Monday 17 November 2014

Nothing's Budged on Google Barge Since its Arrival

Google Barge
The Google Barge was build to be a showroom of its products with above standard features. The idea looked like an excellent one and was on the build near the Stockton dock point until the process came to an abrupt stoppage with situation looking extremely dormant in the current time. The Google Barge is nothing more than a piece of conversation in the current scenario and its development stopped due to constant warnings of danger by the coast guard, who came up with the fire safety concerns multiple times. The safety concerns were always there but the guards just did not want to get things to the point of extreme danger that could have led to a major burnout. As far as the current time stands, Google Barge is a dormant vessel.

Points to look at:- 

  •  The containments creating the problem: - According for the construction plans, the vessels are supposed to have around 5000 gallons of fuel in the main deck. This is one of the aspects that kept the process always in doubt with respect to safety concerns. With such a substantial combustible material on the deck capable of causing a wide burnout was always going to be a risky factor and finally, the coast guards decided to go against its permit. The twin of the Google Barge in Maine did receive sufficient attention and that caused a generation of the idea to build another one at Stockton. 
  •  The twin is also on the downside: - The barge at Maine was thought to be the major vessel and bring success of great levels. But, similar security concerns has also prevented the Maine’s dock to go further and that too at the moment is nothing more than just a piece of conversation . 
  •  Continuous safety concerns: - A succession of safety concerns finally did break the project and stopped the development of Google Barge. In the beginning of March 2013, the first case of warning came from the Coast guards side. This was followed by another email in the month of September and this acted as a trigger to either go along or stop the process. A final report a couple of months later stating that the vessel did not match the standard safety concerns and people needed to jump overboard if a case of fire came up ever. 
  •  The current situation: - Well, construction began in 2011 and a lot was expected from this project. A 1200 people a day would visit the San Francisco port until it was moved to Stockton but it failed to maintain the standards of security and the process fell out of the tank. With a lot of speculation, the vessel arrived in Stockton but nothing has happened. No signs of work, just a dormant vessel.
With the twin vessel being dismantled in August, it is sure that this one too will have the similar fate unless security features are enhanced and they come to a meet with the coast guards.

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