Monday 3 November 2014

Microsoft Poised to Launch Smartwatch With More Battery Life

Microsoft  Smartwatch
Let’s accept it, we’re all gadget freaks. We like to update ourselves on the latest gear on the market, be it the iPhone 6 or the latest Galaxy Grand. ‘Till now we had been stuck to phones and tabs, being unable to move beyond them as technology did not permit more. But the wait is over. The global tech market is about to be hit by a new missile. Yes, you are right; Microsoft has finally announced the launch of the brand new Microsoft SmartWatch. Think about never having to reach into your pocket to check your photos, the date, weather forecasts, and of course, the time! The Microsoft SmartWatch is said to have all the basic home screen features of a Smartphone, and should be compatible to run on different platforms.

The features

The Microsoft SmartWatch is said to be the one stop gadget for fitness freaks. It will keep you updated about your heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and much more. It can be connected to most of the latest Smartphones, and of course the Samsung SmartWatch will be updated through the phone.

The downs

The Microsoft SmartWatch will have a battery life of only two days. Now that’s a bummer. We don’t really want a watch, which goes out of charge in public, do we? The Microsoft SmartWatch runs on Windows 95. So we don’t really expect it to be fast. And in this world of hurry, I for one wouldn’t like a machine that can’t do its work in a flash.

Microsoft has had a history with wearable technology. It had collaborated with a brand called Fossil on Spot, which stood for Smart Personal Objects Technology. This was almost a decade ago and Spot ran into some bad business and the project was scrapped. They were said trying to get the watch to update on the stock or the weather.

The way we see it, the tech world is an oligopolistic market and that means more products. Apple and Samsung are said to have been working on wearable technology which can be connected to their respective Smartphones. The Apple CEO Tim Cook has been heard talking about the iWatch but he has also stated that it will need daily charging.

To look at all these products and observe, one would see a race with time. We are trying to feed the buyers with products that will have no use to their daily lives. Will checking one’s heart rate each day really lead to a better living? Or aren’t the stock updates available on your phone already? Are we deliberately confining human body movements? Or is this the next big leap in the world of technological advancement? The choice is yours to make, I however, will not be falling for this one.

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