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Monday 6 February 2017

New Smartwatch Software May Now Verify Your Signatures

A new software has been unveiled by the researchers of Tel Aviv University and Ben-Gurion University that will enable the smartwatches to verify the handwritten signatures. We all know that a handwritten signature is still the most reliable verification of a person’s identity. In recent times there have been fake signatures that can lead to unjust verification of identities. But with this new development in the field of technology all such discrepancies can be avoided as this smart launch will now ensure the power to be in just hands as none will be able to escape from its spell and the true identity of the individual can be verified in no time.

This additional feature that will be included in the watches making the watches a smart watch will be enforced into the market by the year 2020. The way we are dependent on the justness of the signature this immediate remedy was very much needed.

These days we are all well aware that signatures on a digital pad or signing using an electric pen has replaced the traditional method of using pen and paper but all this advancements needs to be verified before accepting their accuracy.

The new software that is developed by Dr. Shmueli and Alona Levy, who is his student, in association with Professor Yuval Elovici from BGU, Department of Software and Information Systems Engineering along with his student Ben Nassi is capable of developing any common smartwatch into a remarkable verifier of signatures.

The technology is devised in such a way that it utilizes motion data, i.e. the wrist movement of a person with the help of an accelerometer or a gyroscope, that identifies the process of signing and helps to verify that whether the signature is genuine or fake.

This smartwatch is obviously a much preferable signature verifier in comparison to other devices, since it verifies the entire movement of your wrist than only basing the verification in terms with your arm or finger. From several years experiment in this field have been developed to base this system of verifying signature using motion data but its application has been fed for the first time in this newly manufactured smartwatch.

A rigorous test has also been taken to verify the efficiency of the device on 66 TAU undergraduates. All the students who were wearing smartwatches were asked to provide 15 samples of their signature on a tablet, using its digital pen. Then these students were shown certain video clips and were asked to figure out the signatures.

They were given sufficient time but yet they could not figure out the original signatures. There results were full of forgery. On the other hand, the smart watch has developed to become more smart in terms of its accuracy to verify signatures proved itself by providing top-notch accuracy in verifying signatures without any fallacies.

This is an amazing innovation that will benefit all aspects of one’s life. The hackers have reached up their extreme limit in doing forgeries but with this technology equipped in smartwatches will restrict all sorts of wrong doings.

Tuesday 24 January 2017

Five reasons why your next accessory should be a smartwatch

Unlike other revolutionary pieces of technology, the release of the first smartwatch a few years ago wasn’t met with a viral trend on Twitter or any other form of acclaim for that matter. Not only was it too expensive by watch standards, customers simply didn’t see the need to have a second smartphone-like device on the hand.

Fast-forward to the present, and the situation is the same, if not worse. Smartwatch sales from leading manufacturers are either stagnant or plummeting. A technology that had great promise has now become the subject of many critical blogs, and even fans of the gadgets are now reconsidering their position. Nevertheless, smartwatches still have a place in the world. Here are five reasons why you should consider getting one today.

1. Notifications

Gone are the days where a landline phone on your desk was the only means of communication you needed in the office. Smartphones have enhanced the way we pass on information in a great way. However, having a phone can be an unpleasant distraction as much as it can be a benefit.

Every day, we receive countless notifications, and wherever we may be, we always feel compelled to check the phone everytime it beeps or vibrates. But with a smartphone, instead of reaching for your phone when a notification comes in, you can quickly glance at your wrist and decide whether it’s important or not, before opting to take action.

Moreover, instant notifications through smartwatches eliminate the need of always moving with your phone to avoid missing important phone calls, texts or emails.

2. Fitness

We all want to live a healthier life, but staying fit requires quite the effort. With a smartwatch, however, you can make your journey towards a more active life a lot easier.

Many modern-day smartwatches come with apps that help track our daily fitness progress. They will help you monitor your pulse rate, exercise routines, and the rate of calorie burn. Some watches even offer
 tracking solutions for joggers and runners. They use GPS to determine how far to run or which routes to take to achieve the desired goals.

3. Making purchases

If you’ve ever experienced the hassle of having to pay for something when your hands are too full to reach for the wallet or phone, you will undoubtedly appreciate the smartwatch.

Both Samsung and Apple watches have “Pay” applications, which enable a customer to pay for goods or services by just clicking on a button and bringing the watch close to the payment terminal.

4. Easy navigation

Navigation has come a long way. It is almost ludicrous to imagine a time when we used paper maps to know the direction to take. Google Maps was the first major leap towards the success of electronic navigation, but just like a paper sheet, there was the inconvenience of always having to pull out your phone for directions.

Voice navigation came in soon after, and although an outstanding innovation, some still viewed it a distraction to walk around while listening to audio navigation tool.

With smartwatches comes the latest in navigation technology. Samsung has won the hearts of many by incorporating the overly useful HERE WeGo app on the Gear S, Gear S2 and the recently launched Gear S3. HERE WeGo is a stand-alone app that offers navigation features without the need to be synced to your smartphone.

Even more impressive is the Apple Watch, which in addition to looking at the screen, provides directions using its taptic engine. Admittedly, it’s not perfect, and you do have to learn what each haptic feedback means. But with only subtle taps on your wrist to tell you which turn to make, you can get around without even having to look at your watch.

5. Customization

Regardless of their complexities, at the end of the day, a smartwatch is essentially a watch. And in addition to telling the time, a watch is meant to compliment the wearer’s physical look.

Unlike buying a traditional watch which gets you stuck with one design, smartwatches are available in different colors and bands. For further customization, you could also personalize your watch by reorganizing the widgets and tweaking some settings.

Final words

Contrary to what you may have read online, smartwatches are very handy gadgets to have. This is why, despite disappointing sales, leading brands are still unveiling new devices. Even more gratifying is the recent influx of cheap smartwatches, which albeit lowly priced still have a lot to offer.

Smartwatches have an important part to play in the future of communication and modern electronics as a whole.

Friday 6 January 2017

Mono-Live Gadget Review: Gear S3 Frontier

Gear S3 Frontier
After the success of galaxy gear S2, the Samsung Company has again released a smart watch. Yes it is the all new Samsung Galaxy Gear S3. Samsung has offered two designs for the all new Gear S3, especially for their beloved customers. So, the two designs are the outdoor type and classic type. The outdoor type is being tested by the official and the classic type is the luxuries one. There may be difference between both the smart watches but also both runs on Samsung’s own operating system, Tizen. And also the rotating bezel is welcomed among all the users again.

So let’s take a look at its design. As I said before the watch is available in two different designs -- Frontier and the classic. As we are going to talk about Gear S3 doesn’t bother about the Classic one. As we all know that classic means Luxury there is no matter in talking about what we know already.

Well. The watch is quiet bold and has a king sized design. If you are a person who wears dainty, thin strap watches then this watch is not for you. The S3 looks like as if it is built to survive SAS mission with rugged metal design. Therefore, the designing does not satisfy most of the users. Because of its thick strap, no color option and also it does not have many designs as Apple smart watch has.

Then about the rotating bezel. Even though there are many disadvantages about the design. All the users and reviewers are pleased with the comeback of the rotating bezel. Yes this was first come up in S2 and now it is in Gear S3 Frontier . It is an amazing way of accessing data on this small screen. You can check your mail, fitness data, messages and a lot more by just rotating the bezel. It is so easy to access the watch with the help of this bezel.

So, now about the screen. As I said before that the screen is big. With this you can imagine that it is bigger than the Apple Smart watch. But surprisingly Gear S3 Frontier’s the screen is only an inch bigger than the Apple watch. In AOD screen the contents are looking good with crisp, clear and full packed color. You may think, what I will do if there is any annoying scratches on my brand new watch. Don’t worry; the Gear S3 Frontier  is covered with Gorilla Glass which will prevent your watch from those scratches.

Let’s discuss about the new features that is introduced in the all new Gear S3 Frontier . Samsung has introduced many ways for you to interact with your friends and family from anywhere, anytime, with anyone. The most noticeable feature is you can respond the message you receive by your voice or by writing with your finger on the screen. So, the watch has voice recognizer and in built speaker. You can also view all your social media networks like Twitter, Face book, Instagram, Whatsapp, Hike, Messenger, Etc in your watch. You can also use this watch as a music player if you need.

Last but not the least; we shall take a quick look at Gear S3 Frontier ’s battery life. As we all know battery life is the main problem that is faced by all the smart watch users. Usually the battery of any smart watch will run low at the end of an average day. So, Samsung has tried its level best to solve this problem. By adding 380 mAH battery to the watch which makes the last longer than other smart watches.

Wednesday 28 December 2016

Google Confirms Two More Smartwatch Launches, Android Wear 2.0

Smartwatches have come and gone within just a few years of existence. It might appear to be illogical statement as a number of tech firms are continuously building up their Smartwatch portfolio with each year but on the sales front it has gone down drastically. The last major launch was that of Apple Watch which didn’t much change over the last year’s version. However Google is all set to reimaging the market with launch not one but two different swatches in the first quarter of 2017 and these devices will feature the support for upcoming Android Wear 2.0 OS.

Google to take competitors head-on

Google has confirmed that it will be launching its two new flagship Smartwatches next quarter which will be first of devices to feature next generation Android Wear 2.0 software. At the moment Google is riding at the successful launch and adoption of its Pixel series Smartphones which were loved both by the consumers and critics alike. Pixel devices are giving stiff competition to the Apple iPhone 7 which failed to attract the interest of the consumers due to minor changes in terms of design and features and subsequently failed to get thumbs up from major tech critics and fan forums.

Pixel devices are also reigning supreme in the Android market by bringing challenge right to the Samsung which is reeling from the backlash of its earlier device failure. Moving into the Smartwatch segment is a calculate move by the Google to establish itself as a major player and bring back the public interest the in the wrist based computing devices. Google isn’t developing the Smartwatch on its own rather it has a silent third party at that job.

Bringing consumer attention back to Smartwatch

The launch of Smartwatch was confirmed by none other than Jeff Chang, product manager at Google in an interview with The Verge. Chang has also stated that the new range of Smartwatches from Google is being manufactured by a particular company which has also developed a number of Android Wear devices in the past. This gives a direct wink at the OEMs such as Sony, Motorola and Huawei. Google over the years has been able to forge great relations with a number of hardware partners which has given it insight into the types of consumers and preferences. Jeff further states that Google is stay long in the products category whichever it forays into like a marathon.

Support for Android 2.0 is an added advantage

None of other Android Wear device is set to feature the support for the Android Wear 2.0 when it will be launch next year. Furthermore it is worth noting that Google has not brought any new software iteration for the Android Wear devices since March 2014. Google upcoming ‘Smartwatches’ will feature the latest software, thereby enhancing the features and potential of the devices. The best thing about Android wear 2.0 software is that it will bring support for the new Google Assistant voice controlled service which was first seen in the Pixel and Pixel XL devices.

Monday 7 September 2015

Android Wear Smartwatches Now Work with the iPhone


Android Watches To Connect with iPhone 
Google has plans of introducing an application which could connect Android smartwatches with Apple’s iPhone, mounting the battle among rivals to strap their technology on people’s wrists. This move has shoved Google to Apple’s field in an effort to boost the sales of watches running on Android Wear software.

 The program combining the devices running on various operating systems would be released soon in Apple’s app store. Android watches, as of now, tend to work only with smartphones powered by Android software, similar to the Apple Watch which is designed to be fastened exclusively to the iPhone.

The Google’s new app would however, empower the latest Android watches to connect with the iPhone, in order that users could quickly glance at their wrists for required directions, fitness information as well as notification with regards to events, emails, and Facebook updates. The devices would not be capable of being tied together in a way which would permit the Android watches in communicating with the other apps, that a user would have installed on the iPhone.

This could probably discourage several iPhone users from changing over from Apple to purchase an Android watch unless Google tends to find a way of overcoming the obstacle according to Ramon Llamas, IDC analyst. Android watches for now are expected to appeal to iPhone owners unwilling to spend extra money on a device which would be more of a novelty rather than a needed gadget.

Google is expecting the prices of Android watches to be well-matched with the iPhone ranging from $100 to $400 and Apple having a long history of challenging premium prices on its products tends to charge a minimum of £299 for Apple Watch even though its luxury products tend to cost thousands of pounds. Llamas commented that the Android watches will not be bought by `the fan boys and fan girls which should have everything with an Apple logo on it. He is referring about going after people who tend to be open to other options with what they could do with their devices.

Apple who had been a late applicant in the smartwatch market has quickly come to the forefront of the pack after its release in April. Apple Watches of around 4 million had been sold during the three months ending in June to control three-fourth of the smartwatch market, worldwide on the estimates from the firm Strategy Analytics and the combination of sales of Android watches which have been made by various device developers during the same time amounted to 600,000 units for an 11pc market share.

 Samsung watches on the other hand, running on Tizen software told hold of most of the rest of the market with 7.5pc share. Google is speculating that the next wave of Android Wear watches would assist in shifting the tide in their favour.

The Android watches coming up which would be functioning with the iPhone comprise of Asus ZenWatch 2 and the Huawei Watch. LG Electronic already develops Android Watch, Urbane at £175 which is compatible with the iPhone.

Functioning with the new app, the Android smartwatch would be compatible with iPhone which dates back to the 5 if their operating systems tend to have been updated to the iOS 8.2.

Monday 3 November 2014

Microsoft Poised to Launch Smartwatch With More Battery Life

Microsoft  Smartwatch
Let’s accept it, we’re all gadget freaks. We like to update ourselves on the latest gear on the market, be it the iPhone 6 or the latest Galaxy Grand. ‘Till now we had been stuck to phones and tabs, being unable to move beyond them as technology did not permit more. But the wait is over. The global tech market is about to be hit by a new missile. Yes, you are right; Microsoft has finally announced the launch of the brand new Microsoft SmartWatch. Think about never having to reach into your pocket to check your photos, the date, weather forecasts, and of course, the time! The Microsoft SmartWatch is said to have all the basic home screen features of a Smartphone, and should be compatible to run on different platforms.

The features

The Microsoft SmartWatch is said to be the one stop gadget for fitness freaks. It will keep you updated about your heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and much more. It can be connected to most of the latest Smartphones, and of course the Samsung SmartWatch will be updated through the phone.

The downs

The Microsoft SmartWatch will have a battery life of only two days. Now that’s a bummer. We don’t really want a watch, which goes out of charge in public, do we? The Microsoft SmartWatch runs on Windows 95. So we don’t really expect it to be fast. And in this world of hurry, I for one wouldn’t like a machine that can’t do its work in a flash.

Microsoft has had a history with wearable technology. It had collaborated with a brand called Fossil on Spot, which stood for Smart Personal Objects Technology. This was almost a decade ago and Spot ran into some bad business and the project was scrapped. They were said trying to get the watch to update on the stock or the weather.

The way we see it, the tech world is an oligopolistic market and that means more products. Apple and Samsung are said to have been working on wearable technology which can be connected to their respective Smartphones. The Apple CEO Tim Cook has been heard talking about the iWatch but he has also stated that it will need daily charging.

To look at all these products and observe, one would see a race with time. We are trying to feed the buyers with products that will have no use to their daily lives. Will checking one’s heart rate each day really lead to a better living? Or aren’t the stock updates available on your phone already? Are we deliberately confining human body movements? Or is this the next big leap in the world of technological advancement? The choice is yours to make, I however, will not be falling for this one.

Thursday 23 October 2014

Puls Smartband Allows You to Leave Your Phone At Home

Puls Smartband
Technology is creeping into our lives faster than you can even comprehend all of it. SmartWatches certainly fall into one such category which hasn’t seen a burst of demand but yet everybody is jumping in the bandwagon looking at the future.

However, most of these wearable devices are downright ugly with thick, impractical design and with little utility. “They look more like technology”, quoted Hence, has taken it to himself to design a device that can be wore around as a fashion statement instead of tech gizmo called the Puls band.

It’s more than a watch! 

The device for its size packs quiteanoomph. The device comes with a Qualcomm processor, 1 GB RAM, 32 GB internal storage, Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS and sensors like Accelerometer, Pedometer and Gyroscope.

The biggest surprise however is the fact that it has a built-in 3G radio through which you can make calls and supports data connection too. The data plan is right now provided by AT&T and in UK provided by O2. While Samsung with Gear S band was the first with cellular connectivity, the design alone wins it for many. However, the extra wide bezel may not please many.

The software side on things

The Puls band is not just for receiving notification from your smartphone. The band features a ton of software. The most useful would be a voice assistant akin to Siri from Apple – called Anita built in partnership with Nuance (which is an established player in the field of voice recognition software).

There is a Humin app too which lets you tap on the band screen face and ask to call people whom you met in the past and it can pull their bio-data too. Music is given adequate emphasis – there are collections of songs and you can ask Anita to store them in your custom collections.

Furthermore, there is support for fitness and health accessories and can help you with your trainer. In case you were wondering, it has a keyboard and email client too – though typing is not a pleasurable experience at all.

The Venture from

It seems like wants to make a statement in the world of technology and gadgets. He has created a full-fledged smartwatch/band that provides all the hardware and software and also has a style of its own.

It is slim, aesthetically pleasing and is not boxy in design. It will be available in Blue, Red, Pink and White along with variations involving gold and diamonds too. In addition, there are few other gadgets announced as well – A power jacket, Back pack that doubles and power source and speakers as well.

Puls band from is a product from - a company that is funded by him. Apart from storing all you music, a voice assistant and internet, there is also voice calling as well. hopes that with this gadget in tow, you don’t have to lug around with your smartphone all the time. And the device is a style statement in itself.

Thursday 9 October 2014

Pebble Cuts Down The Smart Watch Price: Is It Due To Apple Watch?

Pebble is the company, who named their smart watch and after naming the smart watch now they are planning to cut down the prices of smart watch for the benefit of users. Apart from cost cutting in price the company is currently working on adding additional features like fitness tracking capabilities (software developed by Jawbones, UP band maker, and Shines fitness tracker makers Misfit). The fitness track also features in a commercial of Apple.

From the coming Tuesday, the starting level of the Pebble smart watch will cost the consumer around $99. On the other hand the Pebble Steel which is basically similar to the entry level device modified to be encased in a metal body will cost around $199.

Pebble smart watch features:

The Pebble smart watch has the advantage of being operable with both iPhone as well as android phones and can also show a person the notifications of an incoming text, calls, tweets and even emails. Another added feature of the Pebble smart watch is the fact that one will be able to install apps on the watch from the Pebble app store. This watch might have just black and white screen but in turn it allows the users to use the watch for a maximum of 5 days on a single charge. Most of the other smart watch with the color screen options like that of Samsung are operable only up-to 2 days on single charge.

Changes expected:

The users of the Pebble smart watch will be given access to get the latest update of the fitness tracker on their device. The software will enable the users to monitor their steps as well as sleep. Pebble has used software, which is mainly used for tracking swimming workouts (made by

This upgrade and cut down is expected to be a very crucial step for the company. The company came into the highlight in the tech world when it was able to raise $10.2 million from crowd funding site in 2012. Pebble is still considered as one of the most successful crowd funded projects.


Pebble is currently the cheapest in terms of smart watches as they have cut down the price from $150 to $99, which is significant change in the current competitive market. Currently Google’s Android Wear watches will cost a person around $200 with the disadvantage of being operable only with specific android phones on the other hand Apple is expected to sell their smart watch at around $349, which is for the entry level watch, whereas the high end watches can be expected easily in thousands.
With this new price, Pebble will be able to achieve which other highly priced smart watch companies can’t as it is not limited to work on one single platform.

According to Pebble CEO, Eric Migicovsky, Company is developing watch not any kind of luxury product. They are not making a computer for hand, it will have notifications and all this can be reflected through the pricing.

Saturday 15 March 2014

Specification Of Google Smartwatch Nicknamed As "Gem"

According to several reports available in the net, Google reportedly working on its own Smart Watch. Now there are first technical details of the SmartWatch, which could be built by LG.

As the well known mobile phone leaker evleaks reported that the SmartWatch will have a 1.65 inch display with LCD technology. The resolution should be 280 x 280 pixels. Next the SmartWatch to be installed with a 4 GB of internal memory and 512 MB RAM. About the processor, no further information is known till now.

Google is reportedly working for some time on a SmartWatch. After the acquisition, the WIMM Labs already in 2011 first came to the news, which again received similar details of a prototype from Motorola, which Google had meanwhile advanced in its groundwork.

According to the latest information, LG Electronics is again going to supply the hardware. Even with the naming of the clock, there are different approaches. So the led under the code name “Gem " device will probably will not get the name Nexus and the branding will be more guided only by the name Google Watch or Google SmartWatch.

Friday 4 October 2013

A SmartWatch "Google Nexus Gem"

According to sources Google is working on a SmartWatch called “Nexus Gem” and wants to show this with "Android 4.4 KitKat” on October 31. Rumors that Google is working on a SmartWatch have been around for quite some time. So long been haunting a concept video through the Internet, which is from the T3 Gadget portal and can be seen in which, as Google's SmartWatch could one day look like. An official comment from Google is waiting.

As with the Google matters very familiar Android Police now reports via Google+ , And he mentions that the name may be Google Gem or Nexus Gem and you just imagine How it will be till October 31st on which date Google may announce Public. On the Clock the latest Android 4.4 (codenamed KitKat) run . Smart Watches are currently traded next big thing. With “Pebble” a start-up has already achieved success, but recently Samsung introduced its "Galaxy Gear". According to rumors, Apple also working on its own, with iOS -powered wristwatch called the “iWatch “.

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Sony unveils SmartWatch 2

Still confidential, the market for high-tech watches could explode with the arrival of new manufacturers. Sony, which already has a watch connected with Android since last year, has just unveiled its new version in order to forestall future competitors. Present in the area of high-tech watches for a moment, Sony has never really managed to break through and create real excitement on the part of consumers. However, the Japanese manufacturer will not give up by announcing a second version of its SmartWatch. It must be said that the rumors and announcements are raised about the arrival on the market of major companies like Apple, Microsoft, Samsung or LG. For Sony, the purpose of its SmartWatch 2 is to make an impression before the arrival of fierce competition. Like the first version the SmartWatch 2, also running Android and is specifically dedicated to Smartphones running Google's OS.

 Any Smartphone running Android 4.0 (or higher) and can connect via Bluetooth with this watch. And hundreds of applications from Google Play can be installed. Make and receive calls, manage SMS, MMS, emails, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ notifications, listen to music, check the weather, all these are possible thanks to the SmartWatch 2 to Like the first version elsewhere. Obviously capable of delivering on time, the watch is also armed with a compass and a stopwatch. Accompanied by NFC and Bluetooth 3.0 chip, it can be attached to any standard 24mm bracelet. With a weight of 122.5 grams including the bracelet, the watch measures 42 x 9 x 41 mm, while it’s 1.6-inch LCD screen offers a resolution of 220 x 176 pixels. Autonomy is one week in low use, and 3 to 4 days for "normal use". No information about the duration for intensive operation, but we expect a relatively narrow range. According to Sony, the splash proof SmartWatch 2, which does not mean it can go in the water. Languages available on the watch are the French, English, German, Danish, Spanish, Greek, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Czech and Traditional Chinese. Finally, note that the SmartWatch 2 goes on sale in September for a price still unknown to this day. Note that the first version is sold at a suggested retail price of 129 Euros.

Tuesday 27 December 2011

Wimm A Smart watch

Technological change requires the devices of the daily becoming more intelligent. After Smart phones, appliances, televisions and transportation, the watch will also be smart in the image of Wimm. Wimm shows is a high-tech running on the mobile operating system Google Android. It is connected to the Smartphone's owner and the web. Wimm is able to alert the wearer when it receives a phone call or SMS. The accessory can also access Google Calendar.