Friday 28 November 2014

Will Apple's Next iPhone Capture DSLR Quality With 2 Lenses?

iPhone is one of the most loved brand and trusted among the people around the world and this could be the reason why rumors always keeping along with the brand. Although Apple has just released their latest version, iPhone 6, there are already market rumors that the company is working on the next version of the phone having two lenses on the camera, which will produce images with DSLR-quality.

How it all started? 

This rumor was sparked after a post on podcast entered by Daring Fireball’s John Gruber. John is highly respected Apple-focused commentator and well connected in their ecosystem. He is known to have never made any unwarranted predictions. In the month of August, John posted an update indicating that Apple is working on their wearable device thing and it is expected to be released in September. However, as people started getting curious about the same, he later stated that the post was just a joke and was meant to poke fun of the Motorola's smart watch, which resembled a flat tire. Whether rumor or joke; the company indeed unveiled their wearable smart watch in the month of September.

No damage done due to rumors

These rumors have not done any serious damage to the company and been told in a simple statement to the public. It all started with the statement indicating the news of the company working on upgrading the phone’s camera to two lenses. The lenses will be able to capture SLR quality images. As per to John, the new camera will not be able to replicate the SLR quality at technical level, but this sure is a huge step from the company’s end.

So what is special? 

John backed away from any kind of comparison being made between iPhone and SLR or DSLR on technical basis. The main point of this post was to highlight the current iPhone users will be able to migrate to the new high-end camera. Apple’s iPhone is known to capture the best of the images and one of the best camera due to which many people have stopped using the stand-alone camera. If the rumors have to be true, then this giant leap in terms of capturing moving images without any blur and ability to zoom will be enough to encourage many iPhone users to upgrade their iPhone 6 to the newest version.

If Apple is considering this option then, they will not be the first one to try this option out. HTC has already used the dual-camera system in their HTC One M8. HTC phone allows the users to change their focus angle even after snap has been taken.

If Apple is working on taking this new leap in terms of improving the quality of their camera by using CMOS imaging sensor system of Sony, then this move will be wholeheartedly welcomed by their customers. Although it is unlikely that the company has get the DSLR quality in their iPhone, but any change will be enough to spark the excitement in the customers towards upgrade.

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