Tuesday, 18 November 2014

DriveMode App Comes to Lessen the Number of Car Accidents

DriveMode App
It has become a known fact to everyone that most of the accident that are caused while driving are mainly due to the drivers’ inattentive as they remain busy in their mobile calls and texting messages. A survey, done by AT&T along with other associations, recently proved the fact.

Various Advantages of the App

To reduce the general inclination of every person to look away from the street this, AT&T DriveMode mobile app has been launched. This app will turn on automatically when it senses a speed of twenty-five km per hour and then it will react to the incoming SMS as well as MMS text messages in order that the sender would understand the message recipient is driving a car. For the young car drivers, if the application is turned off, it delivers a warning text to their parents. The application turns off while the mobile does not move and you can start messaging again.

When the car slows its speed to less than 25mph for five minutes, the application gets turn off and the driver or the user would see the calls. This app will drive all calls straight to voicemail in an automatic way. But, the user has also the option to form an allow list or it can may be turned off by hand.

This DriveMode app also provides additional features for security and convenience and these are as follows-

  •  The Allow List in the app allows the lets users to choose maximum 5 contact numbers – for example roadside assistance numbers and family members’ number – to send calls and receive it when the app is in operation. 
  •  911 is accessible all the time with only a touch of a single button, no matter if the app mode is on. 
  •  The settings of Music and Navigation permit one song and one navigation app to operate while DriveMode action is enabled. 
  •  After you download the application, you can also automatically take It Can Wait pledge of AT & T, to join various people who have made the promise to not text at the time of driving.
Download Information

You can download the app from Google Play, the App Center of AT&T and also from the Blackberry App World. You only need to enter the words- AT&T DriveMode within the search box. Presently, AT&T DriveMode is accessible only for Android as well as BlackBerry users. But the app makers are still trying to extend its availability to other non-Smartphone users.

A certain amount of charges is applicable in case of text auto replies. However, it is seen that most of the individuals, for example, 8 out of 10, enjoy unlimited texting packages. On the other hand, AT&T is presenting the app at no cost for the BlackBerry devices and Android wireless users though text-messaging charges would be applied for app usage.

It is a good fact that the app is has been optimized to reduce battery consumption. When the app is on, it occasionally uses GPS to find out the car speed and here you may see a little increased battery use but when it is off mode, battery use is negligible.

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