so that consumers visit the site without realizing the company change. Some of these sites still have their expired warning on them, however. From the moment that you purchase it, program your website into it almost immediately. Visiting an expired website wastes consumers' time, and they will make a note of it in their bookmarks if your site isn't live at that point.

Understanding Pricing Structures

In general, you'll pay less for a domain when you commit to a long time period. Buying the name for one year requires a larger, upfront payment. It's possible to commit to a website for 100 years at the lowest yearly cost possible. For most companies, they'll purchase the name for three or five years. As the expiration date approaches, businesses update the payment structure for another set time period. A viable business never wants their domain to be taken over by another company.

Getting Support

When you reserve a domain name, the seller completes the legal transaction. Support for the name is minimal because most of the software associated with it is confined to your website's structure. Stay in contact with the domain registrar, however, to keep up with future updates.

After you pick the perfect name, it's your responsibility to maintain the integrity of that title. Keep the site updated with valid links across all of the pages. In time, you'll notice the analytics growing and developing at almost an exponential level. Success is built on the small details within the business.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Everything Just Got Easier With Register.Com Now!

When you're in the process of building your website, chances are all you can think about is launching your site and promoting it. But before you get that far, you need to make sure that your site is ready to be unveiled. You'll want to choose a domain registrar who makes it easy for you to find the domains you want, find similar domains with similar keywords, get them registered and your WHOIS info entered into the database, and then set the nameservers so that your registered domain points to your hosting account (hint: select a hosting company that can handle domain registration for you in order to make this process more efficient). Once your domain is registered and live on your hosting plan, you can utilize these five tips to help you along as you are preparing your website to go live:

Ingrain optimization.

Your website should be optimized for search engines as well as social media networks, and the easiest way to do this is to make optimization an integral part of your website. As you're creating images in your favorite image editor, save them with relevant titles - and then when you embed them within your website, use relevant keywords. All of your code-generated content -- including CSS, HTML, and XHTML -- should be compliant, or as compliant as possible. The more compliant your code, the less likely it is that you'll have an error somewhere within your website - and the more likely it is that search engine bots will have an easier time of navigating your website.

Be consistent with names, logos, and keywords.

Consistency is key to establishing yourself to both your customers and the internet at large. Be consistent with spelling, capitalization, and with the usage of any slogans or logos. 2+ word companies need to be especially meticulous with this, as "Jane's Flower Shop" and "Jane's flower shop" are different, and both customers and search engine bots will pick up on that.

Use an elegant, minimal logo.

When deciding what type of logo to use for your website, keep in mind that less is truly more. Your logo should be smooth and polished, never rough around the edges, and it should be eye-catching. Use smaller versions of this logo for social media profile avatars, so that your look is the same no matter where on the internet you're at.

Streamline your design.

Minimal is key for making the focus of your website be on its content. Similar to how the majority of magazines keep clutter away from content and margins, you'll want to keep to a simple header, navigation area, and sidebar, and leave the rest of the page free for your content.

Outsource when necessary.

If there's something you'd really like to have done to your website, but you don't have the time or the technical knowledge to get it done yourself, then outsource. Don't settle for an alternative design or a bandaged repair on poor code. Outsource your needs so that the job gets done correctly and professionally.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Some of the Great Ecommerce Sites

In the Beginning

In the old days of the World Wide Web, lots of companies sprung up trying to get in on what was described as the Promised Land for business, which was trading online. The naivety of the people funding these new sites based on the back of an envelope prediction of self styled experts, the value of these companies shot up creating an absurd stock market bubble which actually took into account that these companies weren’t actually expecting to make any money. And when that happened, reality set in, the bubble burst and sensible people split their sides laughing.

After Reality Bit

Nowadays, companies have to behave properly and create a business plan the same as anyone else who wants to do business. They have to do other things that offline businesses do too, such as look attractive to entice people in, carry goods that people want to buy at a price they want to pay.
They also have to provide a high level of service including acceptable response times while browsing, easy shopping cart management.
The way they treat their customers in terms of quick delivery and dealing with complaints fairly and with consideration must also be a big consideration because bad reputations can be made quickly and be widespread all too easily.
Follow some of these ecommerce website design examples, and you’ll be well on your way.

Great Examples

Amazon: The benchmark, they offer a massive catalogue of products across the range on a clean, easily navigated site. The checkout is clear, simple and can be manipulated to get the best deal on delivery.
iTunes: Apple made it possible to buy a single song where the customer didn’t want to buy the album, long after the single (if it was one) was deleted from the catalogue. It’s easy, payment is taken from the card that goes with the account and delivery is instant.
Argos: Well known as a catalogue store on the high street, the Argos website allows users to find all their products online, pay easily and pick it up from their nearest store if they don’t want to wait for delivery. They have also embraced all their web features on a phone app meaning that customers can use it anywhere.
Cybercandy: This is a proper niche site, offering sweets and chocolate from around the world . Whether indulging in the tastes of you childhood favourites or seeing what children around the globe are rotting their teeth on, it’s fun, easy to navigate and offers a superb range of products to frighten any dentist.
I Want One of Those: Dealing in toys and gadgets, they are long established in providing things you don’t need but can’t do without.
They offer an ever changing catalogue of great fun things that any overgrown (predominantly you suspect) schoolboy could wish for.
They used to offer an ex-Czech air force jet fighter trainer for around £150,000, but they must have sold out of those as they don’t have it anymore.
Available if required

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Ecommerce Website Builder

If you look at any business marketing strategy, one of the key ways to get more sales and attract new customers is through ecommerce. While social media and marketing campaigns play a large part in gaining more traffic for your site, it's really about offering the immediate sale to get those impulse purchases, mobile web shoppers and online customers who want to make an easy purchase. However, it's not so easy to set up a customized store unless you have a web developer, right? That's not true anymore. With all-in-one store builders, you get all of the features to make your online store really stand out and increase your page rank. The right store builder will offer a ton of features. They'll give you unlimited product pages, user licenses, secure shopping cart, mobile commerce and marketing tools. In addition, you also want to look for 24/7 customer support. This is a key factor in being able to set up your site if you don't have the experience and want an expert opinion on how to get running fast. You see some incredible store builders that include all of these features and more. They also give you the tools for all types of marketing, such as the ecommerce website builder by 1ShoppingCart. Just by using this software, you can get set up in a matter of hours rather than waiting a month for a web developer to create a customized for you. If you are looking to get set up online quickly, then use these types of services to make your site look as beautiful as possible with all the functionality of a professional ecommerce online store.