Saturday, 29 November 2014

Now Get The Latest Tech News Through Your Facebook Application

Fb Techwire
FB Techwire, is the latest page launched by the company completely dedicated for highlighting all the tech news and that too in your timeline. The latest page is an expansion of the FB Newswire. This page will certainly be an advantage for the reporters and journalists who are looking forwards to exposing the biggest tech news possible from around the world.

What is Techwire all about? 

According to the company, just like Newswire, even Techwire, will be carrying out verification and aggregation of the best of the contents available around the world in a manner, which will allow the common people to understand the concept and conversation pertaining to the news.

In this way, we can clearly see that it is very much similar to the other page, but the difference comes in terms of the focus area. Earlier this year, Facebook's director of news and global media partnerships, Andy Mitchell, stated that they are thinking about an official website (Facebook) as a main source of news and associated contents. The content has been made journalist friendly, which will enable them to scan and extract the relevant data they are looking for. They are hoping that their new page Techwire will also be accepted in the same manner ad given the same importance.

What is the challenge? 

The main challenge that will be faced by the company will be to persuade the tech journalists to use their page for posting the latest news instead of using Twitter as the main platform. Facebook is known to be the largest drivers of the traffic among all the social media platforms. They know that technology draws a lot of the audience and Facebook is looking forwards to using this opportunity.

The Company’s aim is to offer more than just posting your pictures and sharing your friend’s status. The Techwire page is dedicated towards highlighting all the incidents in the technology sector. The page is powered by Storyful which is known for checking the accuracy and authenticity of the posts. Facebook has been working on grabbing every opportunity possible, starting with the introduction of Hashtags as well as trending topics. Facebook has more users than Twitter, so the company does have the capability to disseminate more news than Twitter.

With the launch of Techwire, the company can extend their media coverage as well. Newswire has already reached the peak and already been picked up by The New York times, BBC, The Washington and other publications. Facebook has opened up a new tool for the benefit of the journalist, who can do their job on a much bigger platform.

They want to beat every other site and become the most go to site for the latest tech news. The company is always towards starting their own authentic content and started a tech-news feed. Facebook has become one of the most important platforms for journalists and publishers. The Facebook user’s will have to subscribe to this page to get alerts of the latest tech news.

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