Monday 10 November 2014

Mozilla Developing a Browser for Web Designers

If reports have to be believed then Mozilla is expected to unveil their new browser on the 10th of November however failed to provide any further details.

The main attraction is the fact that this new browser is that it is a browser developed for developers and developed by developers. All the developers have to do is to sign up to receive an email regarding the update once the browser is available in the market.

The Mozilla is a non-profit organization founded in the year 2003 and the company who is dedicated towards maintenance of the open-source and free software which are mainly used for accessing the internet.

What’s new about the browser?

This new browser is said to be based on Firefox and expected to have all the debugging capabilities apart from the special tools like Firefox Tools Adapter and WebIDE for getting the coding rights in the browser.

The advantage of WebIDE is the fact that it allows new apps to be created by the developers, for the web, as they have to use a blueprint and not depend on anything to be started from scratch. The next advantage that will be received by the developers is fact that the tool will enable them to create, edit and test their applications and that too inside the browser.

The adapter of the Firefox has an add-on feature which enables it to be able to connect to other browsers as well. According to Mozilla, the desktop environment can be used by the developers to work on smaller screen devices simultaneously.

Build by developers for the developers!!

According to the blog posted by Mozilla, this new browser which was developed by the developers and for the developers has its own advantage.

This browser will allow the developers to debug the entire web and in turn making you get the ultimate experience of the web. The blog highlights the fact that the browser has some powerful integrating system which will allow the integration of the Firefox Tools Adapter and other new tools like that off WebIDE.

According to the blog the developers have more exciting things to wait for which includes additions of more to the current package. Mozilla came up with an exciting idea of releasing a teaser video of what the developers has in-stored for everyone through this browser.

Market giants like Mozilla and Google have basically released browsers which are targeting the developers and some of the examples of Firefox Aurora channels and the nightly Chromium.

Although, these releases were primarily meant as the early versions and part of the consumer releases, but they came with the aim of keeping the web developers in the loop and also to be prepared for the upcoming features and standard.

According to Mozilla, this new browser will be aiming to spotlight on interfaces and the browser-tools to experience faster web advancement. The main thought of Mozilla is to develop something unique, but at the same time familiar browser.

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