Monday, 10 November 2014

What is The Reason Behind Flipkart Launching Wearable Support for Their Smartphone App?

 Flipkart  Wearable Support
Pebble was the first company to venture into the wearable devices and they were later on joined by companies like Martian, Garmin, Moto 360 and other different companies among others ventured as well. One of the most expected releases that took place in the month of September 2014 was the launch of the Apple Watch. Although, this was not the first time the developers have seen a smart watch, but it really got the app developer’s spirit pumping. With this release the customers are anticipating more apps to be added to the wearable devices.

Flipkart joins the team:
With every company trying to be the first in the market, Flipkart seems to have captured the attention by launching a smart phone app for the android wearable device. This app will allow the android wearable device users to access their product wish lists from the Flipkart website and apart from this feature the latest app comes with the advantage that the user will be able to get push notifications from the Flipkart on their wearable device.

The user will be able to take the advantage of this feature only after they have activated the push notifications on their wearable gear. Flipkart is currently working on adding further updates to this app wherein the users will be able to track their order details, pricing details as well as the notifications about the new offers.

So what are the features that the users will get in this new app?
i. The user will get a newer, faster app and also a brand new interface
ii. The customers will get 100% protection and they will get a contented shopping experience.
iii. The customers will get options for the mode of payment like Credit card, Debit card, COD, Net banking and EMIs.
iv. The users will be able to choose from a variety of products through voice, bar code and even using text.
v. The user will have the option to view the products in full screen mode, list mode and even grid mode.
vi. Multiple filter options and sort out the products of your choice.
vii. Users will be able to receive personalized notifications about products.
viii. The users will also be sent out suggestions about new products based on their shopping experience.
ix. Users will be able to view the image and get all the details of the products.
Flipkart has got the benefit to be considered as the first company to be into retailing of the products from brands like Martian, Motorola and Garmin and the latest app will be compatible with all the products of these companies.

The things the user needs to have to get access to the new app:
i. The users will be required to connect their devices with the app
ii. The user’s wish list from the website will be automatically loaded on this app
iii. The Flipkart application will have to be updated from the app store

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