Saturday, 15 November 2014

Cockroach Cyborgs Use Microphones to Detect Sounds

Cyborg Cockroach
Search dogs or rescue dogs are really wonderful but they have some limitations because they are not able to adjust into small spaces. A group of researchers has now come forward with a solution by creating cyborg cockroaches that are equipped with ultra-modern backpacks.

Neuroscientists such as Greg Gage as well as Tim Marzullo believe that hacking insects might inspire children to research and develop electronic interfaces related to the human nervous system. So, they developed Robo Roach kit that comprises all the techs needed for insect neurosurgery.

The Main Structure of the Cyborg Cockroach

These cyborg cockroaches, which are also known as biobots, are discovered by the researchers of North Carolina State University. A pack of quarter-size is put onto the back of the insect and along with it; a microphone is attached to detect high-resolution sound. A version of this pack has the microphone to sense sound, coming from any direction and this sound would be wirelessly transmitted. The second version has the structure of the three directional microphones to make out the direction or source of a sound.

Reason of Such Invention

These biobots are intended to be installed in disaster regions as helpers for the primary responders looking for victims, who, for example are buried under debris. According to Dr. Alper Bozkurt who is an assistant professor of NC State, the use of high-resolution microphone is mainly to differentiate two sounds- the emergency sound like victims’ calling for help and the unimportant sound like sound of pipe leakage.

If the intended sounds can be detected, then the biobot will be used to know the source of the sound. These small creatures may also be remotely managed with small circuit boards that are joined to their nervous systems.

The scientists have also invented a system of invisible fence that keeps the electrical the electrical cockroaches within a definite area. Keeping these insects within a particular disaster zone and to its nearby area lets them to work as the wireless network of mobile. This machinery can also be employed to take the cockroaches under sunlight so that their backpacks would be recharged.

The Process of Creating these Cockroaches

The cockroaches are put in ice water as a type of simple anesthetic. It is then advised to sand down a bit of shell on top of the cockroach's head and adhesive electrodes to the smooth part. Then, a ground wire is attached into the thorax of cockroach, that is, the area between its neck and its stomach.

Then, it is the antennae are trimmed with care and the small silver electrodes are struck in them and as a result, it will get the indication from the circuit, which is connected to the back part of cockroach.

The neuroscientists can move the cockroach left side and right after its surgery. The movements are regulated by electrodes within their antennae, and the cockroach will react to directions from any of wireless indicator sent from Smartphone.

The small backpack that the cockroach puts on communicates straight with its neurons by delivering small electrical pulses. After some minutes, the cockroach can adjust itself to cyborg fixture.

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